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We briefly covered the benefits of deep breathing in the dangers of deep breathing. Now we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of deep breathing and how the six week video course of My System by JP Muller and  will get you each and everyone of these benefits.

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One of the top benefits of deep breathing is the increase in confidence. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that breathing plays a gigantic role in our confidence. When a person is confident they breathe fully, slowly and deeply.

Next time you a very confident person speaking or you are talking to someone you know that’s very confident, notice how they breathe. Their breathe will be smooth and steady and their voice will sound better because of it. So when you practise deep breathing you are practising the very act of being confident.

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This naturally leads into the fact the next benefit which is a decrease in anxiety. Anxiety can only exist in a body that isn’t healthy and in a being that doesn’t breathe properly or fully.

Next time you are anxious or worried about something or you see someone is anxious or worried about something, notice how they are breathing. In every case their or your breathe will be quick, rushed and shallow. If you know an overly anxious person they will breathe this way. My System strengthens your lungs and improves your ability to deep breathe, thus not allowing anxiety to even happen.

The next benefit of deep breathing is the actual health benefits. People who breathe properly (if you’re wondering about 1 in 50 people breathe properly) enjoy a much healthier life, free of sickness and disease.

Metabolic disease like obesity, anemia and diabetes exist because the supply of oxygen is so little your bodies metabolism suffers and your ability to break down food is hurt. (more on this in the science of breathing) Breathing properly and deeply boosts your immune system and it eliminates poisons from your body.


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Deep breathing will give you better sleep also. Someone that breathes shallowly and fast has a harder time relaxing themselves enough to get a truly refreshing night sleep. The more you can relax, which is tied into your breathing the better the sleep.

Deep breathing also improves mood. People who breathe deeply, fully and slowly have a much more difficult time getting down, worrying or angry. They naturally have steadier nerves and a relaxing disposition.

Deep breathing also massages your internal organs. Deep breathing lifts the organs out of their stagnant position thus strengthening and making them work perfectly.  Problems like constipation and indigestion are impossible if one breathes deeply.

Deep breathing also gives you physical benefits too. Your eye’s are whiter and clearer and your voice is always charming and easy to listen to when you breathe deeply.

Next time you see someone with beautifully clear eyes and voice you can listen to all day, notice how they breathe. People with shrill voices or low grating voices aren’t breathing properly.

These are just some of the benefits of deep breathing. Others include more energy by stimulating metabolism, asthma relief, steadier mind and more overall control over yourself, actions and character as well as more control over your mind.

The benefits of deep breathing are plentiful. If you read or intend on reading dangers of deep breathing, you will see there are some risks if deep breathing is practiced unsafely or improperly.

Thankfully there are people who have spent their lives to create ways of deep breathing in complete safety. The inspiration of this website, JP Muller and his health and exercise book My System, created a completely safe and easy to use deep breathing practice. If you are unfamiliar with the book I recommend you read it

You’ll see how you can obtain perfect health with exercise, deep breathing, cold showers and skin massage. All these methods are scientifically proven to strengthen, tone and relax your body and nerves.

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Picture of an exercise from My System

It can be confusing and long to read which can leave you feeling frustrated. You will benefit greatly from my video course on My System and it’ll take all the frustration out of learning My System away.

Perfect health is there for the taking; you just have to know right methods of obtaining it. My System and the video course here will show you exactly how to obtain that health and preserve it for life.

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10 Comments Benefits of Deep Breathing

  1. kyle

    It’s funny how someone that seems so insignificant can have such dramatic results on your well being. Breathing the right way can do so many good things for you. Just taking the time of day to take a few deep breaths and relaxing has done wonders for me in the past and continues to do wonders for me. Great post and I’ll be looking forward to more to come!

  2. adam

    hi there,
    thanks for the interesting and informative post. I’ve never thought about breathing that much and it seems like you know a lot about the subject. Also i never knew there were so many benefits of breathing properly. However how do you know that breathing is what causes the problems you mentioned and it’s not the other way round? for example I though being anxious is what causes your breathing to change, and not your breathing that causes you to be anxious.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Adam

      And They are both connected to answer your question. Deep breathing makes it harder to be anxious. Weak breathing makes it easier to get anxious

  3. Marilyn

    Interesting read Dylan!

    I had a time in my life where I was constantly being upset over this and that. I used to find that at those times I would want to rush and have a drink of water. I found that the act of drinking slowed my breathing down so that when I finished I was able to breathe slower and deeper, and therefore more able to handle the upset.

    Many times I did this while going through this awful period of my life.

    I’m sure there are many benefits of deeper breathing. We take so much for granted and think so little about our bodily functions. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    1. Dylan

      That’s a great story and good reminder to calm your breath. That’s why people are told to stop and count to ten when they are angry. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Heather

    Hi Dylan,

    I really enjoyed reading your post, The Benefits of Deep Breathing.

    Deep breathing is something that can truly improve every area of our life, whether that be mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual.

    I have learned throughout my life the incredible value of this one, natural remedy, especially for moving blocked emotions. Just a few, deep and slow breaths has the capacity to release a ton of stuck emotion and have us feeling good again.

    I’m always so surprised how many people don’t know hot to breathe properly, but your wonderful post is perhaps going to change that!

    Thanks again, Dylan.

    Warmly, Heather 🙂

  5. Derek Marshall

    Hi There,

    Awesome article and thanks for sharing the information. I do sincerely hope everyone that reads this article puts into practice the art of breathing properly!

    I lot of what I read, I already knew from my Qi Gong training but, reading this was a great refresher for me.

    I had no idea only 2% of the population breath properly.

    Brilliant site. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Dylan

      Overtime people lose control of theri improtant breatihng muscles and start to breath weakly. It’s one of the most improtant asprects of your health and should treated that way. Thanks for commenting!


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