Week Five


This week we’re going to be increasing the difficulty of a few of the exercises and adding a couple of the actual skin massages. Perform the massages with clothes on for now; especially if it is cold out. As you begin to master of a few of the rubbings you should start stripping of your clothes while doing them. Eventually you will be able to (and should do ) these completely naked. I’d say once you have completely memorized at least 4 of them and can perform them without pausing to think.

It’s best to do these exercises outside but obviously this can only be done if you live in a private area. An alternative is to do them, naked, in front of an open window–even in the winter. The rubbings will keep you more warm than if you were outside in pants and jacket and just standing still.

It’s very important to have the rubbings memorized before performing in the winter months because standing still in the cold can get you sick. I promise you are very safe as long as you don’t take any long pauses. The friction creates a very delightful warmth.

One last thing: don’t be embarrassed about of your own nudity. Perform these naked exercises in a private area and don’t feel shameful for what you are doing. Only in nudity can you get the full health benefits of these rubbings. After a while you will begin to feel completely comfortable with it.

Exercises to Replace

You are now going to make changes to the 8th exercise which is the sit up. You simply place your hands on your hips now when performing. If you find yourself holding your breath on your inhale when lower yourself, inhale as much as you can and start you exhale for the last part of the lowering and continue exhaling all the way up.


Instead of exercise 11 which looked this:



Now your going to be lying on your back with your hands behind your head. While exhaling bring both straightened legs up a little more than 45 degrees. On the inhale bring the legs down and right before they touch the ground start you exhale and go the opposite direction.

Instead of exercise 12 that looked like this:

Now the arms are held out at shoulders height the entire time. Every time you raise the trunk and for the first half of the twist you inhale. During the second half of the twist and the lean you exhale.



And finally the skin rubbings:

You are going to combine the first exercise (the backwards and forwards bend) and exercise twenty which was the last exercise you learned last week (the abdominal breathing) On the backwards part of the bend quickly stroke downwards with palms of your hands to your distended chest and abdomen.

When it’s time to bend forward draw the abdomen in as much as possible and bring hands to the lower back and stroke all the way down, with thumbs pointing downwards,  past your rear and the back of your legs until you reach the ankles; bend the back as far possible. Without pausing, start inhaling and expand your stomach while slipping your hands over to your shins and over the front of your thighs. Once you get past your thighs swing backwards and start stroking downwards again.

Don’t forget to do the abdominal movements because it is a powerful massage for your intestines.

Women are instructed to keep bringing there hands up past the thighs wile rising all the way up until they reach their collar bones. This is the way it is shown on the video; men remember to stroke downwards on the backwards bend.

In all do twenty of these movements. Once you’ve reached ten movements stroke the inside of your legs when rising instead of the front.


The next exercise you will be adding a rubbing to exercise number 14 which looked like this:

Now you will be standing and only moving during the inhale. Begin with feet wide apart with toes pointing in and knees straight; this keeps your hips in place and ensures all movement comes from your waist. Twist to the left while inhaling. Once you’ve twisted place your left hand on your right lower ribs with palms facing outwards and put your right hand on your left ribs with palms facing inwards and begin to exhale. While exhaling rub your hands as far down as your hip and as high as half way up your back.

Once you’ve completed the exhale, inhale and twist to the other side and switch the position of your palms. now your right hand will be palms out and your left hand will be palms in.

Perform 12 breaths in all.

The next exercise is adding rubbing to exercise 14 which looked like this:

The breathing and leg movement is exactly the same. Rest your hands against your obliques with fingers pointing downwards. When you raise a leg forward the palm should stroke over the groin, down the thigh and to the shin. When you lower the leg, rub outwards to the calf, up the back of the leg and over the rear until back to your oblique.

When moved to the side stoke your palm downwards to the knee and on the inside of the thigh when lowered until back to the starting position.

When the leg is raised to the back, stroke the rear and back of thigh. Once being lowered bring the hand around and stroke the front of the leg.

Make sure to press your palm continuously hard against the movement of the leg.


Now you’re going to add the rubbings to the fourth exercise which looked like this:

Lift your leg as far up as possible without leaning your body forward and grab the ankles with both hands. Push the leg downwards and move the hands up the leg giving it a vigorous stroke. Once the leg touches the ground continue the rubbing upwards over your stomach and chest until you reach your collar bone. Inhale during all upward rubbing.

After you reach your collar bones drop your arms loosely and and pause for a brief second. Then lift your other knee and grab the ankles. This is all done while exhaling.


The last rubbing of this week is going to be added to the 15th exercise which was the quick lean to side to side.

Keep your hands flat (the video has my hands in a fist; pick which is more comfortable) on your hips with fingers pointing down. Do the same movement and breathing as before. As you move left stroke your left hand as far down as your knee and the right hand up your ribs.


And week 5 is over.

Next week is the last week of the course and you’ll increase the difficulty of many exercises and add the remaining skin rubbings. Once you learn all ten rubbings it becomes a very powerful arm exercise. The pressing of seven straight minutes develops your biceps and triceps greatly. It will also do wonders for your upper back and shoulder blades.

You’ll also learn a few shower techniques to strengthen your nerves, give you a clearer mind and better health. You’ll also learn how to take a cold shower and have it feel amazing instead of making you shutter.

Make sure to practice these new moves. See you next week.