The Deep Breathing


One of the most innovative and special parts of My System is the deep breathing that is done in between each exercise.

The benefits of deep breathing are literally endless. When done correctly, it is one of the greatest and most powerful health practices you can do. Your breathing is the source of your bodies energy and better breathing gives you an endless amount of it for the entire day.

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Chest Movement of Deep Breath

This is because your breathing is connected to your bodies metabolism. Your metabolism is created from the combustion of oxygen and the food you eat. It’s responsible for your bodies energy and heat production. It also aids in making muscle.

Having a poor metabolism puts you at high risk for metabolic disease which includes obesity, diabetes and different blood disorders. You can prevent these diseases by eating well and improving your oxygen intake.

Deep breathers also are:

  • More Confident
  • Happier
  • Free from allergies
  • Free from asthma
  • Free from insomnia
  • Clearer Minded
  • Less anxiety
  • Less anger
  • Freed from depression
  • Calmer Nerves

Deep breathing massages your internal organs and makes them stronger and work more efficiently. This is so important to your overall health.

It may surprise you only 1 out of ever 50 people breath correctly. Overtime you lose control of your breathing muscles and very few people have the knowledge to regain control of them. Follow My System and you will have the knowledge to do so for life.

A Little Background Info

There are so many people that advise different breathing methods and most of them are incorrect or unsafe. The deep breathing in My System is the only right and natural way to breath. It’s scientifically based and is completely safe.

Why Is it Done Between Exercises?

It’s done this way because there is a need for more air when your breath is elevated from exercise; this is what makes this breathing so safe.

Breathing Exercises Can Be Unsafe?

Deep breathing can absolutely be dangerous if done incorrectly. What so many people don’t realize about breathing exercises is they cant be performed with any amount of strain. Experts in the matter know you must practice full body relaxation for months, if not years, before you can practice safely.

You can do some serious damage to your nerves, lungs and heart if you breath with strain or too aggressively.

You can avoid all the dangers and avoid spending months f relaxation practice by doing them between exercises; its so much more comfortable and easier this way too.

How it Looks

It’s a very simple and easy process. You are simply looking to inhale and exhale as much air as possible with the least amount of strain or muscular effort.

With that in mind you stand up straight with hands on your hips and weight comfortably and evenly distributed.  On the inhale you very slightly lift your chin and lift your entire chest while pressing down with your hands on your hips. At the same time you move your lower ribs as far out as possible.

By doing this the air naturally flows into the lungs. Pressing down on your hips you relieve the weight of your shoulders and make the breath easier. It also creates a vacuum for the air to come in on its own accord.

It’s very important to to never sniff or suck the air up with your nose. This causes strain and actually closes the walls of your nose. Simply keep your nostrils wide open and let the air pass through; its meant to be a passive airway during the entire process.

The Exhale is the Most Important Part

Your exhale should last longer than your inhale and there’s many reasons for this.

Have you ever came home from work or a long day and collapsed limply into a chair? Every time you do this you let out a big exhale and immediately feel relaxed. This is natures way of naturally refreshing your body.

This is because your exhale is closely connected to your bodies ability to relax.

Another reason for this is the air we exhale, carbon dioxide, is actually poisonous to us. Because of this it’s very important to get rid of all this stale air in your lungs. Failing to do so makes you sluggish and have little energy. It’s also responsible for brain fog.

Lastly, there are tiny fibers in your lungs that depend on a long exhale. If they are constantly being inflated without being properly deflated they lose their elasticity over time and your lungs will become useless.

The exhale in the My System’s deep breathing is very easy and is done by simply relaxing all the respiratory muscles you used while inhaling. Your chest and chin will drop on their own and the air will naturally exhale.

To make the exhale even for beneficial you can contract your lower ribs as far in as possible; doing so will remove every bit of stale air in your lungs.

It’s important to note you must completely keep your abdomen relaxed the entire time.

When you become a member and get access to the entire 6 week My System video course you will learn more do’s and don’ts of the breathing that are essential to performing it correctly.

Flexibility is Key

Performing My System daily will strengthen and develop your muscles greatly. However and more importantly, it will improve the flexibility of your entire upper body.

Some people workout so aggressively they become too muscle bound. What this does is make the ribs immovable and inflexible doing much harm to your breathing. It also packs the organs in tightly and can lead to serious diseases.

Your breathing is controlled by the diaphragm which is a dome shaped muscle found under the lungs. Without flexibility and exercise it loses its strength and becomes inactive. This leads to weak breathing which can lead to some of the bad things we’ve already discussed.

Flexibility in the upper body is infinitely more important than stiff and overly muscular. You will get more than enough flexibility exercises in My System.

Don’t Hesitate

Some people would argue your breathing is the single most important aspect of your health. You can live months without food, days without water but only minutes without air.

People pay so little attention to something so major in life. There are so many quotes that represent its importance:

“The man who breaths deeply lives most”

“Breath is Life”

“Show me how you breath and I’ll tell you how you live”

“A healthy mind has an easy breath”

There’s tons more from people who recognize its importance. Become a member now and get all the benefits of both deep breathing and all the other treats of My System.

Next you’ll learn about the first nine exercises of the routine.





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