Week Four


Welcome to week four. First, I’d like to say congratulations for keeping with it for this long. So far you’ve learned how to take a proper and safe deep breath. You’ve learned over 16 exercises that workout almost every muscles in your body and you’ve learned moves that will later turn into the self massage which will keep your skin soft and wrinkle proof for life.

You are now officially past the halfway mark and your body will thank you for this. You are going to increase the difficulty of two exercises while adding on four more exercises to the routine. This is basically the last week you’ll be adding completely new exercises besides one massage next week and one knee bending exercise in the last week. This is also the last week without the self massage.

Lets get into it.

Exercises to Replace

You are going to replace exercise 3 which looks like this:


Now you’re going to be doing this exercise standing. Bring your arms up to the side with you fists closed while inhaling and twist to the left. Once you’ve twisted as far as you can, twist the other direction while exhaling. You can turn your feet in towards each other if you’d like to keep your hips from moving.

When you are making your twist you can push your hip against the movement to make the move a little better. This means when twisting left, push your left hip to the right–against the direction of your twist.

The breathing and repetitions is the same as before. Make sure to switch your breathing halfway.


Where this is headed:

Eventually you will be doing the twisting and then touching the floor with your hand. This is an extremely powerful move for your waist and obliques.


The next exercise you’ll be replacing is the sixth exercise which looks like this:




You are going to be doing pushups from your knees now. Place yourself in a pushup position with your knees on the ground and your ankles crossed. Lower your self while inhaling, and push yourself up while keeping your body straight as a plank exhaling. Every time you lower yourself turn your head to the left or right.


Where this heading:

The next step is a normal pushup. Eventually you’ll be able to do 50 in 10 breaths. Once you’ve reached that level you can experiment with different types of pushups.


Exercise to Add

Exercise 17:

The first exercise you’ll be adding is a slow trunk circling. Stand with your hands on your hips and feet at about shoulders width. You are going to bend your body to the left, backwards, to the right and then to the front.

The entire movement comes only from the waist. When you are moving to the front make sure to push your butt out. While going backwards you inhale and while going forward you exhale.

Do five movements and breaths one way and switch directions and do the same amount  of movements and breaths the opposite way.

Make sure to keep your head steady and to rest your eyes slightly upwards so you don’t get dizzy.


Where this is headed:

Mainly the position of your hands changes as the degrees get more difficult. Also, the hardest degree has you inhale for a complete circle and exhale for a complete circle.

Exercise 18:

The next exercise you’ll be adding is a slow leg bending exercise. Stand with your feet well apart (Farther than shoulder width). Put your hands on your hip and bend your left leg and at the same time, bend your trunk over your right leg which remains straight; do all this while exhaling.

Bring the body back to the starting position while inhaling and remain there for just a moment. After, start exhaling and bend the right leg and lean the trunk over the straightened left leg.

You do twelve breaths in all while bending to each side six times each.



Where this is headed:

Eventually this exercise turns into a massage

Exercise 19:

The next exercise is a quick trunk fling backwards and forwards. All you will do in this exercise is throw the trunk backwards and forwards without bending the back or bending the waist.

The hips and abdomen protrude on the backwards lean and the butt goes out on the forward lean. This exercise lasts four breaths and you can also perform a pumping  action like in exercise 15.

You can also keep your hands on your hips or move them the way I do in the video; which ever one is more comfortable.


Where this is headed:

Eventually this is a massage.

Exercise 20:

The next exercise is abdominal breathing. Place your hands flat on your stomach and lean backwards slightly and fill the lower part of your lunds by distending the abdomen as much as possible. After this you exhale by leaning forward while relaxing your stomach and pushing your relaxed stomach in and upwards under the ribs with your hands.

After some practice and your abdominal muscles are stronger you won’t need to press your stomach in with your hands on the exhale.


Where this headed:

This will eventaully be combined with exercise one and be a massage.


Alright that’s the end of week four. Keep practising faithfully and keep focusing on technique and breathing–You’ll need it next week for the massage.