Ginseng Root Prices From A Trusted Supplier


Ginseng root prices vary based on type, how it was prepared and how organic it is. American ginseng has become very rare and is hard to find; it also takes years to grow. The place where I buy my herbs, Starwest Botanicals, does have it in stock and many other options too.

Let’s take a look at the prices from this trusted supplier:

American White Ginseng Root: $78.75 per 1/4 lb

Because of its rarity, you won’t really find this anywhere else. Most places are completely sold ginsengout and you can’t even buy a full pound, which would cost over $300, at Starwest.

This is as high quality as you will find, is USDA Organic and four years old.

A lot of times you will see ginseng as “panax” ginseng. “Panax” is the botanical name of the plant which means “all healing.” The is an extremely beneficial root that many people don’t have the luxury of obtaining.

Having the root is extremely useful in preparing teas or other herbal preparations.

Organic Ginseng Root Powder: $240.75 per 1 lb, $62.17 per 1/4 lb

This is an extremely high quality ginseng from China. The Chinese have used the ginseng powder“all healing” powers of ginseng for thousands of years to treat various illnesses of the body and is a highly regarded natural aphrodisiac.

Again this is USDA Organic. Having the powder is very useful and can easily be added to water after each meal to get its benefits; you will only need about 15 grains per glass of water.

Chinese Red Ginseng Root Powder: $92.67 per 1 lb, 1/4 lb Out Of Stock

Red ginseng is a different plant than American ginseng and the root powder described above. It’s is still extremely beneficial, however it is not certified USDA Organic.

This helpful herb has been used to boost immune system, improve heart health, treat diabetes, increase energy and help treat impotence. It is called “red” because it was first steamed and then dried, which is a little different than “white” ginseng.

Chinese White Ginseng Root Powder: $92.67 per 1 lb, $25.17 per 1/4 lb

The main difference between “white” and “red” is processing; white ginseng is dried and receives no further processing.

Some people believe this version has less health benefits because of its preparation and one study found it less effective, however still effective, than red ginseng in treating acute asthma.

Ginseng Chew Starter Kit With Display Jar: $66.98 for 144 Chews

This is a really cool product and can be eaten the same way you would any other piece of candy or gum; except you’ll be getting all the health benefits of ginseng to go along with it.

chewsIt’s made with the best all natural honey taffy from honey bees in the pristine high altitude of the Rocky Mountains and added with 200 mg. of Certified Organic Panax Ginseng per chew.

They are gluten free and NON-GMO, and only have 20 calories per chew. No sugar is added and can be eaten as a snack or added to coffee or tea as a sweetener.

You can also order refill bags (144 chews without the jar) for $64.25.

Organic American Ginseng Root Powder: $303.08 per 1 lb, $77.67 per 1/4 lb

This is the most expensive on this list and rightfully so. This powder is grown in America and is USDA Organic. It is a great way to get the benefits of ginseng like:

  • Promoting appetite
  • Fixing digestive disturbances
  • Colds
  • Chest problems
  • Coughs
  • Lung troubles
  • Various inflammations
  • Improve libido
  • Systematic tonic

Powder is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get results and you just need to mix it with water.

The non-organic version is $111.17 per 1 lb and out of stock at 1/4 lb.

Other Versions

The great thing about Starwest Botanicals is they offer herbs AND herbal products. You can buy ginseng in many forms including;

  • Gum: $17.85
  • Red Ginseng Royal Jelly: $16.12
  • Red Ginseng Instant Tea: $13.15
  • Ginseng Capsules: $17.95
  • Ginseng Extract: $32.58

And a lot more.

Click Here To Browse Starwest Ginseng Products

Precautions And Use

Ginseng shouldn’t be used by anyone with high blood pressure. Other than that, there really isn’t any side effects if you take the recommended dose.

I have a created an in depth guide on preparing herbs, recommended dosage, and how often to use. You can use it for ginseng and can read it by clicking here.

When giving to children, the elderly or weak and debilitated people give 1/3rd to 2/3rd of the recommended dosage.

Thanks For Reading!

I hope you found what you were looking for and get to experience the “all healing” powers of ginseng.

If you have any questions or thoughts comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as fast as possible. Also, share on social media for friends and family to see.

Appreciate it!



14 Comments Ginseng Root Prices From A Trusted Supplier

  1. JammySammy

    I came across this site when I was looking for pictures of ginger. What do you know, its actually ginseng. It has certainly drawn my attention to the health benefits of using this root. Something I did not know before!

    It does seem quite expensive and very rare. Is there a way I would be able to get hold of it outside of the USA? I am in Colombia, do you have any suggestions?

    OH, and I would love to try some of the ginseng chews they look delish 🙂

    Have a good day

  2. Kavinah

    Your site was quite an education.
    I’ve heard of ginseng but never used it directly.
    I never knew it is so expensive.
    It is also an eye opener seeing the various things it can be used to manage or cure. I always thought it is used mainly for energy.
    I will re visit to read more about the herb.

    1. Dylan

      it’s a rare herb because it’s habitat has been destroyed and it takes years to grow before it’s useful. And energy is just one thing it can give you, it really is a super herb

  3. Julie

    Thanks for your very educational post. In our household we practice using all natural food, herbs and plants whenever possible and treat our food as our medicine. I’ve been doing some research on ginseng root and based on everything I’ve read this should be a staple in every holistic home. What’s your favorite out of the kinds of ginseng you’ve just listed? Thanks again!

    1. Dylan

      I like the energy it gives me for sure and the fact it is just generally good for your health. Obviously the downside is price because of rarity. The chews are a great price too and if you have some self control can have it last a few months. Thanks for commenting

  4. hlcangel

    WOW!!! I never knew all this about ginseng! It can be pretty expensive? I guess with all the health benefits it is worth it. Is is better the older it is? I guess another thing I didn’t realize was how many different kinds there are. Very educational! Thank you

    1. Dylan

      Its a rare herb because its natural habitat is shrinking and it takes yearsto grow before you can harvest. It is expensive and there are alternatives. It is called “all healing” for a reason though.

  5. Raymond

    Ginseng is really a timeless remedy to improve health. That’s why it sure is expensive. I’m surprised that there is such a thing as an American White Ginseng Roots. I usually think these herbs came from the Oriental countries only.
    Thanks for sharing a lot of good ideas about how to enjoy ginseng by the way. Your article showed the candy option that has natural honey mixed into it. And I sure hope children would opt for it than your average unhealthy candies.

    1. Dylan

      Ginseng is rare in America but def grows here. Some people even hunt the herb because it gets such high prices. And the chews would make an excellent replacement to empty caloried candies.

  6. Riaz Shah

    Hey Dylan (Pretty cool name),
    These are great ginsengs to choose from, thanks for listing this down for us! I love ginseng and I used to drink ginseng tea with honey back then when I was in a relationship.

    My ex was chinese so she usually make traditional herbal drinks for me but now i need to try and learn how to make them on my own.

    Just out of curiosity though, is it okay if I drink like 6 glasses of ginseng tea a day? Will there be any adverse side effects? I spend most of my time on my computer working so I tend to drink coffee a lot which isn’t healthy so I’m switching to tea and apparently I do drink a lot of it.

    1. Dylan

      I’m not sure I’d drink 6 classes a day, you want to use moderation. Rasperry leaf tea is really good for you and can be drank as much as you want without side effects

  7. Shannon

    Wow I did not realize ginseng was so expensive. Do you get a lot of the powder in one lb? I wonder if ginseng supplements are an inferior product and contain more fillers because of the price. What is your thoughts on capsules? Must be good business as a ginseng farmer 🙂

    1. Dylan

      A pound of ginseng powder will last you a while, you only need to mix a teaspoonful to every glass of water. The supplements obviously won’t have too much ginseng, the chews have a good amount. Capsules are a great way to take ginseng. Thanks for commenting!


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