How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally with an Easy Self Massage


Your kidney function is very important to your overall health

If you want to know how to improve kidney function naturally look no further.

I’d like to introduce you to an easy self massage that takes only seven minutes to do and is part of a fifteen minute workout routine called My System that will improve the function of:

  • All internal organs (including your kidneys)
  • Lungs
  • And skin

Also, it will develop and strengthen all the muscles of your body.

Before we get into specifics, let’s take a look at your kidneys first.

What Are the Kidneys, Where they Are Located and Why they Are important

Your kidneys are two bean shaped organs that are about the size of your fists. There’s a left one and a right one and they are located on opposite sides of the body.

Blood comes into the kidneys and they filter out the waste products in it and produce your urine. It also sends important minerals back into your bloodstream and helps stabilize your blood; this is essential for your body to function properly.

The right kidney sits a little lower than the left one because of the size of the liver and both are located towards the back muscles in the upper abdomen.

Your kidneys are extremely important to your overall health and its main function is to:

  • Prevent buildup of wastes and fluid in the body
  • Keeps electrolytes stable
  • Make hormones stable which regulate blood pressure, make blood cells, keep the bones strong.

Common Kidney Diseases:

  • Pyelonephritis: This is an infection of the kidneys and causes back pain and fever. Bacteria from an untreated bladder infection is the most common cause.
  • Kidney Stones: Minerals in urine cause crystals or stones which can block urine flow. If you have ever known someone with these you know it can be one of the most painful experiences.
  • Nephrotic Syndrome: Damage to kidneys cause them to spill large amounts of protein into your urine with leg swelling resulting.
  • Acute Renal Failure (kidney failure): A sudden worsening of kidney function and if happens, can be irreversible.
  • Diabetic nephropathy: High blood sugar from diabetes causing kidney damage.

and there are many, many more. These can have minor or extremely major health consequences.

There are a lot medicines you can take to try cure these conditions, and in a lot of cases you should seek medicine and medical help. Medicines can be risky and damage other parts of your body or lead to depression or other serious problems though.

You should always double check with your doctor but there are many natural means to help improve kidney function and prevent, and in a lot of cases, cure these diseases.

Self Massage

One of the biggest killers in nature is stagnation. You can’t drink stagnant water and most life can’t survive there.

The same rule can be applied to your body and with our modern lifestyle, some of us barely get much movement at all. Sitting down all day can pack you internal organs, including your
my systemkidneys, tightly, giving them little movement.

This causes stagnation in your body and your kidneys (and other organs) will lose functionality after a while, making you more susceptible to disease.

So it’s important to give your internal organs movement and the self massage in My System is the best way to do this.


There are so many benefits of this self massage, it’s hard to list them all.

First off, all you will need is your hands. This means no wasting money on lotions, creams or medicines. You also don’t need any special equipment either.

This massage is scientific in nature and is done in a specific pattern and manner. You simply rub the palms of your hands in a certain direction depending on which movement you are doing.

These rubbings are combined with simple body weight exercises too. For example, you do a toe touch while rubbing the back of your legs on the way down and rub the front of your legs and stomach on the way up.

Secondly, it does more than just exercise your kidneys; it hits all organs! The massage gives movement to your otherwise stagnant organs and tones each one up. Your kidney, liver and digestive system literally grow in size the same way an exercised muscles would.

Next, the massage improves your skin function too. The same stagnation principle applies to your skin as well (which is the bodies largest organ).

Your skin starts to sag and wrinkle from lack of exercise to the thousands of small muscles connected to the vessels of the skin.

This massage keeps your skin firm for life and prevents against wrinkling. It also improves blood flow, prevents acne, pimples and blemishes and makes your skin soft like a baby.

Lastly, it feels amazing and both relaxes and energizes you. You will look forward to this daily rub the same way you look forward to a vacation.

Believe it or not there’s Much More

Before we get into the additional benefits of My System it’s important to note this routine was developed by one of the most respected and well known health experts of all time, named JP Muller.

He was a decorated Danish athlete who accomplished athletic and physical feats few people can match. And it took him 50 years to develop and perfect this routine.

His goal was to create an exercise system that was fun and could fit into anyone’s schedule. He wanted it to relax, tone, and strengthen every muscle while improving the function of the more important aspects for our health which are:

  • Your lungs
  • You internal organs
  • And your Skin

Muller knew to be exceptionally healthy you needed to be strong inside and out. With that in mind he created My System which combines exercise, deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower.

Each aspects plays a role in perfecting your health and is invaluable to your well being. Every breath and movement is accounted for and not a moment is wasted. There’s nothing about My System that is superficial.

6 Week My System Video Course

I know the power of this routine and since starting it more than two years ago, I haven’t missed a single day; it just means too much to my happiness.

A snippet of me from the video course

A snippet of me from the video course

I have created a Six Week Video Course based on My System that will take any complication out of learning it. This routine can be technical and daunting and this course makes it so easy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and were pleasantly surprised to learn about this routine. It will help to improve your kidney function all naturally and will do so much more.

Thanks for reading and please comment below and I’ll make sure to respond quickly. Also, share on social media with your friends and family.

Have a nice day!








10 Comments How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally with an Easy Self Massage

  1. Nicki

    This is a fantastic massage tutorial!
    Everyone can benefit from this, from athletes to the sedentary office worker… I can only imagine that it will help improve the bodies functions. This sounds like the type of healing, relaxing regimen that I have been looking for! Do you need any special equipment, or do I just buy your system?

  2. Cathy

    Hi there Dylan,

    This is a very interesting article to read. As someone who always see kidney diseases at her workplace (a hospital), I regard hydration and diet as the main prevention for the occurrence of kidney failures.

    I know nothing about kidney massage though. Some people’s kidney sit at the border of their rib cage and some people are quite obese. How do you go about massaging in those kind of areas?

    Thank you.

    1. Dylan

      My System is a great way to lose weight. People have lost over a hundred pounds with it. Those who are obese will need to lose the excess weight to get the full benenfit.

  3. Johnson

    That’s quite an interesting and informative review. I never really thought one can possible improve the function of the kidney using a self massage. This review has practically given me a new idea on how one can help with the situation of the kidney problem.

    Thanks for your review on this, like i said it is very much informative and educating too. Cheers

    1. Dylan

      The massage brings blood flow to the kidney and blood brings nutrients and oxygen, and helps remove waste products. You will stregnthen your kidneys so much from this.

  4. Jezza

    Hi Dylan,

    Sounds like you have a very helpful system that can work many wonders to overall health. I agree with you that massage is one of the many ways we can relax and feel refresh again. When I am stressed and weary from work, I always go to spa and massage but I never knew that massage can do more and benefit especially the kidney function. Amazing info and thanks for sharing this!


    1. Dylan

      The massage brings blood flow to the area which brings oxygen and nutrition (what blood carries). A daily self massage can do wonders fro your whole body and kidneys

  5. shalanda

    I really enjoyed this website, probably because I am very familiar with massage, I’m a licensed massage therapist, so I’m like massaging all the time. However I do not practice self massage as often as I should. Reading Your article have led me to believe I need to not only help others take care of themselves, but practice what I preach. You gave very thorough information on your website and you have educated some people who probably aren’t familiar with any form of massage. I give it two thumbs up.


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