How to Tone Flabby Arms


Having flabby arms can be a real blow to your self confidence. You may not want to wear certain clothes because it shows off the excess fat and might avoid certain activities because you feel embarrassed. You may be looking to fix this problem but have no clue on how to tone flabby arms.

flabby armYou are about to learn a very special exercise routine, called My System, that will keep your arms toned for life and do more for your body than you ever thought an exercise system could. And this is all done in a fast, fun and painless 15 minutes.

Before you learn about My System, lets look at what you want from a routine.

What to look for

When you tone your arms you have to work both the muscles and skin. Have you ever seen someone that lost a lot of weight and had lose skin drooping everywhere? They almost looked better before working out. So many exercises target your muscles only and don’t compensate for your sagging skin.

Next you want a routine that relaxes your body and not exhausts it. Life is already exhausting enough without straining yourself with exercise. Wouldn’t you rather give your body relaxation and rest to tackle life’s obstacles? When you exercise for relaxation you get more energy after the routine than before.

You also want a routine that is fast and equipment free. Your time is very precious and you shouldn’t have to workout for hours to get the results you want. You know what else is precious? Your Money. Going to the gym over the course of a few years will cost you THOUSANDS and equipment for your home will do the same. Also, when you use just your body to exercise you gain balance, flexibility and become more in-tune with your body.

Lastly, you want something that works out your your entire body and does more than just tone flabby arms. When I say entire body I really mean inside and out. You can only be truly healthy if your whole body is healthy and exercised daily. This means every muscle, every internal organ including your kidney, liver and digestive system. Also, increase lung power and like I mentioned before skin functionality.

My System Benefits

At this point you probably can’t think of a single way or routine that can satisfy everything; there’s a chance you think it’s impossible to do all those things and especially in fifteen minutes.

After reading this post you’ll know how to do it.

My System has unlimited benefits and can be performed by anyone including men, women, children and the elderly.

If you perform the routine daily you will get skin as soft as velvet and firm for life. Your skin will also be wrinkle proof for life and flab disappears.

cropped-my-system.jpgAfter performing the fast and fun 15 minutes you will have so much energy and be ready for whatever the day throws at you. Your whole body will be deeply relaxed and it will almost be impossible to get get angry or agitated. Your mood will improve and your mind will be very marvelously clear.

Your arms and whole body will become extremely muscular as well. This is done through body-weight only exercises and you will greatly improve physically too.

And believe it or not you will improve the functionality of all your internal organs (they’re the most important aspect of your overall health and strengthening them will improve overall well being incredibly) Having powerful lungs, kidneys, liver and digestive system prevents serious diseases.

Lastly, My System is a six week program that builds up your strength and flexibility and brings anyone at any level of fitness from to beginner to expert.

How it Works

My System is made up of exercise, self massage, deep breathing and tepid showers; when combined you get all the benefits I talked about before.

There’s many articles on this website about My System so I’m only going to briefly explain it. You can get an in depth look at it here.

In all there’s 19 different exercises: The first 9 are regular exercises like push ups, sit ups and other movements like that. This will give your strong and proportional muscles all around your body.

After these exercises you take a cool shower. A cool shower refreshes you in a way a hot shower ever could. It also strengthens your nerves and is much better for your skin and hair. You’ll be taught how to make the cool showers painless and you’ll love the feeling of the coldness much more than the hot.

After your shower you perform 10 more movements. These 10 movements combine self massage and exercise. The self massage is a simple stroking to the skin with your hands and this is what tones up your skin. There’s thousands of little muscles connected to your skin that lose their firmness over time if not exercised. This massage is the only way to keep these muscles in tip top shape. Any lose or flabby skin is toned up completely.

The massage also tones up your organs. They literally grow in size from the pressure and rubbing.

Lastly, there’s a special breathing technique that’s performed in between each exercise. This breathing is safe and strengthens your lung capacity. It also relaxes your body and immediately calms your nerves.

Breathing is directly connected to your metabolism; metabolism is the source of your energy and is made up from the combustion of oxygen and food. When you have a good metabolism your body produces more muscle tone and aids in removing flab.

Having a poor metabolism leads to metabolic disease which includes diabetes, obesity and anemia.

Breathing is also connected to confidence. Confident people breathe deep and fully and nervous people breathe shallow and feebly.

Make the Change

With the way the world is set up, its almost impossible to find time to relax effectively. Everyone has fifteen minutes a day and especially when you consider part of the fifteen minutes is your shower.

How many people just couldn’t make it in life because of bad nerves or image problems? These problems can be fixed so easily and with little effort.

My System is the most concise exercise system on the planet and uses scientific means to relax and strengthen every part of your body. It’s a treat and you will feel so energized and refreshed after completing it. Your youthful looks and attitude will last into your final days.

bend 22

Snippet from the video

Make sure to become a member here at Perfect Health At Home and get access to the six week video training inspired by My System. Every member gets access to safe and all natural means to improve every part of their health. You can literally save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your life by following this advice; you will  no longer need medicine to be in perfect health.

Please make sure to comment below any thoughts, questions or opinions and I’ll make sure to respond. Also, make sure to share this information with friends and family through social media!


25 Comments How to Tone Flabby Arms

  1. Vivi

    I know what a horrible blow to self confidence flabby arms can be, I’ve been trying to tone up mine for years and nothing seems to give me an effect I’m looking for. Your post is super informative and gives a light of hope in the long and dark tunnel, thank you! It looks like a method worth trying!

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Vive

      If you follow my system you can tone your arms up. It not only works the muscle but the skin too. There’s light don’t worry

  2. Ali

    This sounds so interesting! I really like the relaxing part as I feel it’s equally important and good for the mind, muscles and it also allows the body to naturally heal or repair itself. It was really interesting to learn that there are exercises or techniques that one can do to help eliminate flabby skin as I had no idea that that was possible! 😉

  3. rina

    Hi Dylan, this is interesting. Your point that the exercise system should target on both muscle and skin really make sense for me. And you are right that going to the gym can be very expensive, though I know some people really swear that having a personal trainer does make a different. But if I have a choice, definitely I’ll choose to do exercise at the comfort of my home.
    Does your system contains of a series of video guide on how to do the exercise, or also a personal coaching support?

  4. Dean

    Hi.I didnt know much about this topic before i read your article.I can only imagine what impact,this problem can have on one´s self confidence.We all see ads about products that invites us to buy expensive stuff that usually involve some kind of magic pills,or endless workouts.But as you mentioned not many people today have the time or will to workout.This is healthy and for sure painless way to get the same result.I for sure learned something new after reading it.Thanks for that.

  5. ValerieJoy

    Hi Dylan

    It’s great to learn that there is a remedy for getting rid of flabby arms as they are so unpleasant. I have never heard of this kind of help. Just wearing longer sleeves has been the only answer I’ve known.

    I found it interesting reading about the unlimited benefits that your system provides, and that it takes just six weeks to achieve the results. I think that is fantastic.

    I do have a question though – What happens after the six weeks? Is it necessary to continue doing exactly the same routine or can it be done, say just once or twice a week.

    I would expect that there is a need for some continued care, as is the case with any improvement program – or maybe not?

    Best wishes


    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting ValerieJoy

      And you have a really great question. The six weeks are meant to build your strength up so you can do the full routine in the sixth week. After that, you do the sixth week daily. There’s many ways to do it and you can break it up. Its a very fun routine and you end up looking forward to doing it everyday

      1. Valerie

        Thanks for your prompt reply Dylan

        Your program sounds really great. Building strength over those first six weeks really makes sense, in fact it is so important.

        I’ve done programs that have stressed me out due to being full on from the beginning. Now that I know about how your system works I’ll be back to visit your website a little later.

        In the meantime, many thanks and good wishes.


        1. Dylan

          Thanks for commenting Valerie
          And It’s so important to build up your strength over a period of time so you don’t get hurt and don’t exhaust yourself. I’m glad you doing the info helpful thanks.

  6. Sheila

    Hi Dylan,
    Your six week program sounds so easy and to good to be true. Just 15 minutes everyday can get me toned and healthy? What about weight loss, will your program help me achieve that as well? I’m willing to give it a try and I will keep you posted of my progress. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge on health and wellness.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Sheila,

      The results you get from doing My System daily are unbelievable. I have searched high and low for a better routine and haven’t found. If you take everything into consideration, the amount of time it takes to do, the benefits, the results and how enjoyable it is, it truly is the best.

      And it will definietly help you lose weight.

      Im glad you are going to give this a shot and can’t wait to hear back about your results.


  7. FifthJune

    Hey Dylan,

    What a fabulous article you have there i believe i would recommend your site to other people and also i didn’t realize that there is such things
    “Breathing is also connected to confidence. Confident people breathe deep and fully and nervous people breathe shallow and feebly.”

    I totally agree with you that due “With the way the world is set up, its almost impossible to find time to relax effectively.”
    Will look forward for further article through your website!


    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Rick,

      I’m glad to hear you are going to share this friends. I would really appreciate that. And yes deep breathing has many benefits and is linked to your confidence.

  8. Christian

    Wow, such interesting information! I would defiantly like to try this technique. What I really found exciting is the cold showers you recommend as one of the steps in the exercise and specifically, the fact that you could train me to actually enjoy them! Sounds like some zen/Jedi mind training to me. I love my hot showers. Is it really possible to enjoy cold showers more than warm ones ??
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Christian,

      The secret to enjoying a cold shower is being warm beforehand. Taking a cold shower while cold can actually damage your nerves, but taking a cold one while warm will strengthen your nerves.

      The best way to get warm is to exercise beforehand which is what you’ll be doing. Week by week you just slowly decrease the temperature and eventually you’ll love the feeling the coldness gives you. It feels so refreshing and much better than a hot one

      You can also start the shower hot and finish cold

  9. bioelectrobot

    Thanks for pointing this out. This is not something I am personally familiar with, however, I will try to be more sensitive if I meet people that deal with this issue. Although, I’ve not experienced this, I believe the loose skin issue is real. I had a friend who lost a significant amount of weight. The friend was so glad to have lost the weight, however, the sagging skin became a substantial issue. I’ve not given much thought to the idea of exercising for relaxation. I do remember a time when I was younger and I would go jogging in the evening. During this time I fell asleep faster and had higher quality sleep. So, I guess exercising for relaxation makes sense. Interesting. You’re right, I wasn’t able to come up with a 15 minute routine to take care of my entire body. You’ve certainly captured my attention. I’ll check out the six week video plan. Thanks.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting,

      My System is my favorite workout and it has so many benefits besides toning your arms. I’ve searched for something better and haven’t found anything yet.

  10. Get Sport Supplements

    Great article.

    With nowadays society personal image seems to be everything and something like flabby arms can ruin someone’s self esteem. So it’s good to see that there are ways to sort it out without any adverse affects.

    I have family members who suffer from this and get very embarrassed about it so I have forwarded this article onto them.

  11. Michelle

    This is a new topic of interest for me. Like most people I have a New Years resolution to take better care of my body. But….

    I cant particularly stand going to the gym! I’ve tried so many times and have in fact paid for memberships but never went on a regular basis.

    Mentally I work past the point of sanity so the relaxation strategy sounds really great. I’ll have a look at the
    videos but feeling quite positive, thank you 😉

    Kind Regards


    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Michelle

      And the relaxation it gives you is amazing. You are truly good for the day once you do it, and you won’t need coffee or anything like that for energy.

  12. shrey

    FInally, I found some useful information on how to tone flabby arms.I really haven’t worn anything apart from half sleeves or full-length sleeves just because I’m so conscious of my arms and think that hey are way too flabby.
    I think I would start implementing all the points you have mentioned here and would keep you updated on the results!


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