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If you read dangers of breathing at Perfect Health from Home, you’ve heard me talk about breathing in a general sense; what breathing can do for you or what to avoid when practicing deep breathing.

Now we’re going to look at the scientific process of deep breathing and how you get all the health benefits from deep breathing. We’ll also be looking at the importance of breathing through your nose and why a long exhale is very important. Lastly you’ll see why the deep breathing in JP Muller’s My System is scientifically correct and safe.

To begin, the lungs have a capacity of about 250 cubic inches, empty about 150 inches and leave 100 inches in the lungs.

When we breathe, we breathe oxygen into the lungs and as result heat and energy is produced through combustion with the food in our system; which is our metabolism. When breathing is feeble or shallow, the body doesn’t get the oxygen needed to properly break down food and metabolic disease like obesity, diabetes and anemia develop.  This is also how deep breathing helps you lose weight; it helps your body metabolize food better.



The average person takes in about 30 cubic inches of air on any particular breathe. Also, an average person takes around 16 to 18 breathes per minute while each breathe takes around 4 heart beats.

The whole breath is comprised of an inhale, exhale and a pause; oxygen is breathed in and carbonic acid (which plants breathe in and is poisonous to us) is breathed out.  Because carbonic acid is poisonous to us it’s important to have a longer exhale then inhale.

Next time you get home and collapse into a chair notice how you let out a giant gasp of air from a big exhale. This is just a natural refresher for your body and a way of breathing out the stale and poisonous air.

Also, there are hundreds of millions vesicles in the lungs made up of elastic fibers. If the elastic fibers are inflated too much from inhalation and not given proper time to contract during exhalation, the elasticity of the fibers will be lost over time. This will hurt your lungs and your ability to breathe greatly. You’ll see once you start practicing My System you always spend a little more time on your exhale.

deep brea

side view of proper deep breathing (used between exercise)

This leads us into our next point, which is how much we breathe. If we take quick, shallow breaths, we breathe more often and will injure the elastic fibers in our lungs.

As stated before, the average person breathes 16 to 18 breathes per minute. That’s far more than what you want a minute. This type of breathing leads to anxiety and nervousness.

The goal is 10-12 breathes per minute. If you are able to do this (and you will after practicing My System for a while) you will find it impossible to be anxious or worried. You will also have far more energy from the increase in metabolism gained from deeper, fuller, slower breathes.

Lastly, you should always breathe in and out through your nose. Many people breathe in with their mouth and are known as mouth breathers. Also, some people instruct to breathe out through your mouth but that is a mistake and should be avoided.

Your nose has natural filters to purify the air your breath before it hits the lungs. There are tiny hairs in your nose that literally catch germs and air pollutants and a nasal cavity that is lined with mucus that has a similar job.

Breathing through your mouth bypasses all these filters and you breathe dirt, germs and pollutants directly into your lungs. Your nose also heats air up during the cold winter months so you’re not breathing in freezing cold air.

All the breathing in My System is based off these scientific rules and practicing My System will give you all the deep breathing benefits like more energy, calmer nerves, and better mood.

Your breath will become deeper as your breathing muscles grow stronger. As lung strength increases your exhales become longer and you get that 10-12 breathes per minute that has so many health benefits.

All the breathing in My System is completely safe to use also; which isn’t the case with a lot of breathing exercises. Many breathing exercises injure the lungs and health because they are improperly practiced; like breathing a in wrong manner or straining wile breathing.

The genius of My System is you only take a deep breath when more air is needed, and all rationale and scientific breathing rules are followed. This makes it completely safe and combined with the exercises and self massage of My System, it truly makes it a perfect exercise routine.

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