How to Get in Shape Fast: 15 Minutes a day


Many people want to know how to get into shape fast and only care about getting a toned or muscular looking body and ignore other and more important aspects of health. Muscles are good goals to have but if you only focus on your muscles you ignore things like having healthy lungs, strong skin and sound and properly working internal organs like kidney, digestive system and kidneys.

So wouldn’t a better question be what the quickest way to get healthy is? If you ask that question you can have your muscles and toned body but you also cover the more important aspects of health that I mentioned before.

How you’re going to get all this is from the genius of JP Muller and his exercise routine called My System and use exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers to obtain and maintain perfect health all in a concise fifteen minutes. All this can be found in the six week video and training course inspired by Muller.

You’ll also get other little known secrets on ealt that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

JP Muller was a health and fitness expert in the 20th century. He was a champion athlete in his home country of Denmark and spent over 50 years perfecting an exercise routine that would take care of every health need a person has without weights or equipment and can be done from home.


JP Muller and the body he developed from My System

Muller was an extremely innovative man who understood the importance of health and form. He spent time studying Ancient Greek statues and Greek philosophy of beauty. Also, he was man of science and used scientific ideas and commons sense in his development of My System.  What he was able to do was create a workout routine that scientifically strengthens, relaxes and tones in only fifteen minutes a day

Learn more about JP Muller, My System and Me Here

Like I said previously My System is made up of exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers.

In all there are 20 different exercises in My System and are all are done without weights or any other kind of workout equipment.

The first nine exercises of My system are moves you’ve probably done and seen before. Some of these moves involve sit-ups, pushups and leg raises. There are also exercises for your shoulders, legs and a few exercises for your stomach as well. Every body part gets a workout and even the smaller, over looked body parts like ankle, neck and forearms have exercises.

In between each exercise you also perform a special standing deep breathing. This deep breathing is very important to having healthy lungs and increasing the capacity of your lungs.

Your lungs play an important role in your metabolism and metabolism is the source of your body’s energy. When you breathe in, oxygen combusts with the food in your body and that is metabolism. When your lungs aren’t working properly (only 1 in 50 people breathe correctly) your metabolism goes down and you can have a lack of energy, obesity or diabetes as a result.

Breathing is one of the most important aspects of one’s health and is almost completely overlooked in society. Yoga does a very good job with working with the breath and has been around for thousands of years working with the breath. Yoga routines are very long though and My System is only fifteen minutes.

Other deep breathing benefits are improved confidence, less anxiety, and better mood. So deep breathing as a practice is extremely important in life

After you complete the first nine exercises with deep berating in between, you take a cool shower which is great for the nerves and body. It’s important to only take a cold shower when you exercise first. When you exercise first you warm your body up and taking a cold shower is safe. Just taking a cold shower can hurt nerves and if you have only taken hot showers your whole life, it’s better to gradually decrease the temperature of the shower until a cold shower feels good.

After that you finish the last 10 exercises of My System. These exercises are range from leg lifts, toe touches and squats but they combine with a self massage and is another reason why My System is so innovative. This self massage is a skin rub that combines the movements of exercise and a self massage. It’s hard to imagine I’m sure but you massage every part of your skin. Doing this makes your skin soft as velvet and removes all pimples and makes your skin elastic again.

muller skating

Muller’s skin was so strong at the age of sixty three he could wear practically nothing in the middle of winter and in the mountains.

The skin plays a major role in protecting the body from bacteria and disease and the stronger the skin the better the skin does at keeping bacteria and disease out. Also, the skin removes poison matters from our body. Its function is extremely important to health.

he secret of healthy skin isn’t lotions or creams or anything like that. The secret to healthy skin is friction and cleanliness. The rubbing and self massage gives you the friction needed for healthy skin. Cleanliness is from showering and washing your hands throughout the day.

The rubbings (with the deep breathing) are an excellent massage for your internal organs too. It makes your digestive system and kidneys sound and all the other organs in your body work properly and at an efficient rate. Massage and deep breathing are the keys to healthy organs.  (Read more about skin massage here)

This all seem strange to you and it was for me too. But once you understand the science behind a healthy body and the science behind my system this all makes a lot of sense. This truly is the fastest and best way to get completely healthy

If there is a negative about My System it’s that it’s a pretty long book with a lot little rules and nuisances. Muller explains his health philosophy and the exercise system in over 100 pages and it can be a little confusing to read. I spent hours looking for videos of the entire exercise system and couldn’t find anything so decided to make an outline and video course of the entire 6 week program. It will take you from absolute beginner in the first week to expert in the sixth week. It will take out any confusion and will make learning My System a breeze. Check out week one of the videos here.


A picture from the videos

This is the best exercise and health regiment I have ever seen and spent a lot of time trying to find anything that could match what My System could offer. Muller built himself into a champion athlete and developed perfect health using this routine. He developed zero wrinkles up until his death and was active until that day. This is a superior and enlightened exercise system and is truly a treat and a gift. I hope you decide to make this a part of your daily life. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it.

Please feel free to comment below with questions.


10 Comments How to Get in Shape Fast: 15 Minutes a day

  1. Lemar Stanekzai

    Hey Dylandrieger,

    Wow, only 15 minutes a day, and I will have a toned body. JP Muller’s idea about “My System” is amazing. I like the quick explanation of what a metabolism is, and how to increase its rate by deep breathings. And thanks for the step by step instructions. I great time reading about JP Muller, and I will try to incorporate his methods in my life.

  2. Paul


    JP Muller’s exercise routine My System looks like a very solid program. Like you, I place more importance on a healthy body — organs, cardiovascular system — than pure muscle, and I’m fine with being strong without looking like a hulk. It seems easy enough to incorporate these ideas into my regular routine. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Johnson

    Health is paramount to every human. A healthy man can only make effort in getting the desired shape or body they want.
    So i do appreciate you stating the importance of putting our health into consideration even in the process of getting that desired body or shape.
    Your method of working out basically with the use of any form of equipment is unique and possible impact of that to helping individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  4. G.C.Horton

    I love the simplicity of your system and I’m amazed how anyone can get in shape fast. Does it really only take 15 minutes a day?

    There is so much misinformation about fitness on the internet. Honestly, I find I trust time proven methods like you teach here more than I trust the latest exercise gizmo or diet craze.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting

      In the beginning it will most likely take 25 minutes and as you gain more experience, you can do it in 15 minutes. I agree time tested is the way to go.

  5. Adam

    Hi Dylan, I find your website very interesting. I have never heard about this man (Muller) and I spent many years reading about gurus and applying exercise regimens in the gym. I was very active as a child and through my teenage years. Unfortunately, I became less active once flying with the air ambulance so this information may become quite valuable to me. As I am unable to leave the hospital unit I have been assigned to in order to leave at a moments notice, I have lost the ability to exercise in the basement hospital gym. As a result of this, my physical health has dwindled and it is quite evident. I will surely give this technique you are teaching a try and I will keep you posted! Thanks, Adam.


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