How My System is Broken Up


My System is made up of exercise, deep breathing, cool showers and self massage. Once you learn the system you’ll eventually be able to do it in fifteen minutes.

In all there are twenty movements but they aren’t all performed at once. The first nine are solely for your muscles.

After completing these first nine exercises, you take a refreshing cool shower.

Once completely dry, you do the last eleven exercises which is the self massage. The self massage is exercise (like a toe touch) combined with a simple stroking and rubbing with your hands to your body. This last part of My System is for your muscles, skin and internal organs; it’s extremely important.

In between each exercise you will be performing a special deep breathing which has unlimited health benefits.

In short:

  1. First nine exercises ( for your muscles)
  2. After, is the cold shower
  3. Last is the self massage (for your skin, organs and muscles)
  4. Deep breathing in between each exercise (for your lungs)


first nine exercises (muscular)+ cold showers + last eleven exercises (self massage) + deep breathing between exercise = My System

Take a closer look at the special deep breathing that’s performed in between each exercise 



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