Week Two


I hope you feel very encouraged about the upcoming weeks and are ready to take the next step on your journey to optimal health. Very soon you’ll have all the skills needed to be perfectly healthy and to preserve that health for life. Just imagine being able to be active and beautiful at the age of seventy; to have no sagging muscles and no wrinkles.

This week we are going to add five more exercises bringing the total to eleven.

Do the exercises from week one then add on the five from this week. Remember to do the deep breathing in between.


Week 2

7th Exercise:

The first exercise size you’re going to learn is a leg raising exercise.

This exercise is great for the legs and hamstrings. It’s also very good for your butt too.

This is a slow exercise

How its performed:

Stand with feet almost together and your hands on your hips. Slowly raise your left leg as far up as possible while inhaling. While still inhaling lower the leg back to the starting position.

Now on your exhale raise your right leg and lower it in the same manner.

Now raise your left leg to the side as far up as possible and lower while inhaling. While exhaling raise and lower your right leg in the same manner.

Finally, move your left leg backwards as far as possible and lower it while inhaling. On the exhale make sure to do the same movement with your right leg.

This makes one cycle. Make sure to do 3 cycles in all

Where this is headed:

This will eventually be a massage technique that will be introduced in week five.

The 8th Exercise:

The next exercise is a slow sit up. The first step is to make sure your feet are underneath something like a dresser or a couch; without support of the feet this exercise is valueless. If you are exercising with someone you can have them knell on your toes to keep your feet in place.

While laying on the ground fill your lungs up with an inhale and start with your arms straight and behind your head. While raising the body exhale and pull yourself up  with your feet and stomach. Also, bring your arms up. Make sure to keep your head in place the whole way up and not to tuck it in.

Once your body is all the way upright, and without pause, start lowering the body while inhaling. If you start to hold your breath on the way down, start exhaling  until you are lowered. Inhale while lying back and exhale on the way up.

Going up and down is one movement. Do 10 for now and increase latter on as the degree of difficulty gets harder. This exercise is very well known and is great for the abdomen.

Where this is headed:

Eventually your arms are fixed at your waist or neck. The hardest degree is placing a chair or ottoman under your butt and thighs so you bend like a bridge on the way down.

The 9th Exercise:

This exercise eventually is a slow slapping of the back by crossing the arms. On the inhale move the arms backwards as far back as possible like you are  about to give a big hug and slap your back.

Once you’ve slapped your back hold until you completely exhale. Open your arms again while inhaling and slap your back. This time though switch which arm is on top and which one is on the bottom. Continue alternating each time you slap. Make sure to do ten slaps.

Where this is headed:

This exercise is combined with the next squatting exercise and turns into a massaging exercise.

The 10th exercise:

This exercise is a slow squatting exercise. Start with feet comfortably apart and keep arms loosely to the side. Slowly raise your outstretched arms to shoudler height while inhaling.

On the exhale bend your knees and lower your body with arms still outstretched. Once you reach the squatting position, continue exhaling and quickly return to the standing psotion while lowering the arms.

Always inhale at the top of the squat while raising arms.

All that is one movement. Make sure to do ten full movements.


Exercise 11:

This exercise is a slow leg circling that’s great for your abs. Lay down on the ground with your hands rested behind your neck. Lift your left leg about 45 degrees off the ground and circle your leg. Make sure your circles aren’t bigger than 30 inches.

When your leg is going upwards you inhale and when your leg is going downwards you exhale. After six circles, make two large circles while breathing the same way.

Now do the same exact movements with the right leg. After you do all the movements you switch back to the left leg and now circle the leg in the opposite direction. Do the same amount of movements as before and make sure to circle the right leg in the opposite direction too.

Where’s this going:

This exercise has a few few variations. It turns into a leg lifting exercise and eventually back into a leg circling exercise with more spins.


And week two is now in the books. You now have a few daily ab exercises and a few moves that eventually turn into a massage.

Congrats on making it this far and make sure to practice your moves daily. Next week we improve on a few of the exercises from week one and also add five more exercises bringing the total up to sixteen.

See you next week!


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