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Many people wish to have the luxury of health but don’t have the time to work for it in the gym or don’t want to pay high gym costs. A lot of people want to obtain health from home but aren’t knowledge enough to do an effective job on their own. Here you will learn how to workout from home and the secrets and truths about health.

Also, you will learn a concise workout from this six week video course that can be performed in fifteen minutes at home inspired by health expert Jp Muller’s My System that will take care of all your health needs.

Additionally, you’ll get access to other health truths and secrets that can keep you looking amazing and feeling amazing.

How to Pick a Perfect Workout 

First off you want to pick a workout that does more than just target muscles. Developing a strong core and muscles should definitely be part of your criteria when picking your workout but there are other places you should focus your attention as well.

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Snippet of the My System 6 week video course

These are places include:

  • Strengthening your lungs
  • Developing strong and healthy skin
  • And to maintain healthy internal organs like digestive system and kidney

Like myself a few years ago and most people, you probably never gave much thought to those sources of health and have little to know clue on how to properly care for them.

Also, you probably never thought all these aspects of health could be taken care of in a fifteen minutes workout that also works out every muscles in your body. It may sound unbelievable but that’s exactly what you get from My System by health pioneer JP Muller. We’ll look at the specifics of My System in a little. For now let’s investigate how to pick your workout.

If you can’t wait you can read more about My System and JP Muller here

The Importance of Full Body Workout 

Have you ever heard of the saying “You’re as strong as your weakest link.” This is extremely important and true when it comes to your body and your overall health. To be truly healthy and to be truly strong you must have strength and health in every single muscls and organ of your body.

I already mentioned  My System takes care of every muscles and develops your lungs, skin and internal organs. This is important because you can have an impressive physique with muscles that would make anyone envious but may neglect your lungs or digestive system. All your times and efforts will be wasted because you may develop sickness from easily penetrable skin or a digestive system that doesn’t dispose of the waste products in your body properly.

Statue celebrating Muller's body. He developed it this much through My System

Statue celebrating Muller’s body. He developed it through My System

Or even worst to to get this massive and muscular body you may actually harm those important internal organs by creating an inflexible and stiff upper body that interferes with your breathing. This type of body also injures your organs by packing them in too tightly and creating stagnation. Stagnant muscles and organs leads to disease and sickness the same way stagnant water does.

My System guards against any organ problems by increasing your flexibility while strengthening your body. You will also be learning a massage technique that improves all organ function while strengthening your skin and making it wrinkle proof for life.  You’ll also learn special breathing techniques that strengthens your lung capacity.

Must Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

Another belief that’s common when in it comes to fitness and health is a workout must take hours and you must be exhausted by the end of it. This isn’t true!

You can easily workout every muscles and all the other important aspects of health in just 15 minutes a day. My System was carefully thought out and practised over a period of 50 years by one of the world’s greatest health experts. JP Muller knew the importance of efficiency and how busy most people were in their daily lives. He also knew a person can maintain their health in a very  short period of time.

Yoga and practices like qigong do a very good job at working out your whole body and are extremely healthy but take very long to complete. Those two workouts come from different cultures and were meant to fit a different society. A yoga routine can take hours to complete and not many people have that type of time in the day. This will never be the case in My System.

Also, this system is scientific in nature and will strengthen, relax and tone your body and as result you will have more energy after working out than you had before.

You Are Your Own Trainer

Because of this it’s important to have a workout that builds up your strength and flexibility in increments and prepares you for tougher exercises in a smart and efficient time. You want an exercise program that variates and as your strength builds the exercises should get tougher.

Even if you are an absolute beginner you will see results pretty quickly when you start off exercising and are going to need more difficult exercises eventually. At the same time you don’t want exercises that are too difficult that it frustrates you and you abandon hope too soon.

How My System tackles that is making the workout into a 6 week course.

You will start off with six very basic movements that evolve over the six week course as you increase strength. Also, each week you will learn more and more exercises until you have the whole twenty exercise routine down. Each exercise is described in great detail and every question you have or any problem you run into will be answered.

The final week and routine looks like this:

9 body weight exercises with deep breathing in between (exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, and moves like this)

After that you take cool shower ( better for your nerves than a hot shower)

and lastly you finish up with 10 more body weight movements like toe touching, and squats. At the same time you perform a massaging technique. This may be hard to picture but imagine doing a toe touch while rubbing the back of your legs as you go downwards and massaging the front of your leg as you go upwards.

I’ve created a video series you can find here to learn more about My System and to see the first week in action. It goes into the workout in much more depth. The routine can be complicated to learn and the videos and descriptions of the exercises will make it easy to learn

Use Your Own Body 

When picking your home workout make sure it doesn’t involve any weights or additional exercise equipment.

I know having the newest exercise equipment and having an expansive weight set seems impressive and necessary but it’s not. Developing strong and impressive muscles and perfect health  can easily be accomplished without weights. By using your won body you improve coordination and become more intune with your body.

Herschel Walker is one of the best NFL running backs of all times and universally accepted as one of the best athletes of all time; he ran and won track events in his spare time. It’s well known Herschel Walker never worked out with weights and only did bodyweight exercises like pushups and situps. In his fifties he does UFC and still only workouts with his own body. If you google an image of him at this age you will see he hasn’t loss any muscle. As you can see weights aren’t needed to develop a muscular physique

Also, you’ll save thousands of dollars by just using your body; which is taught in My System. Some exercise equipments are so expensive they have 5 year payment plans!

Weight training can be dangerous too. I have personally known very strong weight lifters who have dropped four hundred pounds on their chest and did very serious damage to their chest.

A Place to Trust and Resources to Help Aid You

Perfect Health at home exists solely to bring you the truth in health and easy to use health tips to maintain health for life.

My System is the core of this website and I only briefly touched on it in this article. I’ve wrote at great length about every aspect of the system. If you would like to know more about the deep breathing you can head over to the deep breathing tab and explore a little or you can also learn more about the massage here and learn how to keep wrinkles away for life.. There are many articles on this website that will help you on your journey to health and many more articles to come.

Get 6 Week My System Video Course

Also, make sure to hit the home tab to hear more about My System and it how it works.

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2 Comments How to Workout From Home

  1. Guy Nadeau


    That My System sounds really interesting. And you say it can be done in fiftteen minutes and you have a full body workout. I wish I had a glance of what type of exercises that is. Maybe I just missed that part.

    I personally train each for about 30-45 minutes and it’s relatively moderate to intense non stop training that include walking, jogging, running for short periods of time mixed with pushups, crunches, horse stance (depending of the day I train)… I just wanted to compare to see if your training could be better for me on certain days of the week.

    1. Dylan

      If you look at the home page I go into much more detail about the exercise system.

      Essentially its 20 body weight exercises. The first 9 are push-ups, sit ups, leg raises and all sorts of bends. Deep breathing is done in between. The last 11 exercises are toe touches, squats and different moves combined with a self massage.

      You can read the book here:

      Also, you can look at week one under the video section up top


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