Deep Breathing


In this section you’ll read about the benefits of deep breathing, the dangers of deep breathing, the science behind it all, proper breathing and why My System by JP Muller is not only the superior choice for all your breathing and deep breathing needs, but all your health needs as well. So click on the links under the deep breathing tab to learn some good information about deep breathing and why you should start as soon as possible and what to avoid going forward.

Also, here’s some quotes about breathing throughout history so you can see the importance of breathing.

“Show me how you breathe and i’ll tell you how you live”

“He who breathes deepest, lives most”

“When you own your breathe, no one can steal your peace”

“A healthy mind has an easy breathe”

“Breathe is spirit. The act of breathing is living”

“If breathing is at unsettled, life is not your own”

“For breathe is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth”



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