Best Workout Video to Lose Weight: 15 Minutes of Enjoyable Exercise


You are about to discover the best workout video to lose weight fast and to do so in an enjoyable and relaxing way.

What makes it the best?

cropped-my-system.jpgIt only takes fifteen minutes to perform and requires no weight or equipment. Also, it develops every muscle on body and gives you an extremely strong core. Not only does it do this, it improves the function of your lungs, skin and internal organs too.

These are essential and the most important aspects to your overall health.

The routine is called My System and does all this by combining exercise, deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower. The combination scientifically helps you lose weight and gets you looking and feeling your best.

This isn’t just a sloppily put together routine either. It took fifty years to develop and came from respected health expert and decorated Danish athlete, JP Muller.

There’s a Six Week Video Course being offered at Perfect Health at Home that will take any person, at any fitness level, from beginner to advanced, in the easiest way possible.

Let’s look at the specifics and how all this is possible in just fifteen minutes.

Exercise Portion: The Best Exercises to Build Strength and Lose Weight

In all there are 19 different exercise in My System and the first 9 are strictly for giving you a strong core. All these moves only require your own body and this has many benefits.

They include:

  • Building body intuition
  • Improving functional strength and athleticism
  • Improving flexibility, coordination and balance

Lifting weights will take a toll on your joints, back, knees, wrists and shoulders. This can lead to extreme pain, injury and costly surgeries in the future.

Body-weight exercises strengthen your joints and all those other spots for life, instead of wearing them out.

A snippet of me from the video course

A snippet of me from the video course

Some of the first 9 exercises include push ups, sit ups, leg raises, squats and all sorts of bends and dynamic movements for all parts of your body.

These moves will help replace all fat with lean and powerful muscles. After a short period of time you will see and feel a difference.

Your muscles will be more active and your endurance will increase. You find yourself more mobile and moving better.

Because this is a six week routine you will progress in each of these exercises. Each exercise has 4 or more different degrees of difficulty from easy to hard. Each week you will get stronger and stronger and you will be able to do tougher and tougher exercises.

For example, the push-ups start easy on the back of a chair. When you grow in strength you do them from your knees, then you perform a normal push-up. After you have mastered the regular push-up, you move onto advanced push-ups.

These include doing them from your fingertips or doing alternate leg lifts while lowering yourself.

The last step might seem impossible now but when the time comes, you will be ready for it.

Next you’re going to look at how your lungs get developed.

Deep Breathing: The Secret to Healthy Lungs

Your lungs play a huge role in your overall health, and believe it not, losing weight too.

Your metabolism is essential to building muscle and maintaining a healthy weight. Few people know this, but your metabolism is the combustion of your food and oxygen.

lungsIf you have weak lungs and breath feebly, you won’t get enough oxygen to have a properly working metabolism; this can have devastating health effects.

These health effects result in metabolic disease which includes:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Anemia

And other diseases like these.

So if you are looking to lose weight and to avoid these potentially deadly problems, you have to make sure your lungs are working properly.

And before you declare your lungs and breathing fine, keep in mind only 1 out of every 50 people breath correctly. Our modern sedimentary lifestyles are responsible for this.

Lung development is a top priority in My System and it does this in a few ways.

First off, you will learn to breath properly in all 19 exercises. This means you will be developing your lungs and muscles at the same time.

Holding your breath when exercising or performing any strenuous activity can injure your heart too. There are world class athletes who have ignored this simple rule and have paid the price, debilitating themselves for life.

In fact, I have a friend who is a fitness fanatic and big into lifting weights. He never focused on his breathing and now has a heart condition; he’s only 24!

The next way My System improves your lungs is with a special standing deep breathing between and after each exercise.

This is the easiest and best way to improve lung capacity and have all the benefits of deep breathing.

The benefits include:

  • More energy
  • Loss of weight
  • Improved confidence (nervous and worried people breath shallowly and quickly)
  • Better Mood
  • Freedom from depression and anxiety

and a bunch more.

Before we move on to the next section, I want to explain how breathing exercises can be dangerous and why the breathing in My System is completely safe.

Breathing exercises can’t be performed with any strain. If done with strain, you will injure your nerves, heart and lungs.

This is a problem I faced and it really took a toll on my entire health. Luckily, I found My System and was able to reverse all bad effects from it.

Proper breath

Proper breath

Also, you have to increase how much you practice gradually. If you start the breathing exercises to aggressively you will see no benefits and injure yourself

Lastly, if you perform deep breathing with improper form, you can cause damage too.

The deep breathing in My System is very safe and is the right way to do it. This is because it’s done after an exercise when more air is needed. Because of this, it is impossible to strain.

This is a six week program and you start off with only six exercises; each week you add more and more. Because of this you will gradually take more and more deep breaths, thus gradually strengthening your lungs.

There is A LOT of bad breathing advice on the internet and in my years of research, have only seen proper instruction a few times. This lead me to start this website, so people can avoid bad breathing and health advice.

The deep breathing you learn in My System is the RIGHT WAY to do it.

Your Daily Shower

Hopefully I don’t need to explain all the benefits of showering everyday. There are two secrets to perfect skin and cleanliness is one of them (we’ll get into the second secret in the next section).

Water and good soap cleans away all the dirt you accumulated from the day. It also clears your pores out so your skin can function properly.

In My System you perform the first 9 exercises with deep breathing in between. After you are done, you take a shower.

Efficiency is really big in this workout routine and almost all your health needs and bodily needs are taken care of in the whole 15 minutes. This is why your shower is included, plus it cleans the sweat off your body from exercise.

One of the main jobs of your skin is to eliminate waste and toxins from your body through sweat. It is essential for health to sweat but if the sweat is left on your skin, its poisonous contents will go back into your body and spread through blood. This will also cause pimples.

So after any exercise routine, even if it is different than My System, you should always plan to shower immediately after.

It is recommend to take a cool shower too. Taking a cool shower is better for your:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • And Nerves

There is a major nerve problem in Western countries. Those who suffer from bad nerves are short tempered and this can lead to a nervous breakdown; which will leave you in mental institution.

Everything in My System from the exercise, the deep breathing, cool shower and to the massage (next section) is meant to calm your nerves and make them stronger. Also, they will give you a clear head for the entire day.

These are essential to happiness and overall well being. If you wish to have any sort of success in life, you need strong nerves and a clear head; your production will sky rocket if you do.

You don’t have to fear cold water either. You will learn a few different ways that will make a cold shower painless and more enjoyable than a hot one.

Just like with deep breathing, there’s dangers involved with cold water. You can avoid all dangers by following one simple rule: Never take a cold shower when already cold.

The only way to get the benefits of cold water is to be warm before and this is why you exercise before the shower. Exercise is the best way to ensure you get the benefits of the refreshing cold.

The more warmed up you are and the more you are sweating, the colder you can take the shower, and the more you’ll enjoy it.

Another thing you can do is start your shower hot and finish cold. This is known as a “Scottish shower” and is a great way to get warm.

The Self Massage: The Key to Healthy Skin and Organs

I mentioned earlier that cleanliness was one the of two secrets to perfect skin; probably something you could have guessed. The second secret is something you probably didn’t know about:


skinThere are thousands of tiny muscles connected to the vessels of your skin. Skin begins to wrinkle, sag and lose its elasticity overtime because it doesn’t get properly exercised. And the the best way to exercise these tiny muscles is with friction.

The self massage uses this concept to keep your skin looking, feeling and functioning its best and makes up the last 10 movements of the routine. You perform it immediately after drying off from you shower.

This massage is a simple rubbing with your hands to your skin in specific patterns and directions. The contact from your hands to your skin creates friction.

This skin rub is essential to your skins appearance and health. It will firm up any sagging skin and fat and make it firm, while at the same time making your skin soft as velvet.

People have made there skin look 20 years younger using this principle, and some have prevented any wrinkling for life; even into their 80’s!

I mentioned earlier your skin helps remove waste from your body. If your skin is weak, these poisons remain in your body and will lead to sickness, low energy and poor mood.

Also, your skin protects your body from germs and bacteria. If your skin is weak, germs and bacteria enter your body easier and this can lead to all sorts of problems.

Performing My System and the self massage will ensure strong, properly working skin that will eliminate all poisons product and protect against germs.

The massage will also:

  • Improve blood flow
  • Relax your entire body
  • Prevent wrinkling
  • Prevent pimples, acne and blemishes

So you see it is extremely important for your skin. It’s also very important to your organs too,

Stagnation leads to death and can be seen very clearly in nature. Stagnant water is dangerous to drink and nothing but deadly bacteria can survive in it. The same principle is true for your organs.

organsAll aspects of My System gives movement to your organs and strengthens them. The first 9 exercises are meant to develop your muscles while improving your organs. The deep breathing lifts your organs from their stagnant positions and gives them a gentle massage.

The skin rub provides a different massage for the organs and tones them up; they even grow in size from this.

Your important organs like your kidney, liver and digestive system all benefit. If you are looking to lose weight in a healthy way, you will need every part of your body healthy and working properly.

Having healthy organs will increase your vitality, give you ample energy and help you lose weight in an easy and enjoyable way.

This skin rubbing is combined with exercise too. This way you get a muscular workout at the same time.

What Else Can My System Do For Me?

Believe it or not there are more benefits than developing all your muscles and improving the function of your lungs, skin and internal organs.

It also has a powerful effect on your mood and energy. There’s something most people don’t know about the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath:

No matter how fresh, natural or organic any of those three are, they all contain a level of poison.

Our body evolved to filter these poisons through urine, feces, sweat and exhaling during breathing. If your eliminating organs aren’t working properly, like your lungs, skin, bowels, kidney or liver, these poisons remain in your body.

This is the cause of many cases of depression, anxiety, nervousness, mania, nervousness, insomnia and bad mood. My System makes sure all aspects of your body are working properly and you can avoid all these problems, and all the costs associated with them.

There’s a wrong belief that you must be exhausted after a workout to get any benefit from it. The problem with this is you are left tired and making you not want to do anything after. Also, it can make you dread exercise and turn you off from trying to become healthy.

My System is a vigorous workout but it relaxes you at the same time. This combination gives you more energy after the workout than before!

You won’t need coffee, pills or any other artificial stimulant to get through the day. This easy 15 minutes will provide you with more energy than you would need for the day.

I started My System over two years ago and haven’t missed a day; it has become to essential for me. You will want to do My System and will be something you look forward to everyday.

Are You Ready To Give It A Try?

I hope so!

You can get the first week of Six Week My System Video Course for free by registering here.

cropped-twist.jpgThis video course is the easiest way to learn this powerful exercise routine. You will save so much time in gym costs and doctor visits with this course. The benefits are truly endless.

If you are looking to lose weight, this is the best way to do it. Also you can email me any time if you have any questions about the routine.

I hope you enjoyed this article and are excited about what you read. Please comment below and I’ll make sure to respond as quickly as possible. Also, share on social media for your friends and family to see.



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  1. Peter

    Hi Dylan This is great information I learned so much from reading this and I can sense you are passionate about this topic. You have provide some interesting information here about exercise and lifestyle and have some great tips that are health improving and well worth knowing. Who would have thought that deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower could be so beneficial to living a healthy life. Great post and I enjoyed it very much. 🙂

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Peter,

      Exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting or boring, in fact if it is you’re doing it wrong. your body needs to be strong inside and out and most people pay little attention to the isnide. You need to do mroe than regualr exercise and eating healthy, you have to exercise your lungs, skin and organs too,

  2. Juan

    I always understood the importance of taking a shower after working out 🙂 but I never knew the importance and benefits of taking a cool shower. The one I liked the most is the idea of clearing my head for the rest of the day.

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I will definitely try your 15 minute exercise which has the huge plus of not requiring any sort of equipment,

  3. rob

    This article really hit home with me. I have battled back and neck problems throughout the past 4 years. Every type of physical therapy and injections i have had.You really drove home the point of what type of water, hot or cold to use. Different doctors that I have been to have said different things to me. However, I firmly believe in what you wrote in the article. You really seem to know what you are writing and you put an emphasis on the most important information. Best of luck.

  4. Ben

    This is honestly one of the best and most informative sites I have come across. I love the deep breathing tips. I need to print them off and set up a reminder every day to do these. I absolutely believe that it is one of the real keys to improving all areas of your life. Thank you so much! The cold shower thing, that is how 007 himself James Bond, used to rise every morning according to author Ian Fleming!!


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