Are Cold Showers Good For You? Yes (When Done Right)


Many people take their daily shower for granted and don’t give much thought about improving it. Showering has become a time of daydreaming with little thought to the benefits (or consequences) of this now mindless act. Many people damage their nerves, skin and hair by taking overly hot showers for too long each day. This may lead showeryou to wonder are cold showers good for you? The answer is yes but you have to follow a few guidelines or else the cold water can be damaging and unpleasant.

Benefits of Cold/Cool Showers

Colder and cool showers are scientifically better for daily use than hot. The most important benefit is the result cold water has on your nerves. America and other high pressure countries have the worst nerve problems in the world; this leads to depression and anxiety.

The average day is filled with stress it takes a toll on your nerves. People with bad nerves get angry, nervous and worry much more than people with stronger nerves.

People with these strong nerves are much more calm and enjoy better mood. They are more confident and it takes higher levels of anxiety to rattle them.

Now hot showers aren’t the cause for the nerve problem in America; our entire lifestyle is the cause of that. But hot showers certainly aren’t helping.

A cold shower, especially in the morning, does wonders for your nerves. It sets the tone for your entire day and gives you such a clear mind. After this type of shower you will find it so difficult to get “hot blooded.”

Also, hot showers weaken the roots of your hair. When you go to dry your hair off with your towel you can break these roots. This can lead to premature hair loss and dryness.

Lastly, cold water keeps your skin soft and toned.

How to do It

An important thing to realize is cold water can damage your nerves if you do it incorrectly. The first thing to keep in mind is to never take a cold shower when you are already cold.

If  you are coming in from a cold winter day and need to shower immediately make sure to make it hot or pretty warm. Besides being damaging to your nerves, taking a cold shower when already cold would just be uncomfortable and painful.

The goal is to have the cold water feel pleasant and relaxing; and when done right it will be more so than a hot shower.

The best way to warm up properly is to exercise before hand. It doesn’t need to be anything long or crazy but enough to make your body warm and loose. Here’s a perfect one for that take which cares of every health need you have.

Another way to warm up is to start your shower off hot and to finish it up cold. This is known as a Scottish shower and the fictional character James Bond takes them in the original stories. Also, the hotness opens the pores of the skin and coldness closes them.

Lastly, you can dab the back of your neck and and wrists and other sensitive areas with cold water before hopping in. This way your body prepares for the coldness.

Gradually Decrease Temperature 

This is something very important to keep in mind if you’ve only been taking hot showers for your life. You shouldn’t go straight to cold. Remember the goal is to have these showers be comfortable and pleasant. So week by week just slowly decrease the temperature.

There will be a day when the cold water will hit your skin and you won’t shutter. Your nerves and skin will grow to the point it feels refreshing; like walking into an air conditioned room on a hot summer day.

You will grow to love this feeling.

Don’t Say Goodbye to Hot Showers

Hot water still has its place in your life and has its own benefits. The problem with high temp showers is they are abused by doing them too regularly and too long; shot nerves and lack of energy results.

But hot water has a very relaxing quality which is beneficial.

A good plan is to pepper in hot showers here and there at night. Always try and start your day off with cold water and exercise (or at least the Scottish shower). But if you get home from a stressful day of work and want to take a hot shower to relax than that is perfectly fine.

Just make sure it isn’t a thirty minute zone out session. Keep it to under seven minutes and make sure not to use soap and shampoo twice in a day. This can cause damage to skin and hair; especially if they are loaded with chemicals.

The Importance of Water

Before I go I’d like to remind you of the importance of clean water. One of the biggest achievements in human history is learning to apply water properly. It’s right up there with fire and the wheel.

Without water to clean ourselves we would be much more susceptible disease and sickness. The long life span developed countries enjoy wouldn’t exist without being able to clean our bodies of dangerous bacteria. Without these long life spans and healthy bodies we wouldn’t accomplish a fraction of what we’ve accomplished today; without health there’s nothing.

So many people in the world die just from the lack of clean water to drink and clean themselves.

The point of this is to remind you not to take this daily shower for granted. Don’t waste those precious moments everyday damaging your nerves and not getting the full benefits you could. Always remember civilization and human evolution  has and will depend on the proper application of water.

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32 Comments Are Cold Showers Good For You? Yes (When Done Right)

  1. Brandon

    That is some interesting facts about cold showers especially about the hair loss as many would like to know about that that are balding.

    I take hot showers all the time cause I have back pain and realized it is from many other things that I wont get into right now but hot water only helps and I have taken cold showers and felt wonderful but like you said if your already cold which I am taking a cold shower may not be the thing for you.

    When you take cold showers and calm your nerves are you just talking about stress or are you talking about helping back pain nerves? as when I am in pain I am really cold and I could not imagine taking a cold shower but if it helps possibly would be worth a shot.

    I am going to need to look a little more into this

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Brandon

      The nerves I’m talking about are stress. Although athletes always take ice baths to keep there muscles in good shape. Try starting with a hot shower and finishing off cold

  2. marcelg

    Wow! I will start lowering my temperature tomorrow. I always enjoyed the heat but the pros for cold seem to out weigh the heat.

    My morning are usually pretty crappy so this is one extra thing to try to make the day brighter earlier.

    Winter is coming so soon it will be colder in general. Does that have a similar effect?

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting marcelg

      If you look at the bottom of the article I describe a very beneficial exercise system that is actually performed in the cold air with as little clothes as possible. You are doing a skin rubbing massage so you are kept completely warm. This is how you get the full benefit of the cold air

  3. Debra

    This is a very interesting article, and something that I had never given much thought to. Turns out that I normally take Scottish showers without knowing there was a name for this! It just seems to make sense to follow warm water with cold after opening the pores. Another reason I started doing this was to relieve headaches. I had read somewhere that the cold water helps to shrink blood vessels in the head to relieve migraines. Do you have any information on whether or not this is true?

    Thanks for a great article! Deb

  4. OrganicBeauty

    Hi Dylan- Interesting article. I was aware of the benefits of taking a cold shower, however I always preferred warm to hot, so have shied away from them. After reading your post I believe I found a way to incorporate both. As you stated “to start your shower off hot and to finish it up cold.” I believe this may work for me, and I will try it out this evening.


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  6. Darren

    I could see how a cold or cool shower is good for the nerves. Think of any time you go swimming, at the beach, in a pool, a mountain rock pool. Think of just how relaxed you feel. Cold water showers certainly make sense.

    I find a cold shower wakes you up more in the mornings. A hot one can actually make you feel drowsy.

    I never knew hot showers weakened the roots of your hair. Point noted.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Darren,

      You are abosultely right about hot showers making you feel drowsy. I almost feel like i need to nap everytime when i take one

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  9. Alan

    I think im going to try cold showers for some time i really had no idea that overly hot showers could have negative effects in the hair and skin and i’m guilty for taking long ones. Luckily where i live summer approaches so i may be taking them more often than not. It is amazing to know that something as simple as a cold shower proves to work well against stress.
    Thanks for the information im probably going to start doing this daily.

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Alan

      Lucky you that summer is approaching. A cold shower on a hot day feels a,aging. It set the tone and you feel more cal

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  14. Todd

    Great topic and interesting reasoning behind taking cold showers versus taking hot ones. Coming from traveling S. America over the last 6 years, I’ve heard from other cultures about the benefits of taking cold showers.

    But I never really know what the reasoning was behind this. One thing I think now is that showers should be low pressure. That definitely effects my nerves and I feel guilty about wasting water with high pressure showers.

    I really like your suggestions for changing one’s cycle from hot to cool, cool to colder. I’m going to give it a try and see how it feels on my system.

    Thanks for your information on this topic.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Todd,

      There’s once key rule you have to follow, to get any benefit from a cold shower and it’s this:

      You have to be warm before getting into the water. You can do that by starting it hot or by exercising for.

  15. angelce903


    I enjoyed your post! I am an enemy of cold showers since my childhood and your post might make me change my mind…The benefits of cold showers can be seen when you get a sauna for example because cold showers make you skin appear firm and supple. I also heard that a royal mistress in French history only took cold baths, whatever the temperature!

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  19. MA

    Great info!
    I love having cold showers, but I find it so hard to have them in winter! Maybe I wasn’t doing it the right way, I should follow your advice.

    When I take them I definitely feel more energised and revitalised. What I also do sometimes is to have a warm/hot shower and then end it up with cold water, which boost my energy! do you think the same benefits apply?


    1. Dylan

      It’s really important to be warm if you are taking a cold shower. Starting it off hot and finishing cold is a really good idea and you get the benefit of the hot water too

  20. Leo

    Always wondered is it safer to take a hot or a cold shower while using meth? I figured hot to help you sweat out toxins but at the same hyperthermia is what came into my head as a reason not to and for a cold shower I figured to reduce body temp but not because I know going from burning hot to ice cold can shock your body.

  21. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    I learned something new today, I never knew cold showers was healthy for you and hot showers bad for you. I usually take a luke warm shower, not hot yet not really cold.

    Great tips on how to take a cold shower, I would never thought of these if I had not read your article today.

    I will give this a try next time I shower, this will be a new experience for me.

  22. lilywong

    This is so informative. I never knew there are different benefits in taking hot or cold showers. Although I stay in a tropical country, I still can’t tolerate the shocking cold sensation when I step into a cold shower. Any ideas how to remedy this? Thanks for sharing this! I really like reading about the benefits!


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