Exercises To Lose Back Fat For Women (And Much More!)


One of the hardest spots to lose fat on is your lower back and this can lead you to wonder what are some exercises to lose back fat for women.

back fatThere can be a few things holding you from reaching your weight loss goals or things that could be a problem in the future like:

  • Exercise routines that last too long
  • Workouts that are too exhausting or straining
  • Not wanting to join a gym or risk injury weight lifting
  • Or exercises that are just plain ineffective or boring

The good news is all these problems can be easily fixed and the better news is you will learn how to right now. I’d like to introduce you to a workout routine called My System and its six week video course that will help you get rid of any back fat you have and take care of all your health needs. It also:

  • Is done in 15 minutes
  • Relaxes and energizes, giving you more energy after the workout than before
  • Can be done in the comfort of your home and without any weights or equipment
  • And gets amazing results in a fun way

Besides all those amazing benefits and helping you lose weight and build muscle, it will also improve the function of your lungs, skin and all internal organs. Those are the three most important aspects of health, preventing disease and maintaining well being.

Let’s get into how this is all possible.

How Does My System Accomplish All This?

My System accomplishes so much in so little time because not a second is wasted and there is nothing superficial about it. Every breath and every movement is accounted for and is meant to improve every aspect of your health.

It took fifty years for Danish health expert and decorated athlete JP Muller to perfect this routine and because of this, there are no unnecessary pauses.

My System is broken up into four parts:

  1. Exercise
  2. Deep Breathing
  3. Self Massage
  4. And Your Daily Shower

There’s a lot written about My System on this website and every aspect that makes it up and if you wish for an in depth look, you can click on the blue links right about this paragraph. For now I’ll just briefly explain them and how they help improve your health.

Exercises 1-9

In all there are 19 exercises in this routine and the first 9 are regular body weight and dynamic movements meant for muscular development.

situpI mentioned earlier that none of the exercises will require weights or equipment and this has so many benefits.

First off there are lot of dangers involved with lifting heavy weights. I once had a friend drop 400 pounds on his chest during a bench press and nearly died. Besides the danger of dropping weights, it is a horrible strain on your joints and muscles.

Many heavy lifters and body builders are selling their backs, knees, shoulders and wrists for temporary gains. You should be strengthening your joints for later, not wearing them out now.

Also, you can really save money by reducing gym costs if you learn to exercise at home, just using your body.

You may have seen a lot of the moves that make up the first 9 exercises before. They include push ups, sit ups, leg raises, squats and other movements that hit your lower and upper back, and every where else on your body.

Besides just strengthening and developing your muscles and losing fat you will also improve:

  • Flexibility
  • Body intuition
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Mobility

And a lot more. Each one of those aspects are very important to your health and athletics and should be given as much attention as any other aspect.

The Deep Breathing

Some would argue that your breathing and lungs are the single most important aspect for your overall health. Your lungs are the source of your bodies energy and play an important role in essential bodily functions.

Without healthy lungs and good breathing habits, you will not experience true health. In fact, you will have a hard time losing back fat, or any fat if you’re not breathing correctly.

This is because your lungs play an important role in your bodies metabolism. Your metabolism is the combustion of oxygen and the food we eat. If your lungs aren’t giving your body proper oxygen supply, your metabolism will suffer and so will your weight loss.

Having a poor metabolism can also lead to metabolic disease like diabetes, obesity and anemia.

lungsEven things like confidence, happiness and mood depend on your breathing. Confident people breath slow and deeply, while nervous and anxious people breath fast and shallowly. And before you declare your own breathing fine, you should know only 1 out of every 50 people breath correctly!

Lack of knowledge on lung care and our sedimentary lives are responsible for this.

So how do we improve our lungs function?

The easiest and best way to do this is with deep breathing exercises. You may have heard of them before but what you probably haven’t heard is there are dangers involved with them.

I have researched this topic greatly and spent many years doing so, and during this time I have only seen proper instruction a few times.

Most people don’t have a clue on what a proper deep breath looks like and because of this, their instruction is ineffective, or even worst dangerous.

A breathing exercise is dangerous if you perform it with any amount of strain. If done with strain or too aggressively, you can cause damage to your nerves, lungs and heart.

There are two ways to avoid strain. The first is to learn relaxation techniques for your body. This can take months to learn and take a lot of time to perform.

The second and easier way to avoid strain is to perform a deep breath after an exercise, when there is more air needed. Doing it then completely takes away all dangers and is the most comfortable way to do it.

The deep breathing here is the correct and right way to breath too. Some people recommend belly breathing and while it does have some benefits, and is actually included as one of the exercises in My System, it is weak and barely strengthens the lungs.

Other people recommend breathing techniques that can just plain hurt you.

The whole chest moves upwards and the ribs outwards in a proper deep breath and in My System, is performed standing.

This is what I mean when I say there aren’t any pauses and not a single second is wasted; literally every breath is accounted for and every spare second is used to help improve your health in one way or another. This is how you can get such amazing results in 15 minutes.

You will learn proper breathing during all 19 exercises too. This is the single most important thing to learn when beginning a new exercise (next is relaxation and form which are covered entirely in the program)

You should never hold your breath during exercise or any straining movement. If you do, you can severely hurt your heart. Again, I had a friend who ignored this principle when he worked out and now has a heart problems at the age of 24.

Because each exercise is also a breathing exercise, you are developing your lungs at the same time as your muscles.

Your Daily Shower 

After you finish the first nine exercises with deep breathing in between, you take your daily shower. Here’s another example of why My System is so convenient and is just another way it takes care of all your health needs in such a short amount of time.

I’m sure you know the benefits of showering daily and hopefully this is something you do anyway. Something you may not know is the benefits of taking a cool shower, which is what this routine recommends.

Cold water is better for your nerves, skin and hair then hot water and taking a cool shower in the morning will give you a clear head for the entire day.

Just like deep breathing, there are some dangers that come with cold water. There’s one rule to always follow and it is this: Never take a cold shower if you are already cold. 

Clean air is essential to health and because of this, all exercise (My System included) should be done in front of an open window or outside; even in the cold months.

This is why you exercise before the shower because exercise is the best way to ensure your body is warm. You should be able to keep warm enough in the winter from these exercises to be able to take a cool shower.

If however, you are feeling cold take the shower hot.

There are a few other tricks that you will learn that ensures your body is warm and that will make the cold water more refreshing than hot.

When I first started learning this routine, I resisted the cold water until I gave in and tried it. Now it’s the only way I’ll shower.

You don’t have to say goodbye to hot showers either. This cool shower is a quick rinse; in and out without soap or shampoo. You can take your hot showers with soap and shampoo every night or a few times a week if you desire.

Another reason you shower after exercise is to get the sweat off your body. Sweat contains poisons that are being eliminated from the body and if you don’t rinse it off, they will return into your blood stream and poison your body.

Also, the sweat can cause pimples if it just sits there on your skin.

The Self Massage Portion

After your dry off from your shower, you begin the last 10 exercises of the routine, which is known as the self massage portion.

There are two keys to healthy skin and they are:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. And Friction

Cleanliness is taken care of in the shower portion and friction is taken care of in this portion. my systemThe friction comes from the rubbing of your hands to your skin in specific directions and patterns.

This rub has amazing benefits for your skin which include:

  • Firming your skin and muscles while making your skin soft like velvet
  • Preventing any wrinkling, sagging or loose skin or muscles
  • Preventing any pimples, acne or blemishes

This rub polishes every part of your body and exercises the thousands of tiny muscles connected to the vessels of the skin. This is the most effective way to keep these muscles strong and firm.

Even the hard to reach areas on the back and lower back are massaged and this helps reduce back fat tremendously.

Besides rendering the entire surface of your skin completely healthy, you will also be giving your internal organs a massage.

Your organs need to be lifted from their stagnant positions or else they will grow old prematurely. Both the deep breathing and the self massage do this.

When your perform the deep breathing your whole chest moves upwards and outwards and this causes your diaphragm (the largest and most important breathing muscle you have, which most people don’t use because of bad breathing habits) to move upwards, lifting the organs with it.

The massage tones up the organs so they actually grow in size and vitality. You will get no where with weight loss if your organs aren’t as healthy as possible. They produce the energy, extract nutrients from food and creates the blood necessary to build muscle and see meaningful results.

Another reason so much emphasis is put on your organs is because they help eliminate toxins and waste products from your body. Your skin and lungs share in this responsibility too.

Everything we eat, drink and breath has some level of poison in it despite how fresh or natural it is. Our skin helps sweat it out, our digestive system and bowels help turn it into feces and your kidneys and liver help break these poisons down further.

If your organs aren’t working correctly, these poisons remain in the body, which is one of the main causes of:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Concentration Problems
  • Depression
  • Giddiness

and a lot of other serious mental, emotional and physical problems. Performing My System daily will ensure freedom from all those states and you can read more about its benefits and what it can prevent here.

Also, the massage is combined with exercise so you will be getting a muscular workout too (another reason this is the most efficient workout available).

 It’s a Flexible Routine

It is recommend that My System is done in the order described in the morning. Doing so will give you a clear head, keep your body feeling amazing and keep you in a good mood for the entire day. This is exactly what your body needs to be healthy and, if done in its whole, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your bodily duty.

You won’t need coffee to give you energy or any other artificial stimulants that are ruining your long term health. You will be completely free from any pills and will be able to fight off sickness much better.

Your nerves and mood benefit so greatly and you will see improvements in more than just health and weight loss. All the aspects that are so important to happiness like relationships, career and family life will all improve.

However, you can break it up to better suit your lifestyle. You can do the first nine exercises and shower in the morning and do the self massage before bed or self massage first, followed by muscular exercise and ending with the shower.

There’s ways of alternating between muscular movements and massage that will feel better in hot weather. You will learn all the different ways this routine can fit your life.

From the video courseThe best part is you can start My System today, no matter what fitness level you are currently at. The Six Week My System Video Course that is being offered here at Perfect Health at Home will gradually strengthen you over time.

The first week you start off with only 6 exercises in their most basic form. Week by week you add more and more exercises while improving the difficulty of the exercises from the previous week.

There is detailed instruction on every exercise and all the do’s and don’t of each movement. This is the easiest way to learn an otherwise complicated routine.

A Few More Words Before I Go 

The first week of the video course is free and all you have to do is register here to get access. To get weeks 2 through 6, you need to be a member. To become a member all you have to do is click here and start your journey to perfect health.

Besides getting access to the full My System video course, you gain access to other membership content that is essential to health and happiness.

You will get the full nutrition guide based on the Seven Class Principles of Nutrition that you need to be eating every day and with every meal. This guide is needed if you wish to really lose weight in not just your back, but anywhere on your body.

There’s tons more that include a full meditation guide, character building guide to help improve confidence and eliminate fear and insecurity, improving the three main nerve areas of your body and different relaxation techniques.

You will find everything you need to be a happy and healthy individual physically, mentally and emotionally.

Again click here to be a member and to start your journey the right way.

If you enjoyed what you read please comment below and let me know your thoughts and opinions.

Also, please share on social media for friends and family to see.

Thanks for reading!



6 Comments Exercises To Lose Back Fat For Women (And Much More!)

  1. Jessica

    Hi Dylan,

    This sounds like a great course. I have heard of the cold water shower from other health gurus and I have tried it myself with some amazing results. I actually found that I really enjoyed it and it seemed to make me feel a lot better. I also hadn’t considered the strain put on the body by weight lifting. I love lifting weights, but I always try to have good form and technique because I know that can ruin your knees, wrists, elbows, etc. I have never gotten past 20 pounds, so I don’t see a medical emergency like your friend had in my future, but always having proper technique is essential no matter the weight.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Jessica

      And light weight training is fine and can have good results. And yeah cold showers can have really good health results. I’m glad you found everything interesting!

  2. Diana

    Hi Dylan! This is awesome! I can tell you really know what you are talking about and I cannot wait to get started trying the My System six week training! This is exactly what I need, plus it is much appreciated to have such a deep understanding of deep breathing and the importance of cold showers.
    I had no idea about the self massage benefits but it all totally makes sense! Thank you for the wealth of information!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Diana

      This routine can really help in so many ways. Im glad you can’t wait to give it a try

  3. Peter

    Hi Dylan, I have been a fitness buff all my life and regularly lift weights while maintaining a steady cardiovascular routine and for me this seems to work really well without seeing damage to my joints. However, I can see how this program would be of great benefit to anyone who struggles with exercise due to injuries or restrictive aliments, I’m going to look into it a little more as this could be of use to me on my down weeks. great information those thanks.

    1. Dylan

      This is a great routine for everyone. It really has so many benefits and can be done by anyone. Thanks for commenting!


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