What is Deep Breathing?


Many people are confused about deep breathing and what is deep breathing. Deep breathing is breathing in a way that completely fills your lungs while inhaling and completely empties the lungs on the exhale. You want the condition of deep breathing because it has tremendous health benefits and you obtain deep breathing through deep breathing exercises.

muller drawing 2

Image of proper deep breathing

Before I elaborate on what was just said I would like to welcome you to Perfect Health At Home if this is your first time visiting and to welcome back anyone who’s been here before. The mission here is to inform everyone on the secrets and truth about obtaining and maintaining a high level of health.

The core of this website is 6 week training course of a workout and health regiment called My System inspired by health expert JP Muller that is extremely innovative.

It covers all your health needs in just 15 minutes. The video course will workout every one of your muscles, improve lung capacity and make your skin smooth, firm and wrinkle proof for life with the science of exercise, deep breathing and self massage to relax, tone and strengthen the body inside and out.  We’ll talk more about that later but for now we’ll get back into deep breathing.

In the course you’ll also learn other health secrets to keep you looking and feeling amazing for life.

Deep breathing exercises have unlimited amount of health and lifestyle benefits. Some of the benefits that come from deep breathing are:

  • Increase in confidence
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Better Sleep
  • Improvement in mood
  • Better function of organs

These are just a few of benefits that come from deep breathing.

Brief Look at Breathing Science

Essentially oxygen combusts with food to produce your metabolism in your body. The metabolism is the source of your energy and having a good metabolism improves your overall quality of life and appearance. A poor functioning metabolism leads to metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes.

As you can see having a bad metabolism can have devastating and deadly effects on the body. When you practice deep breathing you improve your lungs capacity. This means your lungs will increase the amount of oxygen per breath. This in turn means more oxygen to combust and an improvement of metabolism

Also, the lungs are responsible for expelling waste products in your body. What we exhale is called carbon dioxide which is poison for humans (it happens to be what plants “breathe”) This is why the exhale is generally more important than the inhale. You must get rid of the stale air in your lungs or else you will feel unenergetic and fuzzy. So it’s always important to practice taking a long exhale; longer than the inhale

You can read more about the science of deep breathing here

Mechanics of Deep Breathing

What’s really confusing is why so many people think belly or abdominal breathing is the proper way to take a deep breath. When you’re sitting on the couch relaxing, breathing abdominally is fine. But generally breathing with your stomach is very weak.

One of the most famous yogi and breathing expert BKS Iyengar once said if we were meant to breathe with our stomach our lungs would be there.

Many people teach if you chest moves while breathing than you are breathing shallowly. This is generally only true if only the top part of your chest moves or only your collar bones move.

A proper deep breath not only does the chest move but only the chest moves. THe whole chest lifts upwards and your ribs move outwards and vacuum is created that fills every part of your lungs. This also creates a massage for your internal organs and improves their function. It gives you a perfectly working digestive system and relieves insomnia.

Muller Deep breathing between exercise

Proper chest movement for deep breathing

Also, some people teach to breathe out through through the mouth which again is incorrect. There’s a proverb that says “the lord gave you a nose for breathing and a mouth for eating.” When you inhale and when you exhale it should be done through your nose. The nose has hairs and mucous membranes that clean and purify air before it hits the lungs. Breathing through the mouth will bypass these filters and you’ll breathe impure air.

Lastly breathing should be completely silent. If you hear yourself sniffing or any loud noises while deep breathing then you are doing it wrong. It’s important to remember your nose is a passive entry for the air and the movement of the chest, ribs and diaphragm create the vacuum for the air to enter.

Dangers of Deep Breathing 

Believe it or not deep breathing can be very dangerous to your overall health if done incorrectly. If there is any strain when practising deep breathing exercises then you are going to injure your lungs and nerves. This can create disastrous results that can end with some very serious results.

Your lungs have millions of elastic fibers that will lose their elasticity if they are over inflated without given proper time to contract during the exhale. This is another reason the exhale is so important.

Now breathing without strain may sound easy but its not. Breathing expert Dennis Lewis believes deep breathing should be avoided unless someone has practice relaxation techniques for months or even years.

Deep Breathing in My System

If you are practising deep breathing alone then you should practice proper posture and relaxation for a few months before thinking of getting into the breathing.

The genius about My System created by JP Muller is you can enjoy all the benefits of deep breathing without experiencing any of the dangers and without having to practice relaxation techniques for months.

How this is done is you only deep breathe between exercises. What this does is makes the deep breathing more smooth and easier to do. Because your breathing rate is higher after an exercise, you have a need for more air. This completely cuts the need for relaxation and reduces all dangers.

JP Muller was a health expert and created a workout routine that can be done at home in under fifteen minutes, without weights or exercise equipment and is the most innovative workout I have ever seen.

In the fifteen minutes you will be performing 20 different exercises with deep breathing between. You will also be performing a self massage that will tone your muscles and wrinkle proof your skin for life; it also massages your internal organs just like the deep breathing does. Muller himself used this system to develop his very impressive physique and to obtain perfect health. His skin was so strong he could ski in the middle of the winter in just a loin clothe in mid sixties.

Statue celebrating Muller's body. He developed it this much through My System

Statue celebrating Muller’s body. He developed it this much through My System

I’ve written on My System extensively on this website and you can read about My System and JP Muller here. You can also read about the benefits of My System here

One things about My System is it was perfected over a period of 50 years and based solely on improving your health and truths and principles of health. Because of this it can be complicated to learn the routine. I have scoured the internet to find the routine and couldn’t find it. I felt it was my duty to create a video series of the entire six week routine. It will take you from any level of fitness from beginner to expert easily and will take out any complications you may encounter.

You can view week one of the routine here



If you have any questions or have any opinions please feel free to comment below.


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  1. Neva

    This is a very interesting post! I am “somewhat” familiar with deep breathing through yoga, but I had no idea you could hurt yourself if it is done properly. I know that deep breathing is effective in relaxing the body and mind, but you have shown me that it is so much more to it. Very interesting read, and valuable information. Thanks!

    1. Dylan

      no problem. Deep breathing is one of the best things you can do for yourself and everyone should be doing it. Thanksfor commenting

  2. Angela

    wow this is fantastic information on proper deep breathing! I have problems sleeping at night, and also stress issues at my work. I really need to start doing your system and it works for wrinkles also? .Amazing! I will need to come back to your website when I have more time to practice your techniques. From what I have read so far, it makes sense to me. Is it possible to this while laying down, such as before I fall asleep?

    1. Dylan

      It will most certainly help with wrinkles. It is an exercise system so you’ll have to get out of bed for it but it will defienlty help with insomnia. There are so many benefits and I’m glad you are interested.

  3. grln

    Hi there,
    Interesting article you have here. I did not know that deep breathing could have such health benefits on me. I’ll definitely try doing it more often. More people need to see this site especially those of old age. I’m glad you created this as it could help thousands of people, and save many lives.

  4. Johnson

    Thanks for your review on deep breathing. This indeed has enlighten my overall view on breathing in general.
    How it affects our lungs, the different kinds of breathing, it advantages and disadvantages.

    And the general effect it has on our body and how best to control how we breath. This review was very much informative and helpful. Thanks

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Johnson,

      Breathing has so many benefits, and there are many ways to improve it. The breathing in My System is the easiest and most comfortable way to do it.


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