Preventing Disease Vs. Curing


Let’s look at the doctor patient relationship. Mainly doctors train to cure disease. This means you get sick and then you go see the doctor; he or she usually prescribes some medicine and then you’re off on your way.

What Perfect Health at Home is pushing is preventative means which doctors may not know or may not tell you about. If you can learn simple body maintenance tricks and tips and incorporate them into your daily life you’ll be healthier, save money and have fewer trips to the doctors.

Let me explain the doctor patient relationship using a metaphor. Pretend your body is a car and your doctor is a mechanic. Like seeing the doctor after you’ve gotten sick, the mechanic is usually somewhere you take your car after something is wrong.

The problem with your car is usually a problem of neglect which stems from your lack of knowledge on how to maintain a car. You may need new rotors (very expensive) because you didn’t change your brake pads enough (simple and cheap repair). Changing your brake pads is something everyone can do but not a lot of people know how.

This is the same for sickness. You may have something small that turns into something chronic just because you didn’t know the proper techniques to maintain your body and prevent disease.

You may have weak skin (something that can be fixed in seven painless minutes a day) which disease can easily penetrate and produce sickness. The underlying problem is weak skin but you won’t get the cure to that by going to the doctor. Instead the doctor will try to cure the disease which is a result of weak skin. The problem isn’t fixed; its just put off until you get sick again and have to cure the new sickness.

Keeping with the car metaphor, you may know people who do know that they need to change their brake pads regularly, change the oil every three thousand miles and do other little things that keep their car in good running shape but instead of learning these simple techniques for themselves, they pay a mechanic to “check up” on the car.

This is the same for people who run off to the doctor after every sniffle and become dependent on their doctor for every little health need they have instead of adopting simple health techniques that keep their body “running” perfectly and naturally.

Before I move on to the last part of this metaphor I want to say getting checkups and seeing your mechanic are good things. They are experts and its how you know you are doing the right things. What I’m cautioning is going to them for every little problem and being dependant on them and losing money for things you can do yourself.

The last part of this metaphor has to do with people who have disillusionments about health, beauty and form. Have you ever seen someone with the loud muffler on their car or big shiny rims? A lot of people take their cars and turn them into these flashy objects at the expense of the cars “health” and their own safety. They pour thousands of dollars into these modifications (many of which actually null and void the car warranty) and end up ruining the car because of it.

In health terms, these are the people you see at the gym who gulp down unsafe products, lift massive amounts of weight and may even take steroids on their pursuit of having the biggest body they can possible have; in other words: all flash and no substance.

These people are ruining their health in the long run with all the chemicals they are pouring into their body and eating too much for short lived gains. (quick side note: Did you know the male bodies they advertise in male fitness magazines, the ripped, overly muscular type, aren’t the same male bodies they advertise in female magazines? The male bodies shown in female magazines are fit, shapely, and healthy men who have way less muscle and look more normal and natural. This is because women find the latter of looks more attractive than the overly muscular types. So when picking your exercise routine, pick one that develop shape, proportioned muscles and health)

What these overly muscular individuals are doing really are killing their digestive systems by eating too much and poisoning themselves daily. Also, in their pursuit of overly large muscles, they create stiffness and bound the muscles of the stomach and chest up so much it interrupts with their breathing. Your time and efforts can be spent so much better.

I’ll leave you with this final message. Your health and when you get sick (mainly) are all entirely in your control. Sickness, disease and health issues aren’t random. You get what you deserve in life and you can either take a passive role towards your health and fail to adopt simple techniques in your life that prevent you from being sick and maybe even save your life or you can take control of your health and do the minor and simple techniques outlined in JP Muller’s My system (Learn more about My System Here)  and other techniques that keep the body healthy.

You can’t blame your health issues on your parents when the information exists for you to be of perfect health, really regardless of situation. Muller himself wasn’t blessed with health and wasn’t expected to make it out of childhood. He gave himself health through hard work.

Chances are you won’t have to work as hard as Mr. Muller for health; you probably are of pretty normal health. Don’t wait until your “engine” breaks down to start implementing these practices. Maintain your health and treat your body to My System and have the gift of perfect health, a firm, shapely body and radiant skin for the rest of your life.



4 Comments Preventing Disease Vs. Curing

  1. Liz

    I like the metaphor that you used describing not taking care of yourself and not taking care of your car. Pretty much the same! It is more expensive in the long run and it’s more painful! Sometimes people let things go and it could end up being really bad. You need to be smart! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Dylan

      No problem. I’m glad you found the information informative. If you have any questions let me know or you could look around the site a little to read mor

  2. Aiden

    Nice read.

    I agree with the pouring chemicals into your body on a constant basis although I think it unfair to target bodybuilders specifically as this would apply more to the general public I would have thought?

    I used to do body building, and while I ate a lot and had bloating a lot from all the food I was consume (so yes bad for me) but all the supplements I was consuming were natural or derived from natural products.

    I also totally agree with the cat metaphor as a lot of things can be prevented so they don’t need to be cured.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting. And you’re right, not all supplements are bad but some are very unhealthy. It’s definetly smart to make sure they’re all natural.


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