What is a Full Body Workout?


There are a lot of workout routines or exercises that claim to be a full body workout but really fail to live up to a full body workout definition. Some do a pretty good job at giving you some strength and workout the muscles of your body but that isn’t enough. So you may now be asking yourself what is a full body workout?

A full body workout routine must work out every muscle in your body AS WELL as the more important aspects of health like your lungs, internal organs like your digestive system and must improve the function of your skin as well; there’s more to your body then just your muscles!

Off the top of your head you probably don’t know a single routine that can give you this and neither did I until about two years ago I stumbled across the best full body workout routine called My System by JP Muller.

I’ve created a video course inspired by the genius of My System and other health secrets which gives you all you need for your health and bodily needs in just 15 minutes a day. You aren’t even going to need any weights or any other piece of workout equipment. Read on if you want to know how this even possible.

Statue of Muller toweling off after cool shower

Statue of Jp Muller. This is the body he obtained from My System and is the body you will be striving for. Women get equally amazing results but in a more feminine form,

First off you may be wondering who JP Muller is and how he developed this system. JP Muller was a health pioneer from Denmark who was very famous in the 20th century. He spent 45 years perfecting a workout that would be efficient and completely take care of every need your body would need.

As a result, he developed My System and became a champion athlete in his home country and across Europe. The secrets he used to develop his muscular body and to obtain perfect health was through the science of daily full body exercising, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers.

The results you get from daily exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers guarantee you a strong, relaxed and toned body as well as healthy and high functioning lungs, internal organs and skin.

Let’s look at each aspect of My System step by step:

The muscular exercises– There are 20 exercises in My System and they truly do workout every single muscle in your body. It hits the usual suspects with chest, back, arm, abs and legs with squats, pushups, and sit ups and moves of that nature. Also it has specific exercises for your ankles, neck, forearms and other little muscles you may miss in other workouts. The first half of the workout is nine exercises with deep breathing in between.

Also, the exercises progress over a six week period bringing anyone from a begining stage to expert.


Progression of one of the exercises

The deep breathing– Did you know deep breathing can be dangerous? Deep breathing can be dangerous if you strain while doing it or don’t know the proper mechanics of deep breathing.

Also, if you don’t know proper relaxation techniques it can hurt your nerves and body. (Read dangers of Deep Breathing Here)

This is the reason I stumbled upon My System because I had been given bad deep breathing advice. The deep breathing is completely safe in My System and can be done by anyone. The deep breathing in My System gives you the strong lungs I was talking about before and it also helps improve confidence and increase your ability to relax. Along with the self massage (we’ll get to that later) it helps massage your internal organs by lifting them from their stagnant position.

Cool Showers: After the first nine exercises you take a very quick cool shower. Cold showers have many more benefits than taking a hot shower. First off, a cold shower is better for your skin and hair. Also, a cold shower calms your nerves and gives you a clear head for the entire day. It’s not smart to take cold showers straight up because it can be bad for the nerves. It is safe to warm your body up first and then take a cold shower; which is exactly what you do in My System.

Self Massage- After the cool shower you start the self massage for your skin. There are ten massages and rubbings and they are combined with different muscular movements like squats, toe touches and other exercises.

The self massage serves many purposes. First, it develops your skin to work perfectly, look amazing and feel as soft as velvet. The skin is important because it helps eliminate poisons and waste products from your body. JP Muller’s skin was so strong he could easily ski and skate in the middle of winter up in the Danish mountains at the age of sixty three while being perfectly warm and comfortable. He could do this from doing the self massage he developed in My System.

Also, the self massage prevents skin wrinkling for life and tones up your muscles.

Lastly, it massages (along with the deep breathing) the extremely important organs like digestive system, liver and kidneys. By doing this they become sound and work perfectly. This makes your metabolism better and makes your organs work at their highest efficiency.

muller skating

Jp Muller showing off his strong skin at 63

This formula of exercise + deep breathing + cool shower + and self massage is scientific and guarantees results and it all equals a relaxed, strengthened and toned you.

It calms your nerves and gives you a clear mind for the entire day. Your whole body inside and out will feel amazing and your confidence will grow with your body.

—->Learn more about My System 

My System is a pretty long book though and not just a workout routine. JP Muller was a health expert and he spends a lot of time describing his health principles and spends a lot of time describing each of the exercises.

It can get very complicated especially when you have to learn proper breathing and how to move and do the self massage while breathing. I’ve scoured the internet and couldn’t find videos of the six week training course anywhere so I made a video course on this website. (Which you can find here) It will take you from a very beginner stage in week one to the full blown workout in week six.

I have videos describing each exercise and descriptions of every exercise in every week. You will easily be able to move from week one to week six without complication. This system is done at home, without weights and no extra equipment needed. This saves you money by cutting gym memberships, reducing the need for pills and doctor visits. Your body will be built up tremendously and the videos are worth your time and effort.

Scene 0 ( toe touch

Snippet of the video series

Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns or just like what you read. You can also email me at support@perfecthealthathome.com



20 Comments What is a Full Body Workout?

  1. Igor

    Interesting article. I have never heard of this guy before. Reading all these points you reveal, I can`t say that I get it fully. Of course, I understand the importance of breathing but I don`t understand how can deep breathing be dangerous.

    Where can I find this system to take a closer look?

    Great article!

    1. Dylan

      If you want you can read more about the dangers of deep breathing under the deep breathing tab. Basically, if you strain your breath and don’t gradually increase the amount of deep breaths you take you can have disastrous results. Also, if you go to the video section you’ll see the first week as well as a closer look at the system. You can read it here now https://archive.org/details/MySystemByJ.P.Muller

      Its a long book tho. You can find all the info about it on this website.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Angela

    Very interesting article. I’m looking forward to checking out your workout routine! I never gave much thought to deep breathing, i found that very interesting that you could actually hurt yourself if you’re not doing it right. I also found the cool shower information quite interesting.
    I see you have videos I can follow along with, should I also read the book?
    Thank you!

  3. Tonya

    Hi there!

    This was a great, informative post! I’ve “been around the block” sort to speak when it comes to work out and health routines….but I’ve never heard of this. I must say though, I’m intrigued! I’m always looking for effective and NATURAL ways to get my body into shape, and this seems to fit that criteria. Also, I already practice self-massage as a form of relaxation and often finish my showers with 1 minute under cold water to increase circulation. If I wanted to learn more, or even try, where do you suggest I start? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Dylan

      hey I’m really glad you found this so informative. You can view week one of the six week program here:


      The rest of the weeks are coming very soon.

      The book is free and can be found here:


      Also he does have a version specific for women. It’s basically the same but a few of the massages are different. That can be found here:


      Thanks for commenting and I hope you success with it. If you have any question email me at support@perfecthealthathome.com

  4. NemiraB

    Hello, thanks for providing information about health. On Internet there are so much written how to improve your body using various techniques. I think that your article stands out. You have here perfect example, this doctor JP Muller. When we see real results, who already achieved something, it is more attracts us to dig deeper what it is about.
    I think that his system is impressive. Just I wonder about cold showers. They supposed to be just cold, or we can mix with hot?
    It looks that his research and this system covers all aspects in body.
    I think that I can incorporate something in my routing such as breathing techniques. Sometimes I forget to breath.
    Thank you, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for your interest. To answer your question a cold shower is better for your nerves than a hot one. A lot of people love hot showers though and will start their shower hot and finish it cold and that is perfectly acceptable. Another way to do it is to just slowly decrease the temperature of your shower week by week and your body will enjoy the cold water; more than hot.

      And the important thing with breathing is to never hold your breath while exercising.

      Thanks again for commenting! If you have anymore questions let me know.

  5. Bryan

    Interesting Article. My system sounds like it could be pretty good. I always like to do full body workouts. I never really took into consideration internal muscles would be included in that. Makes sense though. This is a nice review and has made me do some thinking about what I can do to improve my health.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Bryan

      There’s a lot of ways to workout make sure to pick one that works out everything inside and out

  6. Dyl

    Hey I read this article and I cant say I have ever heard of this guy before or these techniques. I’ve never really heard of anyone getting injured or straining muscles from breathing deeply. So that was kind of interesting to hear, if you could provide any articles on this that would be awesome. Great website was a cool read for sure.

    Cheers, Dylan

    1. Dylan

      I personally affected my health negatively doing breathing wrong, so i know it can be bad. It’s hard to believe but trust me it’s true. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Derek Marshall

    Hey there,

    That is an awesome article. Thank you for the proper definition of a full body work out. I must add that a full body work out is fab for fighting the flab and also helps to increase testosterone levels. I recommend full body work out to sufferers of ED as more free testosterone is created by a full body work out Vs just upper or lower body work out.

  8. Calen

    Hi Dylan,
    I like the idea of not having to use a gym. You have gone into a very thorough workout system including the cool showers and self massage. The cool showers may take some getting used to but I can see the benefits from doing so. Also, the stretches you have here are a good way to avoid injury.
    Much appreciated,

    1. Dylan

      The cold shower isn’t all that bad, especially right after a workout. You can ease into and lower the temp little by little each week. This is a good little system for sure.

  9. Di

    I’m really excited to stumble across your website and Muller’s My System, who knew there was a system I could use in 15 minutes a day, from anywhere that would not only help my health and fitness but also stop wrinkles too, I am going to work through your exercises and read the book too. Great post, thanks!

  10. Blame

    Great information. I also believe that you don’t need expensive machines to get your body ripped. It’s all about efforts, techniques and persistence.

    I had no idea that deep breathing can be dangerous if you did with it while straining yourself. I always thought that it’s a great way for blood to circulate so you can remove the lactic acid from the workout faster. Also, are there certain foods we shouldn’t eat before we workout.

  11. A Habil

    Hi there thank you for sharing this article with us, it is really enlightening.

    Before this, I always imagine that full body work means high intensity workout, something like tabatha that focus solely on increasing our breathing rate and heartbeats.

    My question is, how effective is this kind of workout to people that want to lose fat fast. It seems like quite low intensity workout.

    Please advise, thanks


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