What is Shallow Breathing and a Proven Way to Fix it


Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of deep breathing or really what deep breathing is. There are many articles on this website that explain and go into great detail about those. But to truly understand the importance of deep breathing you must know what is shallow breathing, the dangers of breathing this way and signs you are breathing this way.

In this article you’ll learn how to prevent against shallow breathing and to fix any breathing problems with Perfect Health At Home’s 6 week video series inspired by JP Muller’s My System. In this system you’ll also learn the secrets to health and how to develop perfect, smooth, wrinkle proof skin and strong and harmonious muscles with the power of exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers all in a fast scientifically proven 15 minute routine that relaxes, tones and strengthens the body inside and out.

Also you’ll learn other health tips and secrets to keep you feel amazing and looking your best for the rest of your life.


Shallow breathing

Shallow breathing is only using some of the breathing muscles to take a breath. As a result, only part of your lungs are filled on the inhale and only part of the air inhaled is exhaled. Breathing this was is not good for many reasons.

Shallow breathers have a short inhale, a short exhale and a quick pause or virtually no pause at all.

Before we move on it’s important to note only 1 out 50 people breathe properly. Over time and because of modern lifestyles, it’s almost impossible to breathe the way nature intended us to. You’ll see very shortly why this is a very bad thing and you’ll learn how to get your breathing back to normal.

You Breathe with More Quantity but Less Quality

 This might sound like it’s a good but its actually not at all. When you breathe faster you are more anxious and you have less control over your mind. In every instance when you are worried and your thoughts are racing, your breath will be quick and shallow. The average person takes about 17 to 19 breathes per minute. This is far to high and is a cause for stress. To be considered healthy a person must breathe around 10 to 12 times per minute. If you can do this your mind will be steady and it will be extremely hard to feel anxiety or worry.

Also, every breath takes about 4 heart beats. Most people know it’s better to have a slower pulse and heart rate. Most people don’t know the connection between your heart  and pulse and your breathing. If you breath deeper, you will take bigger longer inhales and take even longer and fuller exhales. This will slow your breathing down to that 10 to 12 range and your heart rate will decrease as a result. You will find yourself more relaxed because of this.

You Won’t Exhale out Poisonous Carbon Dioxide

There’s a give and take relationship between us and plants. Plants produce oxygen which we use to breathe and we produce carbon dioxide which plants use to breathe. We both depend on what the other produces for us, yet in both cases what is produced is poison for the producer.

All this means is the carbon dioxide we exhale is poison for us. If you are a shallow breather you aren’t properly utilizing your breathing muscles during the exhale and you are leaving stale and poisonous gas in your lungs.

As a result of this the carbon being left in your lungs, you will feel sluggish through the day and end up with a fuzzy brain.

Also, your lungs have millions of tiny little elastic fibers. They are extremely important to the breathing process and will lose their elasticity over time if you don’t exhale properly. This happens if you inhale too much and don’t give proper time for contraction (exhaling). This is another reason why breathing slower is important. Your little elastic fibers will last longer and into your elderly years.

If you weigh the two against each other the exhale is much more important than the inhale. It’s impossible to exhale deeply and to have a short inhale. You can definitely have a long inhale and a short exhale though.

Because of this you want an exhale that last longer than the inhale.

Your Inhale is Still Important

 Just because your exhale is more important doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your inhale.

Having a short inhale can have very bad effects on your lungs and your heart. If your inale is weak you only inhale to a certain part of your lungs. This causes that part of the lungs to work extra hard and will eventually be over used.

On the flip side the part of your lungs not being used will eventually will become weak from disuse. Eventually your lungs will be almost to weak to breathe at all–I don’t think i need to explain what happens when you can’t breathe.

Signs of Shallow Breather

There are many ways to know if you are a shallow breather this very second.

First thing you can do is to count your breathes for a minute. Before you do this make sure to rest for a second before doing any counting. If you just got done walking up a flight of stairs or just ran your breathe will naturally be faster.

So sit and count the number of exhales you have for a minute. If the number is over 12 and in the 16 to 20 range then chances are you suffer from shallow breathing.

Finding your breathe can be difficult though and can take some practice. This practice is actually known as mindfulness but that’s another topic for another day.

A much easier way to figure out your breathes is simply to count your heart or pulse rate for minute. You already know your breathe takes about 4 heart beats. So again make sure you didn’t just walk up a flight of stairs or anything like that.

After you get your heart rate, make sure to divide by 4 and you’ll have your breathing rate.

If your heart rate is around 40 beats per minute your breathing is fine. You will still benefit greatly from My System and we’ll get to that in a second.

If your heart rate is over sixty per minute then you are breathing shallowly and will benefit form My System even more.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

You can read the article science of breathing here if you want a more in depth look at all the benefits of deep breathing.

For now I’ll just list them so you have an idea of what you’ll get:

  • More Confidence- Your breathing is directly connected to your confidence level. Confident people breathe fully while timid and shy people breathe weakly and shallowly.
  • More energy- Your energy levels are also directly related to your breathing. People with more energy breathe properly. It’s impossible to feel sluggish and “out of it” when you breathe correctly. It’s also impossible to truly feel energized naturally without breathing properly.
  • Better Immune System- Your body works more effectively at fighting off sickness and you you will have a much harder time getting sick.
  • Physical Benefits- Your eyes will be more clear, your skin will have a better complexion and your voice will be more charming and easier to listen to
  • Better Concentration- Your breathing is also directly related to your concentration levels. You will get more work done and be able to focus more once you start breathing deeper and slower.
  • Better metabolism- Oxygen combusts with food to create your metabolism. Metabolism is the key to energy and helps fight against metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes and blood disorders. Better, fuller breaths mean better metabolism.

And those are just a few of the benefits that you get from proper breathing.

Dangers of Deep Breathing Exercises 

Before we get into the exercise I want to stress that deep breathing exercises can be dangerous. My journey to discovery of the truths about health began with practicing unsafe breathing techniques and greatly hurt my health.

Deep breathing can be dangerous if it is done with any amount of strain, done excessively, or done improperly. Any breathing expert worth his salt wouldn’t recommend breathing exercises alone unless you spent months practising how to relax your body and becoming more intune with your breathing muscles. So always beware of anyone who just throws out breathing exercise without informing you about that.

Also, you need to gradually practice breathing exercises and learn the proper mechanics of breathing or else you can injure your lungs and heart. You will also do great damage to your nerves.

You can read more about the dangers of deep breathing here.

Muller was well aware of these dangers. The deep breathing in My System also bypasses the need to practice relaxation for months too.

This is done by deep breathing in between exercises. By doing this you create a need to breathe deeply and it takes all danger away.

muller drawing 2

How a proper breathe looks. Dark line is inhale while dotted line is exhale

My System 

At this point you are probably eager to know how to prevent shallow breathing or how to fix shallow breathing.

The answer comes in an exercise and health regiment called My System By JP Muller.

You fix shallow breathing through exercise and deep breathing exercises. The right kind of exercise is great for your lungs and helps create flexibility in the thorax which aids in the breathing process. Deep breathing helps you get more intune with your breathing muscles and helps develop lung capacity. It also teaches you how to exhale properly which we already know is extremely important to health.

When picking an exercise routine you want to be make sure it does what I just mentioned; You want to make sure you are not only building strength and muscles. Your breathing is the most important aspect to your health and you want to build a body that improves that.

Some people take building muscles too far and get so bulky that they become inflexible in the thorax and the ribs become completely fixed. This impairs the breathing process greatly and your health will slowly diminish over time.

My System was developed by a health pioneer and expert. Muller was a champion athlete and understood the importance of strengthening every part of your body inside and out. He developed a systematic exercise routine that does just that. Not only will you get natural and thick muscles and a strong core, you will also develop your lungs, skin and internal organs in the process.

This might sound like an impossible task and it may sound unrealistic to do in 15 minutes but this exercise system was perfected over a period of fifty years by an expert in the matter of health.

How this is done is combining exercise, deep breathing and self massage.

I’ve written at great length about My System which you can read here.

For now i’ll very briefly describe it.

Basically you start with 9 bodyweight only exercises that include pushups, sit ups and leg raises along with other exercises. In between those exercises you take two special standing deep breathes. These deep breaths are the proper and correct way to breathe and will strengthen your lungs greatly.

After these exercises you take a cool shower. The purpose of the cool sower is to calm the nerves. A cold shower is better for your skin and hair also than a hot shower. It’s important to exercise before a cool shower  so your body is warm or else it can be damaging to your nerves.

After you completely dry off you perform another 11 exercises. These exercises include toe touches, squats and all sorts of bends. While performing these movements you are also going to be performing a very unique and power self massage technique to your skin. Your whole body will be polished from this rub down and every organ in your body will receive a massage.

The massage has many benefits for the body. First off it tones and firms your muscles and skin while making your skin soft and smooth as velvet. Practising these seven minutes of massaging will make your skin wrinkle proof for life and will improve your circulation. Many people believe the key to perfect skin is lotion but that’s incorrect; the key to perfect skin is friction and cleanliness; the rubbings give you the friction while the shower gives you the cleanliness.

Lastly the massage works out your internal organs. Your organs will get stronger and actually increase in size from this and as result work more efficiently. Your digestive system will work perfect and so will your kidneys and all the other organs inside your body.

All these different exercises scientifically relax, tone and strengthens your entire body from the inside out.

Don’t CHOOSE to be sick

This might sound a little aggressive but it’s true. Sickness is a choice. It is very easy simple to keep your body in perfect health and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes a day. It also can be done all naturally and without the need for any exercise equipment. All you need is your body the right knowledge to know what to do.

By watching the six week program of My System here at Perfect Health At Home, you are choosing to be healthy. You are choosing to be confident. You are choosing to be strong and in shape. Most importantly you are choosing to be happy. I’ve been without my health and I can tell you one thing for certain–It is almost impossible to be happy without health.

My System is complicated to learn. Muller was Danish and very specific in his teachings–his book is over 100 pages long. The video course here will take away any complication and will make learning this exercise routine and health regiment a breeze.

You can watch week one of the exercise routine for free in the link below:


Thanks for reading and hopefully you invest in the video course and give yourself the luxury of  perfect health. PLease comment below and share your thoughts.

Have a happy and healthy day!!



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  1. Debra

    I had never even given my breathing a second thought. After alll we do it rather instictively right? After reading your post, it’s apparent that most of us aren’t. Myself included I’m sure.

    I know that deep breathing is good to get oxegen rich ablood into your system which creates energy, but I never thought about how not deep breathing could realistically poison our own bodies.

    Thank you for a very nice post.

    1. Dylan

      The better you breathe the better you are in life. It’s not about breathing more. It’s the opposite actually. You want less breathes per minute but you want them to be deeper

  2. Tyler

    I’ve always had problems with my breathing at night. I’m going to try a couple of the techniques and see where it takes me.

    Thanks for the info, it’s very clear!


  3. Seviedean

    wonderful article…one thing that really stood out to me was that I had no idea that taking deeper breaths would increase my levels of confidence…next time I’m in a situation where I need a confidence boost, I shall try some deep breathing and see what effect that has…thanks for posting this article.

  4. Angela

    I did not realize the benefits of deep breathing such as building confidence, better immune system, and I had no idea that there could be danger in doing the deep breathing. You certainly give your readers a lot of details on the performance and the benefits of the deep breathing process. I will review your site further and plan on coming back to visit often. Thanks

    1. Dylan

      Thanks a lot for commenting Angela,

      Deep breathing is important for anyone wishing to be healthy. And Im glad you found the information helpful and informative.

      I would definitely recommended looking around the website; Im positive you will find useful information.

      Have a good day.


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