Best Workout Videos For Beginners: The Best Place to Start (and Finish!)


If you are new to health and fitness, you are probably wondering what the best workout workout videos for beginners is. Because you may be new, there a lot of traps you can fall for and end up choosing a superficial or even dangerous routine.

my systemIf you are a beginner you need good instruction that will keep you safe and avoid injury. You also want something that gives you more than just muscle development and can do so in an efficient amount of time.

You also want a routine that will gradually strengthen your body and increase in difficulty over time.

The perfect routine for all this is called My System and the Six Week My System Video Course, that not only exercises and develops all the muscles on your body, but will also improve the function of your lungs, skin and all internal organs, which gives you supreme health inside and out.

Here’s why it’s the best:

It Only Takes 15 Minutes

One of the most appealing aspects of My System is its efficiency and the short amount of time it takes to complete; only 15 minutes!

The creator of the workout routine was one of the most respected and well known health experts and athletes in his home country of Denmark. His name was JP Muller and it took him nearly 50 years to make it perfect and every breath is accounted for.

In week 1 you only learn 6 exercises in their most basic form. Week by week you add more and more exercises, while increasing the level of difficulty of previous exercises. There are no breaks and you switch between slow and fast exercises.

Don’t worry about being exhausted either. You will be thoroughly relaxed and energized in this 15 minutes.

By the end of the six weeks, you will have this routine memorized and will be able to perform it with your eyes closed.

No Weights or Equipment Needed!

You can get a really good workout from just using your body. In fact, using your own body for exercise is the better way to do it.

Body weight exercises improve:

  • Functional Strength
  • Body Intuition
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Mobility

It’s a lot safer too. I personally know someone who dropped four hundred pounds of weights on their chest, and severely hurt himself. He’s lucky it happened in the gym, where people were able to help him out. If it happened at home alone, he would have been in a lot of trouble.

Also, they keep your joints muscles healthy for life. Weights are a tremendous strain on your knees, back, shoulders and wrists. So many people end up needing surgeries or being in pain for life, just from lifting too much weight.

Every Muscle is Developed Along With Your Lungs, Skin and Organs

Every major and minor muscle group gets hit and in most cases, gets hit a few times. There are 19 exercises in all and it has an amazing effect on your body; it gives your muscles exactly what they need.

A snippet of me from the video course

A snippet of me from the video course

You will get broad shoulders, a deep chest, developed biceps, abs and obliques. True beauty comes from proportion and every muscle is developed proportional. Some people put too much emphasis on one muscle group and it makes them look unnatural.

You want a body that looks natural.

But if My System only developed your muscles it would be the same as any other routine. What makes My System so special is it improves your lungs, skin and all internal organs; the most important aspects of your health.

Making sure those three aspects are running efficiently and having the knowledge on how to do so for life is essential to health and happiness.

Most people only focus on their muscles and this is a shame. Many health and mood problems can be solved by simply giving attention to your whole body, inside and out.

How Does it do This?

My System combines exercise, deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower which relaxes, strengthens and tones your body.

The first nine exercises are normal body weight exercises for various parts of your body. These include moves that professional athletes and other people who depend on being in shape regularly do.

Some of these moves are push ups, sit ups, leg raises, squats and other dynamic bends and movements for your shoulders, waist and abs.

In between each exercise is when your perform the deep breathing and it is done standing. Deep breathing is the best way to improve lung capacity and lung health.

There are dangers with breathing exercises though. You can do nerve damage if you breath with any strain; which can be challenging to prevent. This is a problem I faced and you can read my story here.

One way to prevent strain is to practice relaxation exercises. These are time consuming and can take months of devoted practice to become good at.

My System avoids strain by breathing after exercises when more air is needed. This makes it completely safe and easy, without months of relaxation practices.

Having healthy and strong lungs is essential. Your energy is produced from them and they help regulate your mood.

lungsThis special deep breathing also gives your internal organs a gentle massage by lifting them from their stagnant positions.

Also, only 1 out of every 50 people breath correctly and get the benefits of breathing well.

After the nine exercises with deep breathing in between, you take your daily shower. Your daily shower is important for the health of your skin and provides you with much needed cleanliness.

Dirt clogs your skin and can take away from how it functions.

It is recommended in My System to take the shower cold. Cold water has many more benefits than a hot one. Cold water helps:

  • Your hair
  • Skin
  • And steadying your nerves

After you dry off, you perform the self massage portion of the routine and it makes up the last 10 exercises.

The massage is a simple stroking of your hands to your skin in specific patterns and directions. There are thousands of tiny muscles connected to the vessels of the skin that lose their firmness and elasticity over time.

When this happens your skin starts to wrinkle and sag. This massage is the best way to keep these muscles firm for life.

Also, the massage will make your skin soft as velvet and prevent all pimples and blemishes. Your entire skin is polished and made completely healthy.

Your skin is very important to your overall health. It protects your body from germs and bacteria and removes wastes and poisons from your body by sweating.

This massage tones up all your internal organs too. Your kidney, liver and digestive system are made completely sound. If your organs fail or aren’t working properly, it can lead to expensive and costly health problems–even death.

You will be performing deep breathing between each exercise too and the massage is combined with exercise; this way you get a muscular exercise as well.

Many causes of depression, anxiety, nervousness, anger, concentration problems and giddiness are caused from auto intoxication or “self poisoning.”

Everything we eat, drink and breath has some degree of poison in it, no matter how fresh or natural. Our body eliminates these poisons with our eliminating organs like your skin, lungs, bowels, and liver.

When these organs aren’t working properly, these toxins remain in your system and cause those problems from auto intoxication.

You literally gain confidence and improve your mood by performing My System.

Great Instruction to Keep you Safe

The three most important aspects of an exercise is:

  • Breathing
  • Form
  • And relaxation

Holding your breath during any straining activity is dangerous and can lead to a damaged heart. Many weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts overlook this step and are setting themselves up for health problems in the future.

snippet from the video seriesOne friend of mine can lift extremely heavy weights but ignored his breathing his entire life during strenuous exercise. He now has heart problems at the age of 24.

You will learn the correct breathing of each and every exercise.

Form and relaxation are the next two most important aspects of exercise. Your muscles grow in size and strength from the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Without proper relaxation you will never get the body you desire.

You will learn when and which muscles to relax during different times. Being able to relax is also essential in athletics. If you ever watch a great athlete, you will always notice they seem more relaxed then their competitors.

You will receive detailed instruction on each exercise which will prevent any injury. Also, each exercise has a video to help guide you to perfect form.

Become a Member Now

The first week of the Six Week My System Video Course is completely free and to gain access register here. In order to get the rest of the course you will need to become a member here at Perfect Health at Home.

There are many benefits of being a member and can join us by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and really consider making My System part of your life; you will not regret it!

Please comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as quickly as possible. Also, share on social media for everyone to see.

Thanks for reading!


6 Comments Best Workout Videos For Beginners: The Best Place to Start (and Finish!)

  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi Dylan,

    That look like an awesome work out video and your review of it is very good and in depth. However it does leave me with a few questions and a feeling that some, perhaps a lot but most definitely some is based on Qi Gong. Which is a great thing as QI Gong is fantastic for over all health and well being.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Derek,

      And there may be shared principles between Qi Gong that lead to similarities but this is a completely unique routine. There are also similarites between yoga too. They are all highly beneficial to your health os it is natural they would have simialrities.

  2. Roopesh

    Hi Dylan
    I had not heard of this workout program before, but after having read your article, I am glad to learn about it.

    I use the P90X program for body workouts and the Zumba dance workouts for flexibility. Both of these are definitely longer than 15minutes.

    So, your program really got me excited. To gain the same benefits in less the amount of time sounds exciting.

    Just a question after the 6weeks have surpassed, is there a mantainence program going forward?

    Thanks for introducing me to this, I will definitely be trying it out.


    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting,

      And the whole program is building you up to the sixth week which you use going forward. Each exercise has different degrees of difficulty though, so you will be callenged well after the six weeks.

  3. Sandy

    It looks like a great system of exercises you wrote about. What is really interesting and good, is that it also works on the internal organs, not just muscles. This reminds me a little about Yoga and Chi Kung, especially because breathing is also stressed in the system. So, is it completely unique or does it have anything in common with Yoga and/or Chi Kung?

    1. Dylan

      All those systems share the same principles and wisdom but the workout is unique and based on common sense


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