What is Skin Care? ( And What is the best skin care? )


Everyone wants and knows how desirable smooth, healthy and soft skin is. The problem is not everyone really knows how to care for skin and you way be left asking what is skin care? And also what is the best skin care?

Many people confuse skin care with lotions and creams. All lotions and creams do is give the illusion of healthy skin and doesn’t do anything for your skin in the long run in the same way high heels give you the illusion of height but don’t make you taller. If you could actually be taller you’d rather that than just the illusion of height, right?

So you may be wondering how to actually obtain healthy skin. The truth and secret to healthy skin is simply from friction and cleanliness; it’s really that simple. And that exact principle is used in the exercise routine My System by JP Muller—which we’ll get to in a second.

muller old

This is Jp Muller at 75! notice how he doesn’t have a single wrinkle on his face. He did this using My System and not lotions

Now it’s not easy to change people’s mind and beliefs on a subject and many (if not most people) believe that you can’t have nice skin with out spending money on all different lotions, creams and cleansers. If a person has rough skin, it’s impossible to have nice complexion. What lotions, creams and cleansers do is temporarily smooth the rough surface and you get the illusion of nice skin. Once you take lotion off your skin returns to its rough, unhealthy condition. There’s no amount of lotion or type of lotion that will fix unhealthy skin.

Healthy skin is very important to your overall health too. When skin is healthy it makes for better digestion, waste products are easily eliminating from your body and skin and bacteria and disease have a harder time penetrating its self into the body. When the glands and pores of the skin are open and unobstructed your circulation improves and you have better and steadier nerves.

So to get healthy skin, as mentioned before, it takes friction and cleanliness. What friction does is it exercises the skin and all the million of vessels on the skin. You’re also getting all the dirt you can’t see that hides deep in your skin off. It makes your skin more elastic and smooth and it only takes a few weeks for your skin to return to the way it looked and felt when you were in your youth.

Cleanliness is simply showering everyday and using soap.

Now there’s two ways you can get a “friction bath” for you skin. One is to get a skin brush and learn the proper stroking techniques.  This is an excellent option and will give you great results. This article is going to focus on the second option which is the skin massage found in My System by JP Muller.

JP Muller was a health expert in the twentieth century who recognized the importance of healthy skin. Muller was a champion athlete in his home country of Denmark and was the most famous Dane in his time. He knew to perform at the highest level in life and in sport your whole body needs to healthy, strong and sound.

Muller has an extremely impressive physique but also knew you must have healthy skin, lungs and other internal organs. He devised an exercise system that would work out those three, as well as all muscles in your body—all in 15 minutes.

Statue celebrating Muller's body. He developed it this much through My System

Statue celebrating Muller’s body. He developed it this much through My System

Like me a few years ago I bet you didn’t know that was even possible. Muller combines the power of exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers to completely relax, strengthen and tone the body while rendering all muscles and organs completely healthy.

Learn more about My System here

As far as the skin, he devised ten exercises (like toe touches, squats, and moves of this nature) that combines a simple rubbing of the hands to the skin. This works out the muscles while creating friction for different parts of the skin. Every muscle and part of skin gets massaged and you get all the benefits that come along with completely healthy skin. Your circulation will improve, your muscles well get extremely toned and your skin will eliminate poisons better.

The exercises may be hard to picture but they aren’t that difficult once you learn them. Imagine doing a toe touch but rubbing and stroking the back of your legs on the way down and stroking the front of the legs on the way up.

It took Muller about 50 years to perfect this system. As a result he developed his body greatly and made his skin wrinkle proof for life. His skin was so strong he could ski and ice skate I just a loin cloth in the middle of winter all the way into his seventies; now that is healthy skin!

Because Muller spent 50 years developing an exercise system it can be a little complicated to learn. The book My System is over a hundred pages long and involves a lot of his health philosophies. He also spends a lot of time explaining each exercise.

Muller's skin was so strong he could ice skate in the middle of the winter without clothes and be completely warm. Oh and he's in his mid sixties here!

Muller’s skin was so strong he could ice skate in the middle of the winter without clothes and be completely warm. Oh and he’s in his mid sixties here!

I would definitely suggest reading my home page to learn more about My System and to read a few of the articles listed under the tabs up top. I’ve looked everywhere for videos about My System and couldn’t find any, so i feel like it’s my duty to share videos on the exercise routine. The course is 6 weeks long and you can check out week one here

You’ll also learn other health secrets that can change your life and have you looking great for life.

I’ve wrote about My System a lot on this website and itll be easy to learn more about it by clicking around. I guarantee it’s worth your time and you’ll learn more about the secrets of health.


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.


4 Comments What is Skin Care? ( And What is the best skin care? )

  1. NemiraB

    Hello, thanks for posting this article. I thought that I knew about healthy things, but this is a suprise. Definitely I will check out this system. I know that doing facial exercises, people can look at leat ten years longer. Seems that here is similar case.
    Thanks for information, all the best, happy writing, Nemira

  2. Vera

    You are really making a great point in exlplaining that simply using lotions and creams is not what our skin needs in the first place!

    I believe the skin care industry, which as we all know is a huge one, doesn’t like the fact that our skin needs other (easy) care like friction and cleanliness. Kudos on you to put that straight anyway!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Vera

      And it’s a shame more people don’t understand how easy it is to get nice skin. Over a lifetime you could easily spend thousands on lotions. That money could be used in so many other places.


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