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Where To Buy Angelica Root: Starwest Botanicals

Cost: Varies on type and amount

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee

angelica plantAngelica root is a an excellent herb for many reasons and has even earned mystical status; it’s nicknamed “archangel” because it supposedly mirrors the healing powers of God. In recent times scientists have determined it to be useful in many problems and as an excellent tonic for health.

It has been used for thousands of years in China and is greatly appreciated by their culture. It’s also pretty inexpensive and can be bought in many different forms. I’ll show you some prices from my favorite online supplier, Starwest Botanicals, and what exactly angelica can help with.

Also, at the very end you’ll see how to specifically prepare this herb and safety concerns.

***Quick note: I’m going to be using “angelica” and “dong quai” interchangeably. They both are the same herb. Angelica is the Western name and dong quai is the Chinese name. On Starwest’s website they use both names and I don’t want you to be confused.

Organic Angelica Root Powder: $29.42 for a pound, $10.42 for 4 ounces

angelica powderIn the 1600’s the bubonic plague was decimating Europe. A monk had a dream where an angel showed him an herb that could be a cure. The herb? Angelica. Scientists have recently discovered antibacterial substances in the herb which would help fight against bacterial disease; which the bubonic plague was.

This has given angelica the reputation for being helpful during epidemics. There’s always a lingering fear that diseases will spread worldwide. Can angelica really help you if that were to happen? It’s debatable. This powder is a great way to take the herb though.

This powder is USDA Organic, meaning it was grown under the best conditions possible. This is a very convenient way to get angelica’s benefits.

Organic Dong Quai Root Powder: $31.92 per pound, $11.83 per 4 ounces

This is another USDA Organic powder. This is the Chinese version of the herb and is slightly more expensive because of this.

This herb has been of great value to women with menopausal complaints. In one study a group of women were given either a placebo or a herbal formula containing dong quai. The women who received the herbal formula had considerable relief after 3 months.

There is a catch to this study though. The Chinese don’t use this herb alone and in this study it was combined with licorice root, hawthorn leaf, burdock root, and wild yam root. In a study where dong quai was given alone it didn’t seem to give much menstrual relief.

Herbs are commonly used together for maximum results. Just something to keep in mind if you decide to use this powder for this reason.

Organic Dong Quai Root C/S: 29.42 per pound, 10.42 per 4 ounces

angelica cutThis is different than powder and is root cut and sifted. Preparation is slightly different between powder and cut root. The medicinal value is the same though.

In Germany herbs are more widely accepted has medicine than they are in America. Because of this they are researched and studied more. In one study angelica was shown to relax the wind pipe which can make it useful in treating colds, flu, bronchitis and asthma.

Organic Dong Quai Root Sliced: $41.67 per pound, $13.00 per 4 ounces

Again, preparation is slightly different but the benefits are the same. Here’s a few more things angelica can do for you:

  • angelica root cutStomach pain
  • Sour stomach
  • Heartburn
  • Gas
  • Cramps

It’s known to be really good in all stomach disorders. A tea can be made and put in your eyes for dimness of eye sight. It can even help with hearing problems when dropped in your ears. It’s also good with a sluggish liver and spleen.

Dong Quai Root Capsules: $47.50 for 500, $16.67 for 100

angelica capsuleThis is one of my favorite ways to take herbs. It doesn’t take a whole process. You just grab a capsule and take it with some water. Making teas, decoction and infusion are excellent ways to take herbs but they take a little effort. Capsules are effortless.

Believe it or not there are even more benefits. The same German researchers who found angelica relaxes your windpipe found that it also relaxes your intestines. The herb has traditionally been used as a digestive aid and this proves what herbalists for thousands of years already knew.

Organic Dong Quai Root Extract: $35.83 for 4 ounces, $14.33 for 1 ounce

angelica extractThis is another convenient way to take herbs. Extracts are extremely concentrated and you will only need 10 to 20 drops added to water to get angelica’s value.

In Asia, angelica has been used to help treat arthritis. Recent Japanese studies have shown anti-inflammatory effects in it, proving it can be useful with arthritis.

Studies have even shown it can treat anemia and chronic hepatitis. These studies are in their infancy though, and more testing needs to done.

How To Prepare, Dosages And Take

To make an infusion take 1 ounce of the dried herb to one pint of boiling water. Drink wineglassful doses frequently.

herbsIf you have the powder make a decoction with 1 teaspoon per cup of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat, let stand for 15 minutes and strain if you wish. Drink up to 2 cups a day; Angelica decoctions have a bitter taste.

If you have the extract put 10 to 20 drops in water or juice a few times a day. For capsules take 1 capsule per day with meals.

If you are taking to break up a cold you must take hot. For a general tonic for health drink 1 to 3 cupfuls a day.

Are Their Any Safety Concerns?

There are a few safety concerns when taking angelica. Pregnant women should not take this herb. Don’t give to children under 2 and for older children and elderly start with low doses and increase if necessary.

Fresh angelica is poisonous but drying it takes away all poisons and dangers. All the preparations mentioned in this post are completely safe. Unless you know how to properly dry herbs, avoid doing it yourself with this one.

Lastly, it looks similar to another plant called water hemlock. Water hemlock is extremely poisonous. So unless you are an experienced botanists you should avoid trying to gather this plant in the wild.

Hope This Helped 

starwestThere are several conditions angelica can be used for. Some even consider it to be a godsend. Recent scientific studies have backed up these claims. Starwest is an excellent online herb supplier and is very respected.

They have modern facilities, ship everything properly and come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Everything you should be looking for in a supplier.

Browse Starwest Botanical’s Angelica Selection

If you have any further questions please comment below and I’l answer as fast as possible. If you believe in herbs and their value share on social media for friends and family to see.

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  1. Anna

    Hi Dylan,

    Your site is wonderful – so informative! I am not all that familiar with herbs, but I’m starting to become more and more interested in learning about them.

    This sounds like an excellent one! Is it safe / advisable to take it everyday even if you’re not experiencing any of the symptoms that it is well known to help with? Are the benefits to overall health worth taking it on a regular basis?

    1. Dylan

      You should always give yourself breaks after using herbs for a while. Some herbs are more potent than others, this one isn’t the most potent

  2. Missy

    Hi Dylan great information. Your article was very helpful. I need to know where I can buy this herb in a store. I live in Michigan.

    1. admin

      Any local herb shop should have it.. just google herbs stores in Michigan or near your town and you’ll find a bunch.


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