Secrets of Power from a Single Source


Perhaps one of the greatest and most effective source of human power is derived from applications of water. Here are the secrets now revealed. You can enjoy them as frequently as you find convenient. It is a well established fact that the great nerve centers are the main sources of power. Now if we can stimulate and tone up in a natural manner these particular zones, their strength and force will be greatly increased. The three especially important localized zones are the spinal column, the solar plexus, and genital organs. I am glad to inform you of these rare and effective methods, which you can do as follows:

Every morning bathe the sexual organs with very cold water for a few minutes. Keep the cold wet applications on as long as convenient frequently renewing the wet cloth. This is a marvelous tonic and will do you a world of good. DO NOT NEGLECT IT. The reproductive system is endowed with a very delicate and sensitive nerve supply which, when in a healthy condition is highly benefited by the application of COLD wet cloths.

What has been said with regard to the reproductive organs applies with equal force to the solar plexus. Dab this area, a little above the navel with very cold water, frequently renewing the water with a sponge or cloth. If the first two or three applications are likely to prove too severe, have the water with the cold shill taken off first, gradually reducing the temperature until you can stand it almost ice cold, which you should be able to do after the first week.

Do not penalize yourself by freezing. The safe rule which you you may rely upon at all times is to see that you experience a pleasant warm glow in a that region. Both these secrets can be indulged in every morning while having your cool shower. You do not have to make a special ordeal of it.

As for the spinal zone, you can conveniently do this part twice each week when you are getting your hot shower. (Cold shower in the morning everyday and a warm shower twice a week with good soap at night.) Have a good supply of very hot water, but not so hot as to burn or cause pain, and while lying on the chest apply the not wet cloths to the small of the back. Renew with hot water frequently. Dab the back lightly a few times so that skin can become accustomed to the heat, then lie the entire cloth across the lower part of the back. Complete the process by applying cooler water, finally using a cold application to close the pores.

Understand this HOT water is to be applied to the small of the back only, and the water for the shower should be warm, not hot.