Where To Buy ANISE EXTRACT – More Than Just Flavoring


anise 4 ounceWhere to buy anise extract: Starwest Botanicals

Price: $9.38 for 4 ounces, $105.17 for a gallon

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee

Company Reputation: Well respected, over 45 years in business

Anise has be used forever and it is helpful with so many problems. This extract is a very convenient way to get all the benefits. You don’t want a second rate extract made from second rate herbs. You will only get second rate results if you do.

You want an extract made from the finest herbs by a company that is known for delivering quality and backs their products up with a 100% satisfaction gurantee. This is exactly what you’ll get with Starwest Botanicals.

So what exactly is anise used for?

The Many Benefits of Anise

Anise is more useful than you think. It can help tremendously with stomach problems which include gas and nausea. It is great with colic too.

Often times you’ll find it as an ingredient in cough medicines and to make bitter and unpleasant herbal teas taste better.

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According to the foremost authority on healing herbs, Dr. James A. Duke, anise can be used medicinally for:

Asthma – Ancient Greeks used anise this way. It contains the chemicals creosol and alpha-pinene which loosen bronchial secretion

Bad breath – It has a sweet licorice taste that can help freshen breath up and has been used this way for thousands of years.

Breastfeeding problems – Anise promotes lactation according to Dr. Jean Valnet, pioneer in aromatherapy. It can also improve the taste of fenugreek, the best herb for breastfeeding.

Colds – Herbs are more accepted in Germany to treat problems and get tested more often. Commission E, the German FDA, recommends anise for colds because it is an expectorant and gets rid of phlegm. Also it has antiviral action when taken in large doses.

Erection Problems – Viagra has some bad side effects and can be costly. Ironically anise contains a lot of estrogen (female sex hormone), but many men find it increases their androgenic (male sex hormone) levels. It’s definitely worth a try and you may want to combine it with a few other stimulating herbs.

Coughs – For the same reasons it’s good for colds, it’s good for cough.

Libido problems in women – This herb has a lot of folklore to enhance female libido. It contains a lot of anethole, which is very similar to estrogen.

Sore throat –Commission E gives anise the nod for sore throats and for many respiratory problems.

As you can see this is a wonderful herb for your health.

Why An Extract?

An extract is a very convenient way to take herbs. There’s no preparation, no boiling roots or seeds and no messy clean up. The only things you have to do is put some drops in water or juice and enjoy.

You can use the extract to flavor other herbal teas too. Many herbs have a bitter or earthy taste that not everyone will enjoy. You can add the sweet taste of anise to improve flavor and add some extra health benefits. In fact licorice candies usually contain anise, not licorice; licorice can have some bad side effects if taken in too large of quantities.

Is Starwest Really The Best Option?

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There are plenty of good herbal suppliers online. There are a lot of bad ones though. I have yet to find one more dependable and trustworthy than Starwest. They started out as a small retailer in California more than 45 years ago and were well known for their superior quality.

After bringing their herbs up and down the state to other retailers they quickly gained a reputation as the best and being reasonably priced. The combination is what lead to their growth and success.

Today they are one of the largest supplier of herbs in America and are well known around the world. They have one of the most impressive and modern herbal warehouses too. Their production space is over 150,000 square feet and they hold millions of pounds of herbs.

They know how to properly store and ship their products which is extremely important. Because they are so large they have have a few options to satisfy any need you have.

Gallon of anise

Gallon of anise

They offer an inexpensive option at $9.38 in a 4 ounce bottle. This is perfect if you are just trying anise out or don’t plan on using it in large quantities.

The other option is for an entire gallon at $105.17. This is the better buy per ounce and is perfect for anyone who uses anise in high amounts. You can use this to make candies and sweeten all your herbal teas.

Dosages And Safety Concerns 

Just add 10 to 20 drops to water or juice if taking alone. If you are using for flavoring purposes, add to your liken.

As long as you don’t use to excess you shouldn’t have any problems. Give yourself breaks after extended periods of time. Some people experience nauseous when ingesting too much.

If you are giving to a child, a weak or debilitated person, or to the elderly you should give 1/3rd to 2/3rd of regular dosage and increase amount if needed.

Give Anise A Try

This herb has so any uses, you should always have it on hand. You don’t need the gallon, unless you plan on using it all the time, but should have at least 4 ounces at your disposal at all times.

It can help with many common problems like cough, colds and sore throat. At some point you or someone in your family will experience one of them. It’s completely safe and very pleasant tasting. Plus you can add a little sweetness to other herbal teas by adding a little

Starwest is such a great place to buy anise and all other herbs. This is where my dad, sister and I purchase our herbs. To take a look at the anise extracts at Starwest, click below.

Browse Starwest Botanical’s Anise Extract Selection

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