Best Home Workout Program for Women: 15 Minutes for Every Health Need


There’s a million reasons why you would want to workout from home, and this could leave you asking: what is the best home workout program for women?

Let’s look at a few things before I answer that question:

Would you rather do a workout that exhausts and strains your body, leaving your tired after or would you rather workout in a relaxing and energizing way, which gives you more energy after the workout than you had before?

cropped-my-system.jpgWould you rather have to spend over an hour working out and spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, weights and gym memberships or 15 minutes at home with no equipment or weights?

Would you rather just workout a few muscles or would you rather workout out all muscles while also improving the function of your lungs, skin and all internal organs, which are the source of your bodies health?

Do you want to just improve just strength or improve strength while increasing flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, blood flow, immune system, metabolism and all other aspects of health and athleticism that are so important?

I hope the second part of each question sounds more appealing, and if this is the case, I’d like to introduce you to My System and the Six Week My System Video Course.

For the rest of the article we’re going to look at the benefits of My System, why you need to develop your lungs, skin and internal organs and how My System manages to do this in such a short amount of time.

Benefits of My System

As I mentioned before, My System only takes 15 minutes and exercises every muscle on your body and tremendously strengthens core. You will get also get:

  • Strong and healthy lungs
  • Skin that is firm and soft like velvet, while wrinkle proofing it for life.
  • You will be strengthening all important internal organs like your kidneys, liver, and digestive system too.

It does this by combining exercise, deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower; every move is body weight only and requires no equipment. This is a time tested routine that took 50 years to develop and came from one of the most respected and well known health experts of all time, JP Muller. He was also a decorated Danish athlete, winning many awards over many different sports.

Daily performance of My System will also:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost immune System
  • Give you more confidence
  • Free you from anxiety, depression, nervousness and low energy
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Deeply relax you, while energizing
  • Prevention of serious diseases metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity and anemia

And much, much more.

This may seem impossible but I personally can attest to everyone of these claims. I severely hurt my health a few years ago and this routine single handily built my health back up. You can read my story here and see why since I started over 2 years ago, I haven’t missed a single day.

Why Are Your Lungs So Important

Some people would argue that your breathing is the single most important aspect of your overall health and well being. The entire yoga tradition is based around your breath and meditation is impossible with out steady breathing.

Your lungs are the source of your energy and are directly related to your mood and mind. Those who breath deeply and slowly are more confident than those who breath shallowly and fast.

Navy seal snipers are taught special breathing techniques to improve their concentration on the battle field and keep them relaxed.

metabolismFew people know this but your metabolism is the combination of oxygen and your food. If your breath is weak, you won’t get sufficient oxygenation to metabolize your food correctly. This can lead to diabetes and other dangerous metabolic diseases.

When we breath in, we breath in oxygen, which you know, is essential to living. However, we exhale carbon dioxide which is poison to humans. Those with weak lungs and weak breathing muscles will only partially exhale the Carbon dioxide.

If it is left in your lungs, you will be left feeling sluggish and and have concentration problems. You can avoid all anxious and worried states by ensuring your lungs are strong and your breathing is full and deep; which you will get from My System.

It also impossible to relax if your breathing isn’t smooth. There’s a reason people tell you take a deep breath when you are angry!

Before you declare your breathing fine, it is important to note only 1 out of 50 people breath naturally and correctly. This is due to our sedimentary life styles and can be fixed with proper instruction, like the instruction given in My System.

Your Skin Does More Than You Think!

Your skin has so many jobs and your health depends on it working properly. First and foremost, your skin is what people see and your overall health is shown in it.

Besides just being healthy, it is important to be perceived as healthy. Our society, and on an individual level, put a lot of value on this perception. Being perceived as healthy can be the difference between getting a promotion and having happy relationships and family life.

Woman with beautiful skin

Woman with beautiful skin

Health is synonymous with producers while unhealthiness isn’t. There’s a reason why the makeup and lotion industries make billions and billions a year; they are meant to hide pimples and blemishes and give the illusion of health and healthy skin.

But don’t you actually want healthy skin? Make up, lotions and creams don’t actually improve the condition of your skin. It can make your skin look clear and just gives the impression of a healthy complexion.

Once you wipe off the lotion, your skin returns to its original condition.

You’ll miss out on actual health and all the benefits that come with it if you depend on these superficial means. If you improve your skin you will get all the visual benefits of great skin and all the health benefits of having it too.

The only way to truly improve your skin is through friction and cleanliness. We’ll get into how My System provides this in a little, but let’s look at what else your skin does.

Your skin protects your body from germs and bacteria. If your skin is strong it is hard to penetrate and you can avoid common colds and sickness. If your skin is weak you will find yourself constantly under the weather and spending thousands a year on doctor visits and medicine.

Your skin is also resonislbe for removing toxins from your body through sweat. If you skin isn’t working properly these toxins get trapped in your body.

The sweat will concentrate in the spots where there are most pores and this is when excessive sweating happens. If you see someone sweat too much from their armpits, hands and feet you can be assured their skin doesn’t work right.

You Need Healthy Organs

Everything we eat, drink and breath, no matter how natural and fresh has some level of poison in it. The job of our organs, skin and lungs are meant to filter out these poisons into urine, feces, sweat and exhaling.

If any of these eliminating organs aren’t working properly auto intoxication, or self poisoning, takes place. Many cases of depression, anxiety, nervousness, worry, mania, insomnia and other disorders come from auto intoxication.

organsYou can take medicine for these problems but it will only give you temporary relief and will never truly cure the underlying issue. Over time you build a tolerance to these medications and it takes more and more to get any benefit at all. Not to mention there are dangerous side effects.

To truly cure all health issues, you must find the source of the problem and improve it. There are some mental issues that cause these problems but in most part, the problem lies in the organs.

Your energy, vitality and happiness all depend on their health.

Besides filtering out poisons, your organs extract nutrients from the food we eat. The better working your kidney, liver and digestive system are, the more you get out of the food you eat.

You can’t have normal blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or immune system unless all your inside organs are healthy too.

 How My System Does All This

So now you know the importance of a well developed body, inside and out. Now let’s look at how My System gives you all this.

I mentioned earlier that it is broken up into four parts:

  1. Exercise
  2. Deep Breathing
  3. Your Daily Shower 
  4. And Self Massage

There’s a lot of information on this website regarding each part, so I’ll quickly explain each part and if you wish for a more in depth explanation, click the blue links right above this paragraph.

In all there are 19 exercises and there are no breaks or unnecessary pauses.

The first nine exercises are regular body weight and dynamic movements that require no equipment or weights. These are exercises people who depend on physical fitness perform, like professional athletes and military.

pushupThese moves include push ups, sit-ups, leg raises, squats and all sorts of movements that give you an extremely strong core. They give toned muscles in your stomach, legs, arms, shoulders, rear and every spot you can imagine.

Besides strength and muscle development, they improve your flexibility which is extremely important to health and your breathing.

The deep breathing that improves lung strength and breathing is done in between each exercise. It is done this way because there is a need for more air then. 

There are dangers in breathing exercises, mainly if they are done with any strain. If done with strain, you can do serious damage to your nerves, heart and lungs. One way to avoid strain is to practice relaxation techniques but these can take months to learn and take a lot of time to do.

The faster and safer way is to do it after exercise like in My System. It also returns your breathing to normal and ensures you won’t be out of breath.

There’s also a lot of bad information out there on how to perform a deep breath. I have studied this extensively and have only found proper instruction a few times in over five years.

The breathing you learn here is the right way to do it, which gives you the most benefits in the safest way. Besides strengthening your lungs, the deep breathing gives your organs a gentle massage by lifting them from their stagnant positions and giving them movement.

Besides this special deep breathing, you will also learn how to breath in all 19 exercises, which is the most important aspect of learning a new exercise. If you hold your breath during any strenuous exercise or straining activity, you risk injuring your heart.

I personally have a friend with a heart problem because he ignored his breathing and he’s only 24.

After the first nine exercises with deep breathing in between, you take your daily shower. The shower recommended in My System is done quickly and with cool water.

The benefits of cold water greatly out weigh the benefits of hot water. Cold water calms your nerves, clears your mind and is better for your hair and skin.

Don’t be worried about cold water either. You will learn to take one in complete comfort and have it feel a million times more refreshing than a hot one.

I mentioned earlier that cleanliness was one of the keys to healthy skin, and this satisfies that.

After you dry off, you perform that last 10 exercises known as the self massage. This self massage satisfies the friction aspect of healthy skin and exercises the thousands of tiny muscles connected to the vessels of your skin.

It also exercises the capillaries on your skin too.

This massage is a simple rubbing that is done with your hands to every part of your skin. This rubbing tones your skin and keeps it firm for life, while also making it soft as velvet. It prevents any pimples, acne or blemishes.

Your internal organs also receive a massage and they are toned up and actually grow in size and vitality. This massage renders the whole of your skin and all organs completely healthy.

This is a powerful arm exercise too. The massage is combined with exercise so you get a muscular workout as well.

Before I Go

Performing My System daily will give you a beautiful, natural and proportional body; there won’t be one misplaced or knotty looking muscles. You will give off a relaxed and dignified appearance and not a tense and rigid one.

Here at Perfect Health at Home we are offering a Six Week Video Course on My System that will bring any beginner to advanced. Any person at any fitness level will be gradually strengthened over this period of time.

snippet from the video series

Snippet of the video course

Each week you will grow stronger, more flexible, and your organs more sound. Each exercise has varying degrees of difficulty that wills suit your own needs.

The first week is free and to gain access just register here. To get the remaining five weeks you must become a member, which you can do by clicking here.

Members get access to essential guides for health and happiness which include nutrition guide, mediation guide, relaxation exercises and much more that will give you an endless amount of energy and happiness.

If you aren’t sure about becoming a member, click here and learn how it can benefit you.

I hope you enjoyed this information and want to incorporate My System into your daily life. Please share this information on social media for your friends and family to see.

Also, comment below any questions and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!


6 Comments Best Home Workout Program for Women: 15 Minutes for Every Health Need

  1. Holly

    This sounds like a very interesting product! I love your style of writing and how you have given so much information regarding the benefits it provides. Your rhetorical questions at the beginning of the article are extremely thought provoking and had me gripped straight away. I will definitely be looking into this further. How much weight do you think I could lose in six weeks if I were to purchase this program?

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Holly,

      You will immediately see weight results and you will notice your core muscles replace any fat spots on your body. People have lost over hundred pounds using this very system. I couldn’t really give you an exact number but you will see results in a relaxing and energizing way

  2. Elizabeth Haran

    Hey Dylan,
    I left a detailed comment on your website. Just want you to know that I will be spending a lot of time at your site as it is just what I need to prepare myself for knee surgery. I need to lose a few pounds and get those extremities in good working condition. I knew that programs like yours were out there somewhere. So glad I found yours. Keep up the good work. All the best.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Elizabeth,

      And I had the same feeling you had when I first discovered all this information. I knew I had to keep healthy in life but everything seemed so superficial. Muscular development is one thing, but to have healthy organs, skin and lungs is an entirely different thing. I’m glad you’re going to spend time here and I hope you find all the solutions to your health problems here.

  3. Carrie


    It’s a great idea working out at home but people like me have zero willpower. I have really bad pain issues from from all the breaks Iv’e had.

    But I did get a few great tips here and plan to get a lot tougher. We just love what you have here and want very much for you to know that we really do appreciate your help within this very

    carrie b.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for your kind words, and im glad you found useful infromation here. Keep wokring, use the stuff on this website and you’ll get to where you want to be.


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