What is the Best Morning Workout?


Your morning sets the tone for your entire day and starting off good is key to being productive. One of the best morning habits is a refreshing and energizing workout that wakes you up from your morning fog. There are so many different ways to workout you may be asking yourself “what is the best morning workout?”

sunriseIn this article we’re going to look at what’s best for your body in the morning, what to avoid, and how Perfect Health At Homes video series inspired by My System exercise routine gives your mind and body exactly what it needs to have your best day possible.

Something That Gives You Energy

Did you know it’s completely possible to have more energy after a workout than it is before? A lot of people think the only way to get an effective workout is through straining your body until exhaustion; which is the last thing you want in the morning.

The two keys to an energizing workout is to oxygenate the blood and loosen the joints. So when you are picking a morning routine (or any part of the day really) make sure it’s something that won’t make you stiff over time.

Many bodybuilders are trading long term health for short term gains. In their attempt o put on as much mass as possible they become inflexible and rigid. This rigidity packs the organs in tightly and makes it harder to breathe properly.

Your breathing is extremely important to your health and is the source of your bodies energy. In order to breathe properly you have to develop a flexible thorax (Bodybuilders get the opposite) and practice deep breathing. Doing these two will guarantee oxygenated blood and that means a good morning for you!

Also, you just spent the entire night sleeping while getting little movement. Your body is at its most stiff in the morning and desperately needs to be stretched. Doing so will relax you for the entire day.

A snippet of me from the video course

A snippet of me from the video course

My System focuses on building strength and flexibility while improving your breathing (And a lot more as you will see shortly.) There’s a few workouts that can do this but as you will see in the next section they aren’t right for mornings.

You Don’t Have Much Time

A few of the other workouts I was eluding to in the previous sentence are yoga and qigong and anything like that. They are extremely beneficial workouts but they take a long time to perform. They were developed in cultures with their own people in mind; not the active lifestyle of Westerners.

If you are anything like me you may not leave yourself all that much time in the morning for a hour long yoga session. So it’s very essential to pick a routine that is efficient and can fit into a hectic morning.

How Does fifteen minutes sound?

My System has 20 exercises that is performed in exactly that amount of time. This is possible because not a single second or breath is wasted in the entire routine. Did I mention that your morning shower is connected to the workout and is incorporated into the 15 minutes?

If your can’t spare that much time than wake up fifteen minutes earlier. There are just too many benefits you’ll miss if you don’t.

Take Care of All Your Health Needs

Have you ever heard the expression you are as strong as your weakest link? This couldn’t be more true when it comes to your body.

There’s a lot more to your body than just your muscles, and if you only focus there you will be missing out on true health. In order to be truly healthy you have to develop every part of your body equally. This includes:

-Every muscle and not just arms or chest

-Improving lung capacity and function

-Making sure all your internal organs (kidney, digestive system, liver) work properly

-And having strong and high functioning skin

What’s the point of having strong muscles if you’re constantly getting sick because your skin can’t protect your body from germs and disease? Or trying to put on so much mass you hurt your digestive system from over eating?

Your body is interconnected and your overall health depends on every part working efficiently. If one part fails it can be devastating to your overall health and can lead to disease, sickness or worst.

My System makes you strong inside and out. It pays attention and develops every muscle in your body and focuses as much time on the equally (or more) important aspects of health like your skin, lungs and internal organs.

What is My System

At this point you are probably feeling either excited, skeptical or both. Every feeling you have is valid and I was a skeptic when I first heard all these statements. I’m here to tell you every things is true and since I started over two years ago, I haven’t missed a single day; it’s so valuable and essential to me day I wouldn’t even consider missing it. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who was terrible in the mornings.

my systemQuestion: So how does My System oxygenate your blood and loosen up all your joints while at the same time workout every muscle from head to toe and improve your lungs, skin and internal organs in a way that’s fun, easy, and fast?

Answer: Through the power of exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers and how they scientifically relax, strengthen and improve the overall health of your body.

My System was developed by one of the greatest and most respected health experts of all time named JP Muller. He was a celebrated athlete and spent fifty years developing My System to perfection.

Here at Perfect Health At Home we developed the only six week video series available on My System. There’s a lot of theory involved and learning can be difficult without the aid of video.

You will be taught every step and go from absolute beginner in week one to expert in week six with no confusion or hassle.

How it Works

I’ve written about My System and how to do it many times on this website. Because of this I’m only going to very briefly describe the routine and benefits and provide you with links to read more. You can take an in depth look at My System here.

First off you start the routine with 9 bodyweight exercises. The whole workout requires no equipment or weights. These bodyweight exercises are standard strengthening exercises like pushups, sit ups and knee bends.

From these exercises you:

-Develop a strong core

-Improve Strength

-Build muscle

You will learn to do these in about 7 minutes.

Next, it’s time for your daily shower. It’s recommended that it’s a cool or cold shower because it’s better for your skin, hair and nerves. If you are only used to hot showers you should slowly decrease the temperature over a period of weeks or months so your body acclimates to the cold water.

Doing so will make you enjoy the cold water and it will feel so refreshing you will never want to take a hot shower again. Also, working out before warms your body up and it makes the cold water feel that much better.

After you completely dry off you begin the self massage portion. This and the deep breathing (which we’ll get to in a second) is what really separates this routine from all other ones.

The massage takes up the last eleven exercises and takes 7 minutes to perform. Essentially you will be massaging and rubbing your skin and muscles. As a result, you skin will become soft as velvet yet firm.

Additionally you’ll:

-Wrinkle proof your skin for life

-Improve circulation

-Remove all pimples and improve complexion

The secret to healthy skin is cleanliness and friction; the shower gives you the cleanliness and skin rub gives you the friction.

Lotions don’t really work and will costs you tens of thousands of dollars of your life time. Nothing in the world will make your skin look and feel as good as these exercises. You can read more about the massage here.

Also, you will be massaging the important organs like liver, kidney and digestive system. Doing so will strengthen them and actually make them get bigger in size; which is so valuable to your health.

Statue celebrating Muller's body. He developed it this much through My System

Statue celebrating Muller’s body. He developed it this much through My System

In between each exercise you will be performing two special standing deep breaths. This will improve lung function and metabolism. A good metabolism gives you more energy, more muscle and less fat. A poor metabolism can result in metabolic disease which includes diabetes, obesity, and anemia.

Deep breathing is one of the healthiest and best things you can do for your health and well being. Some of the benefits are better mood and freedom from anxiety, worry and nervousness. (Read more about deep breathing here).

You will also learn how to breathe properly in every exercise.

Be the Master of Your Own Health

The information exists for you to become perfectly healthy and to do so in a short period of time. There are countless benefits of My System and it is the best way to start your day.

sitting twist

From the video

Your body will feel good and be energized all day. You won’t need coffee or any other stimulants because you will enough natural stimulation to last until you close your eyes.

The best part is how clear it makes your mind. You will get a genuine relaxation and calmness from this.

When you become a member at Perfect Health At Home and gain access to video series you are no longer a slave to sickness. You will learn over a period of six weeks how to keep yourself completely healthy for your entire life.

You will also learn from different health experts about:

-The secret to nutrition

-Facial massages that keep you looking youthful for life

-Relaxation exercises to keep your life stress free

Make sure to comment your thoughts and opinions below and I’ll make sure to respond. Also, make sure to share the info with friends and family on social media. Thanks for reading!

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39 Comments What is the Best Morning Workout?

  1. Harry Kaelber

    It was a surprise that you did not use any equipment. You can do this any where, that you take your body.I had never thought about exercise forr my organs, but I can see that it could help. The cold shower will take some getting used to, but I can see that it will make your skin tougher. I may try some of your excercises to see what it will do for my breathing. With your system a person doesn’t need a lot of money or time.

  2. Chloe

    I’ve never been a big fan of training first thing in the morning, simply because I’ve always trained hard- as you said, many people believe this is the only way to train. This just meant that 1. I was training hard while my body was still stiff from sleeping- and it hurt. 2. I was tired for the rest of the day!
    I really like your approach to exercising in the morning, though. I like that you go into more than simply ‘exhaust yourself as quickly as possible’. I think I’m going to have to try your system, and see if it makes my mornings go better 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Chloe!

      Since I started doing it I can’t imagine starting my mornings any other way. It gives you natural energy for the whole day and you won’t crash like when use stimulants like coffee or energy drinks. You can take care of all your bodily needs in just fifteen minute since and before you start your day.

      I hope you give it a try and feel how good it feel

  3. marcelg

    This is a facinating morning work out routine! It kind of feels like it has a bit of an Ayurvedic balancing approach.

    Considering your morning shower as part of your workout is an interesting take on it… I have never thought of it that way – but I have also heard that switching between cool and warm and then cool and warm water a few times in the shower actually helps with circulation too.

    Problem for me is – I am not a morning person and even though I have tried for years to change that – it has not changed and likely will not lol.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting.

      Trust me I wasn’t a morning person either. I can’t start my day any other way now. It’s very energizing and is so easy. You can even break it up do the first half in the morning and second half at night.

  4. Karma

    I enjoy the article, I can not wait to test the “Mullers My System”. I have wake up many morning in a fog. I now can start my day with energy after a workout. The program will allow me oxygenate my blod and loose my joints, by practice deep breathing.
    Through the power of exercise, deep breathing, self massage I will be able to relax and gain strengthen.

  5. Bob Lynch


    I agree with the premise of beginning a day with a workout.

    I can’t say I’ve ever tried “My System”. It seems like it could be beneficial.

    I have alternated a morning jog one day with a cardio workout the next day with very positive results.

    I agree it’s not all about upper-body strength. It’s about internal and external mind, body, and spirit for total health.

    Your article is well written and easy to understand.

    Good job.


  6. Kristie

    Working out in the morning has never been a priority in my life. I am not a morning person and I would generally start my day with a good breakfast or coffee. Even though I know that coffee is not the best option for getting my butt in gear. Recently, I have started taking better care of myself and exercising when I wake up. I can not believe the amount of energy it gives me. Whereas before by lunch time, I could have used a good siesta. Any exercise program that lets me exercise and do part of that in the shower is definitely one for me. Cold showers definitely will take some time. I have done it before on accident and the burst of cold water definitely wakes you up. No equipment necessary and I feel revived and ready to start my day. Sounds like a plan for me. Thanks , Dylan, I am looking forward to better health in 2015-16.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Kristie

      I’m glad to hear you’re taking better care of yourself. You can ease into the cool shower too. You don’t have to go straight to cold.

      I hope you a healthy 2015/2016 and beyond

  7. cutepackagingbeautyproducts

    Hi Dylan,

    I think working in the morning is great way to start the day and everyone should at least do a short workout in the morning. However, I guess the most difficult part of it is getting started! I find difficulty in waking early just to work out. That being said, your exercise system that only takes 15 mins and no equipments needed makes working out in the morning more feasible and manageable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting.

      It helps this routine is connected with your shower; Which most people do in the morning. I have yet to find a better way to wake u

  8. Mike

    I like to keep my morning workout simple and relatively equipment-free. My routine in an hour of brisk walking. Half way through I do squats, pushups, and stretches. The only real equipment I need for this is a good pair of walking shoes. Usually later in the day I so some modified yoga-type stretching to try to stay limber.

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting mike

      It sounds like you have a very effective morning routine. This routine is connected with your shower so it can easily fit into what you’re already doing. I hope you consider it.

  9. Merceadez

    I loved your article. I have recently gotten into working out and lost about 75 pounds. I love doing yoga but never thought to do it in the morning to start out my day. What do you think about Ashantaga Yoga for mornings. It’s the kind that I usually do but I know its a bit more strenuous than other forms of yoga, is that good for the mornings?

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Merceadez

      I’m not to knowledgable in yoga. If it works for you and makes you feel good then idesay keep at it.

  10. John Rico

    Hi there! Is this six week exercise for free? I mean I am really eager to have a routine to follow since I get tired of doing pushups everyday. Is the results guaranteed? I really appreciate you response. By the way, i find it really hard to do exercise in the morning. I hope for your response. Thanks

    1. Dylan

      the six week course requires a small one time membership fee but you’ll get a to of extra stuff with it like nutrition guide and powerful relaxation exercises. Results and better health are guaranteed

  11. Chris

    Hey there,

    I stumbled upon your site, which is amazing I must say! Such useful and quality content.

    Very well written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.

    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.

    Kind regards


  12. Aaron

    Hey thanks for the information. When I work out in the morning, I feel much more energized for the day. The only problem is I do heavy weight compound exercises and it seems like I am more strong in the afternoon as compared to the morning.

    I did have a question though: I have been reading about cold showers and I can’t get myself to get in when it’s so cold!! Do you have any suggestions on how to make it easier to get in cold water upon waking?

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Aaron.

      There’s a few ways to take a cold and have it feel comfortable. The first way is to exercise first so your body is warmed up. Another way is to start the shower hot and turn it cold for the end. Last try dabbing cold water on your neck and face before jumping in

      Never take a cold shower when cold though

  13. Carlton Gonder

    Hi Dylan,
    Your article indeed is a great find for those who simply don’t have that much time to work out. I agree with the oxygenation of the blood and the loosening of joints, especially after being in the military for 14 years.I Wish I would of know about this 14 years ago though, but I guess it’s never to late to try new things.Do you have any suggestions for natural treatment of pain in joints?

    Yours Truly,

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Carlton

      I truly believe this workout should be taught in the military. And this workout will help a lot with pain in the joints. The stretching, deep breathing, and massage are natural ways of healing. After this workout you will feel extremely loose

  14. Becky

    I LOVE exercise so this was very interesting to read about, What is qigong? I like how you have video snippets of your workout in your post. It’s super nice you only have to spend 15 minutes per day on your workouts! I think it’s safe to say, We are all crunched for time so we skip working out but 15 minutes is totally doable!!
    Just one suggestion,I would indent your bullets…but that is minor!

  15. netp

    I used to never exercise, until about two years ago – I made sure it became an essential part of my life and that changed my life. I’m not a morning person, but I have found that when I just get myself up and get a workout done, I feel energised for the day. I really like the sound of “my system” – no equipment appeals to me, because it means it’s something I can adopt when travelling. I’d never thought of having a cold shower, but have sometimes used it as a method after doing a long-distance run over my legs, so I think I could get used to that. Again, deep breathing exercises is something I’ve thought and read much about but haven’t incorporated into my routine. Sounds like a great one to try out and perfect for me! Thanks

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting

      This workout really does have so much to offer and it really is the best way to start your day. I’m glad you found everything interesting and relevant. Good luck in the future with everything health related

  16. meherbani

    Your website is very informative with great information!
    I wake up early every morning at about 5:30 to get my 4 mile run in before I begin my day. If I don’t and try to do this later in the day I am struggling through the day as well as the run. I am also a firm believer in cool showers.
    I’m going to bookmark this site for further reference.

    Thanks for this great info!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting,

      The skin rubbing in My System is perfect for your after run shower, it’s actually recommeded

  17. Funkydunc

    Hi Dylan,
    I found this information quite interesting. Stretching exercises are often overlooked and are pivotal in maintain good body movement and success while exercising. The concept of breathing being part of the regime is a crucial thought. I think we often overlook deep breathing exercises.
    I am a little cynical of a product called My Perfect Health at Home. No one has perfect health nor can they attain it. I would not consider buying into a product that is promising something that is impossible. Genetics, environment and stress are just some of the contributors to declining health, no matter what amazing program we try to implement.

    1. Dylan

      The website is actually called Perfect health at home and the routine is called My system. Perfect health is obtainable and it’s simply having healthy organs that can eliminate all waste from your body and clean blood; my system will give you that

  18. Patrick

    I subscribe to the notion and have also seen its benefit personally of taking advantage of a cold shower in the morning as well as a nice glass of lemon & honey water, room temperature.

    With the workout, you propose and the methods offered, I can see myself losing the rest of the weight, having more energy throughout the day and looking toner, feeling better and more energized.

    Awesome article!

  19. Lee

    Not knowing much about fitness i found this very interesting, i had no idea about the feeling awake part post work out. I’ going to have to give that one a try. My system looks like something i would be very interested and I’m intrigued to read more into it. I need to do more exercise but having a busy life it gets put to the back of the sue, this could be the perfect thing for me to do in the morning.
    Many Thanks

  20. Sharon Whyte

    Good article. I know exercise is best in the morning and I guess you have to do something that resonates or you wont do it at all. Well that us usually how I operate! I like agood morning walk however I know varied exercise is key.
    Thanks for your adivce on this, cheers Sharon .

  21. Sharon Whyte

    Good article. I know exercise is best in the morning and I guess you have to do something that resonates or you wont do it at all. Well that us usually how I operate! I like agood morning walk however I know varied exercise is key.
    Thanks for your adivce on this, cheers Sharon .

  22. Lisa Simone

    Hi Dylan,
    Thanks for the article. This is something I may have to try. I am always looking for new ways to work out especially ones that are effective but don’t take a lot of time.I usually exercise after work but like the idea of doing it in the morning. Are you doing this work out on an empty stomach?


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