Top 10 Benefits of My System


My System by JP Muller has unlimited amount of benefits. It uses the power and science of exercise, deep breathing, skin massage and cool showers to strengthen, tone and relax your body. you could probably make a list a thousand but for time’s sake I narrowed it down to the top ten.

  • Fast: It only takes 15 minutes to complete! In the beginning it way take you about 25 minutes to complete but once you smooth things out and become more familiar with the breathing and movements, you’ll knock it out in 15 minutes just as the author and I promise. No more gym sessions that last hours long. Which leads us to the next benefit…


  • Convenient: it can be done at home (or anywhere really). There’s no additional equipment or weights needed to perform this exercise. All you need is your own body.


  • Efficient: You are getting a full outside and inside workout from your toes to tips of your head. JP Muller recognized how hectic life was and spent 45 years perfecting My System to fulfill all your health needs in one fifteen minute session. It takes everything in account which leads us to the next benefit..


  • Wrinkle Proof Skin: JP Muller was not only a health expert but a philosopher on the subject of health, beauty and strength. He believed health, strength and beauty were all connected and signs of aging and premature aging were signs of bad health. As a result from performing My System and performing the skin massage, you will have strong and wrinkle proof skin your whole life and will fight off any signs of premature aging.


  • Deep Breathing: The deep breathing in JP Muller’s My System is very special. You will learn to breathe in over 18 different exercises and doing a unique standing deep breathing exercises in between in exercises that is completely safe. As a result, you will breathe deeper throughout the day and get all the amazing benefits that go along with that like an increase in..


  • Relaxing: Everything about My System is meant to relax and calm the nerves. The skin massage is relaxing, the deep breathing is relaxing, you relax certain muscles during certain exercises, the cool shower calms you; you literally feel tension leave your body and you feel completely refreshed after. Even though it’s relaxing, its also


  • Energizing: You will have more energy after the workout than before it. This system is based on science and common sense and is meant to stimulate the brain and awaken the body. Your mind will be marvelously clear after performing the routine. You won’t be gasping for air and worn out like the average gym goer who spends so much money to try and feel a tenth of what this system gives. Speaking of saving money…


  • You’ll Save it: Gone are gym memberships, expensive weight sets and the need for stimulants. You’ll no longer need unsafe pre workout mixes to give you artificial energy; you’ll have natural energy. The need for pills will most likely disappear.


  • Less Anxiety: Much of anxiety is just a result of worn out nerves. My system is made to restore, rejuvenate and maintain healthy nerves. Over time you will become steady and have nerves of steel; the cool shower, exercise, breathing and massage are scientific ways to achieve those type of calm nerves. Last but not least


  • Increase in Happiness, confidence, and mood: Maybe this deserved its own benefit but it’s all based on science and common sense. Everything in this system is a shortcut to happiness, confidence and mood. This system isn’t superficial like 99.999999% of exercise routines out there. This system is a gift.

You can find methods deep breathing, skin care and exercise but they are almost always separate and take too much time on their own to be considered efficient. You may have an efficient exercise routine that takes under 25 minutes but it neglects deep breathing and skin care.

You may have a very healthy skin care routine but it neglects any exercise or breathing. Or you may have your own deep breathing practices but neglect skin and exercise. All three are very important to your overall health and you will have an extremely difficult time finding another system that combines the three.

These are all safe, rational and pleasant practices with unlimited health benefits combined in a concise 15 minute routine.

Muller’s sole concern was health and devoted his life to creating a way to take care of almost all your health and bodily needs in fifteen minutes.

You can find his book for free and learn his method today and start your journey to perfect health. It is a fairly long book at over a hundred pages long and the exercises can be complicated to learn, especially when learning the proper breathing methods.

I’m offering the six week course here, with do’s and don’ts of each exercise and videos of each week and each exercise to cut down on learning time and to help you avoid mistakes. ill take you through each exercise and will make the six week course easy and fun to learn.

———————–>Video Course Here<———————————

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