The Two Secrets To Beautiful Skin


Perfect skin is something that’s highly sought after and people go through great lengths to achieve it. Someone with amazing skin always has a certain glow to them and has a youthful look well into their elder years.

While healthy skin is clear and firm, unhealthy skin is the opposite. Its riddled with pimples and wrinkles prematurely. People with bad skin give off a sense of unhealthiness. So what are the two secrets to beautiful skin?

The answer and it may surprise you, is just from cleanliness and friction.

With a little knowledge on how to properly do both, you can enjoy firm skin that’s soft as velvet and free of pimples and wrinkles for life. This principle is used for the self massage portion of My System and makes up the last 10 exercises.

I’ll explain why cleanliness and friction is so important and why lotions and creams don’t work.


Cleanliness is something that you are probably familiar with. Mainly it’s taking daily showers, using good soap and wearing clean clothes.

Through out the day dirt and dust accumulates on your body; even if you don’t see it. A shower everyday helps remove this dirt and keeps your skin fresh and clean.

I say good soap because some cheap soaps can dry your skin out and take away its natural oils. Your clothes accumulate dirt the same way as your skin so it’s important to always wear clean clothes. Also, unclean clothes smell bad.

Another thing to keep in mind is cool and cold showers are better for your skin, hair and nerves than hot ones. Hot showers can exhaust your body and nerves if done to excess.

I know the sound of cold showers seems horrible and they can actually have negative side effects if your body inst warmed up beforehand.

One way to do this is to start the shower off hot and finish up cold.  This is actually called a Sottish shower and the fictional character James Bond takes them.

An even better way to get warm is to have a quick workout before. This way your blood is pumping and body warmed; the cold actually feels refreshing.

It’s also a good idea to slowly decrease the temperature of the water week by week. Your body won’t even notice the change in temperature if done right and once you start taking cold showers and feel how good they are, you’ll never want to take a hot shower again.


Of the two keys to perfect skin, this is the least known of the two. When done properly friction creates a massage for the skin and keeps the skin toned.

This gives you that well defined look. Your muscles will be firm and plump from this and they will remain that way for life.

Friction makes your skin smooth and polished. It also eliminates all pimples from your body.

There are thousands of muscles connected to the vessels of your skin that need to be exercised. If not they will lose their tone and your skin, overtime, begins to sag and wrinkle. A lot of times women develop cellulite as a result of un-exercised skin.

I know the thought of exercising your skin probably never occurred to you but it’s so important to do. Your skin is essential to your well being and protects your body from germs and disease; your skin needs to be strengthened and hard to penetrate.

You’ll learn in a second how My System does this in a second just using your hands.

Lotions Don’t Work

This may sound untrue but it’s not. Throughout history people have sold and marketed tonics that are meant to give you miraculous results. Some of these people have been known as “snake oil salesman.”

snakeThese charming men would trick unsuspecting buyers into buying snake oil which had no real value to cure or fix anything.

The lotion industry is essentially a snake oil salesmen with a very big marketing budget.

What lotion does is give the illusion of healthy skin. It fills in the cracks and lines of dull and dry skin and gives a better looking complexion. Once the lotion is wiped off, the skin returns to dry and dull. Lotion provides a temporary relief to the problem but doesn’t actually fix it.

The only way to improve the condition of your skin is to make daily use of the two keys I mentioned before.

This knowledge has been known throughout history. The ancient Greeks used to take a scraper after exercise to the skin to get the days dust and dirt off.

In the 1800’s a man named Sanford Bennet was in such bad health he couldn’t even get out of bed. Doctors and medicine couldn’t help and he took matters into his own hand. He came to these same conclusions and was able to completely rejuvenate his body and reversed the aging process. He successfully and naturally removed every wrinkle from his body.

Unfortunately I destroyed my health foolishly practicing unsafe breathing techniques. These principles and My System completely built my health back up and I personally know the power they have.

Massage in My System

The self massage in My System uses the friction and cleanliness concept to you give you perfect skin.

The massage is a simple rubbing process with your hands to the surface to your skin. Every part of your skin is systematically rubbed in a specific direction to improve blood flow and organ strength as well.

Your organs benefit from this rub as much as your skin and are equally as important. Without vital organs and perfect skin, you will never reach the health goals you set.

My System

If you read the entire My System Explained Section, you just finished reading the last section. If you haven’t read the whole section, I encourage you to go back and learn about this highly beneficial routine.

I personally know the power of it and have performed every single day since learning it. In over two years I haven’t missed a single day.

I know the benefits because I feel them and see them. I can back the claims it improves confidence because my confidence has improved. I can back the claims of improved concentration and a clearer mind because my concentration has improved and mind is clearer.

Every aspect of my health has improved, beyond just my body.


All this information will help you navigate life in health and peace. No matter what situation you are in life, you can benefit from this information. It can help in more ways that you can ever imagine.

Head over to week one of My System now!


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