Alen Breathesmart Hepa Air Purifier Review – A Better Way To Breath


BreathesmartProduct: Alen Breathesmart Hepa Air Purifier

Cost: $513.96

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon (save $86)

Warranty: Lifetime (only purifier to offer this)

My Rating: 9.5/10


If you are in the market for a new purifier and are looking for a combination of quality and innovation, the Breathesmart Hepa Air Purifier from Alen Corporation is one of the finest available.

Before we get into specifics about the product and why it is so highly regarded, let’s look at the importance of the air we breath.

Clean Air Is Essential To Good Health

It’s actually one of the most important factors of health and some would argue the most important.

The oxygen we breath is exchanged for carbon dioxide in our lungs. After this exchange our blood carries oxygen to every single tissue in our bodies. What do you think happens when we breath in contaminated air?

aaaaaaEvery tissue is effected and irritated. This can lead to low energy, concentration problems, insomnia, depression, anxiety, headaches, short temper, allergies and other problems.

If the air we breath is pure and clean, every tissue receives fresh oxygen. This ensures:

  • Better sleep
  • Clearer thoughts
  • More energy
  • Better circulation
  • General better feeling

The Breathesmart removes 99.8% particles in the air to ensure you are breathing freshness at all times.

Product Overview And Specifications

This purifier is pretty light at 21 pounds and very portable. You can easily pick it up and place it where you want. One of the best features is how big of an area it cleans, which is up to 1100 square feet; it makes it perfect for large open rooms or small areas too.

There are 4 speeds that come with 4 different noise levels. The two lowest speeds have the noise of a whisper and light rainfall, respectively, while the highest are equal to heavy rainfall and a box fan, respectively.

One of the best features is the smart sensor that automatically adjusts based on environment and air quality. You won’t constantly have to get up to change speeds or noise levels, the machine will do that on its own.

Once all particles and irritants are removed from the air, it drops down to the lowest speed to save energy which cuts the cost of operation. It can clean a room in under 2 hours too!

It also has 4 different hepa filters to fit your needs. The filters include:

  • Hepa Pure for dust and allrgens
  • Hepa Silver for germs and bacteria
  • Hepa Odor Cell for smoke and heavy orders
  • Hepa Fresh Plus for chemicals and VOC’s

Hepa filters

Additionally it has safety designs to make it safe around children and is offered in over 14 colors!

Is It Worth The Price Tag? 

This isn’t the cheapest purifier you can buy. There is a saying that applies to this situation and it goes “you get what you pay for.” I have never seen a life time guarantee for a purifier in my life.

If you have to buy a new purifier every year because your cheap one keeps breaking, you are going to end up spending thousands. $500 may seem high but it’s the only time you’ll have to pay for the rest of your life.

All the colors it comes in

All the colors it comes in

Also, there are hidden costs with any purifier. It comes from the cost of running and changing the filter. Again, this is an area where the Breathesmart excels. It is both Energy Star efficient and the filter lasts up to 18 months; much, much longer than the average filter.

When looking at costs you should be looking at value and future costs. The initial price tag may scare you but it has tremendous value and saves money over time. You can even factor in money you’ll save by going to the doctor less and not having to spend on medications.

There’s a cheaper and smaller version of the Alen Breathesmart, the Fit50 Breathesmart, that costs under $500 too.

Is It Completely Necessary?

Clean air is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Is a purifier absolutely necessary? That’s really hard to say. If you have pets, smoke inside and have allergies it becomes more and more necessary. Living in the city does too.

Actual Amazon reviews

Actual Amazon reviews

There are other things you can do to keep your air clean like keeping your windows open. I know from first hand experience keeping your windows open in the dead of winter is tough and many times I’ve woken up sick from it.

I personally made the switch to an air purifier in the winter so I don’t get sick and open windows in the spring and summer. I’ll turn it on every once in a while to check the air quality during the latter two seasons. Keep in mind I live outside the city, don’t have allergy problems and don’t smoke. You need to examine your own situation, needs and other factors.

This is a very easy way to ensure your air is quality.

Hope This Helped!

If you take anything away from this review I hope it’s that your air needs to be clean. Besides purchasing a purifier, you should keep your windows open and get out in the fresh air; your body and health will thank you.

If you decide to purchase a purifier I would 100% recommend the Breathesmart. It has so much value, looks cool and is really innovative. All you have to do is turn it on and let it do its thing.

Take A Closer Look At The Alen BreathSmart Air Purifier

If you have any additional questions or opinions comment below and I’ll respond as fast as possible. Also, share on social media for friends and family to see. Thanks for reading!



3 Comments Alen Breathesmart Hepa Air Purifier Review – A Better Way To Breath

  1. Tom


    I am very new to air purifiers and this does seem a lot to just spend in one purchase.
    Could you explain it or compare it against a cheaper model?
    Like if I were to chose a $200 purifier what would be the major differences I would see in it?

    1. Dylan

      There’s a lifetime guarantee which I mentioned in the review. You’re not going to find that with any purifier, let alone a $200 one. There’s more technology too that makes it run on its own.

  2. Sarah

    Really good review of this air purifier but also some great information about the importance of having clean air, I had no idea how much it can affect your health if it’s not pure. I live in the country and often have my windows open too but you’re right, it is probably worth looking into buying a product like this when it’s colder outside, I’ll definitely check it out.


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