How to Get Smooth Skin


Many people don’t know the truth on how to get smooth skin. Smooth and healthy skin doesn’t come from lotions or oils but it comes from friction and cleanliness. You will learn this a massage technique for your skin that will give you the smoothest skin possible in My System six week video training course ( as well as other health truths).

My System is an exercise routine by health expert and pioneer JP Muller. He was a champion athlete in his home country of Denmark and recognized the importance of strong skin and its affects on your health. My System will not only wrinkle proof your skin for life and make it stronger and smoother than you can imagine, it’s also a full body workout that’ll get you in shape fast and easily. Learn more about My System Here 

My System

One of the most unique and truly innovative parts of My System is the skin rubbing self massage; there are many benefits of a self massage.

Did you know the skin is one of the largest organ on the body and its functionality is one of the biggest keys to your own health?

The skin helps protect against bacteria and if you have weak skin, bacteria can penetrate its self into your body much easier and your chances of getting sick increase greatly. Your skin regulates temperature and you partially breathe through it.

Also, having strong skin looks amazing. Skin care, taking care of your skin and preventing wrinkles is very simple and fast. Performing the skin massage and rubbings only take a mere seven minutes and you will have wrinkle free skin for life. So in JP Muller’s words if you want skin “Firm and elastic yet as soft as velvet” read on and learn more about the amazing benefits of the massage.

my system

In My System, JP Muller calls the skin rubbing “skin gymnastics.” Like me a few years ago, the idea of exercising your skin probably never even crossed your mind.

What the rubbings do is wipe away all the dirt you accumulated from the day or night before and exercises the million capillaries and nerves on the skin and making them sound, healthy and hardy. And together with proper breathing, the skin rubbing creates a massage for the inner organs and moves them from their stagnant position and tones and strengthens the stomach, liver, intestines, and bowels.

Also, it exercises the thousand muscles that connect to the skin and develops those muscles in a way no other exercise does; it’s what gives Mr. Muller his toned look. Keep in mind to these are scientific in nature and not just random rubbing patterns. They are done a certain matter to have positive results on the area being massaged.

This exercise also is a powerful arm exercise. ( I mean look at Muller’s arms) As you get more experienced in the exercise you begin to press harder and your arms, shoulders and upper back get a wonderful workout. You’ll develop thick and strong muscles in all those spots mentioned from this.

And did you know health is one highest valued aspect in picking a partner. Consciously and subconsciously we pick mates who can pass of good health to our offspring. Also, being a healthy person makes you look more desirable.

With these skin rubbings youll become perfectly healthy and give of the appearance of a highly healthy ( and valuable!) person. That’s why pimples and other skin disfigurements are always unattractive. It shows weakness in health and skin that doesn’t work properly.

Performing the skin rubbing exercises everyday rids your body of any pimples and disfigurements and gets your skin working so well you will be free of these signs of ill health for life.

Also, I want you to study the pictures of Muller below for a second. In both cases it is the dead of winter, he’s in the mountains where it is very cold and he is wearing basically zero clothes in his mid sixties in both pictures.

Now ask yourself how long you could be in that situation? At the present moment you could probably safely do what Muller is doing for a few seconds. Not only can Muller be like that all day, he is perfectly warm and in complete comfort doing so.


muller skating












muller skiing






You may think you have healthy skin but you are wrong. What you’re looking at with Mr. Muller at the age of 63 is what healthy and strong skin looks like.

I want you to study is skin too. Notice how there isn’t a wrinkle on his 63 year old frame. Ask yourself how many people at that age are completely wrinkled free and who are free from sagging muscle and skin. Muller got his body and maintained it with this exact exercise system; it’s his life work in health, hygienics and sport.

Everything in this system is rationale and based on common sense and practical methods in maintaining perfect skin, building strong, powerful and beautiful physiques and strengthening and developing your lungs.

So much is made about financial independence in life but you will never enjoy life or be truly free without perfect health; health independence is what you should be chasing!!

So go out and get fresh air, let the sun blanket your skin and exercise every muscles and organ, inside and out and stride towards perfect health. Invest the ten dollars in my video program to supplement you in your road towards learning JP Muller’s My System and you’re road to truly enjoying life. You will not regret this decision and only will benefit from it and benefit in ways you never thought possible.

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13 Comments How to Get Smooth Skin

  1. Andy

    If there was more of a timely moment to find this post it would be now. My skin is AWFUL. I had a big problem with my thyroid which I think was doing alot of it. I had that fixed and still have trouble now. There is a certain member of my household that enjoys attacking my spots lol.

    This post actually fills me with confidence htta smooth spot free skin is possible. Thanks very much for the share.

  2. Roberts

    It’s a great article very detailed and easy to read. I think the best way to be succesfull with articles and posts is to write them simple as you can. And another thing bulk article content is realy hard to get through if your searching the quick answer. the best way to avoid the mass content is adding images. All GREAT IDEAS IS SIMPLE

  3. Cathy

    Hi Dylan,

    I’ve really never heard of a 63 years old without wrinkles. How’s that even possible in this time and era where we are exposed to so much UV and pollution??

    As a woman myself, I take care of my skin with sunscreen, consume healthy food and exercise at least once a week. I also drink a lot of water to prevent myself from looking too shriveled especially at work.

    Even so, I still expect myself to develop a wrinkle or two in the later part of my life. I am curious to know, how does this skin massage actually works?

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Cathy

      The skin massage is simple rubbing to the skin with your hands causing a healthy friction. It exercises the thousands of muscles connected to your skin vessels. What this does is firms your skin and the muscles that keep you from wrinkling. If you don’t exercise these tiny muscles they lose their firmness and your skin sags. Every part of your skin is scientifically rubbed and your skin maintains firmness for life if done daily and smartly. It only takes an easy and pleasant seven minutes to get through.

      This concept has been used through out history from ancient Greeks to toda

  4. Shrey

    Okay I had this assumption that I have a nice beautiful skin but after reading this post I think I should check my skin health constantly because it is equally important as anything else and I feel it helps in increasing our self confidence.
    Nice post and Keep posting 🙂

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Shrey

      Its amazing the type of resutls you can gert in just 7 miutes a day. I’m sure your skin is fine but it can always be a little better and can be rthat way for life.

  5. Lauren

    I really enjoyed your website on being healthy and how the My System works. You have done a great job with your posts and information you have packed into them. Your website does lack in color and has a stark white background. Maybe if you add some more color and a few more pictures that would brighten things up. All in all a really great website!

  6. donald

    Well, I’m 59 and I’m just getting a bit portly, I need something to get my fitness back. I’m not sure how effective this retro fitness regime really is! That said, it is obviously passed the test of time and is no passing fad! So I think I’ll give it a try, nothing achieved if nothing tried no?

    1. Dylan

      It’s old but its more advanced than anything you’ll find today. Its based on common sense health and will be useful in a thousand years.

  7. Hailey

    Very informative post! there was a ton in there that I did not know and I’m very happy to heave learned it now. It amazes me how he can stand in the dead of winter with basically just boxers on and not freeze to death! This skin massaging must be a miracle. So glad to have found your site!


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