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The first nine exercises of My System are normal body weight that require no equipment and take around seven to eight minutes to complete. Performing the whole 15 minute routine will strengthen your lungs, skin and internal organs but the first nine are specifically for your muscles.

A lot of the these exercises are pretty standard and you’ve probably done them before (unlike the rest of the system). They include push-ups which give you a powerful and large chest, squats which tone the legs , sit ups and leg raises.

snippet from the video series

Snippet from the video series

There are a few more exercises/bends/twists for your abdomen and obliques. These exercises and give you a very muscular stomach and great looking waist.

Also, included in these exercises is a leg kicking exercise that strengthens and loosens your hamstring; in a few weeks you’ll easily be able to kick your foot well above your head.

There’s an arm swinging exercise which which gives you broad shoulders too.

These movements are the same moves professional athletes and military people do.

Every one of the nine exercises has multiple degree of difficulties that start out very basic and get tougher as your strength grows. For example, the push ups start on the back of a chair. Next it’s performed from your knees, and after that you perform a normal push up.

Once you master that step there are a few ways to increase the difficulty further.¬†You can add a leg lift or you can increase the numbers of reps. If you’re really strong you can even do one armed push ups.

Below you will see the progression of the fourth exercise. The easiest step isn’t even shown and it’s done in a chair. By the end of the sixth week you will be able to do the bottom version of the exercise which is the hardest.

Progression of the fourth exercise

You may be asking: “are the early steps of each exercise really necessary?” And while you may be able to do them with some ease, it is still very necessary to start with the easiest degree of difficulty.

First off, you’ll need the strength and flexibility for the advanced steps later on. But more importantly you need to learn how to breath during each exercise. At no point should you ever hold your breath during exercise and that includes these ones. Holding your breath during strenuous activities can be injurious to your heart which can be devastating to your health.

So take your time in the first few weeks and learn how to breath properly.

Next you’ll learn about the cool the shower you take immediately after finishing these exercises and how to make it as comfortable as possible; more comfortable than a hot shower.



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