Anti Aging Skin Care for Men: Fast and Easy


Anti aging skin care for men doesn’t need to be expensive or feminine. It can actually be a fast, easy and enjoyable process; something that actually benefits you and something you look forward to everyday.


My System Cover

I’m going to introduce you to a revolutionary skin care procedure that will change the way you look at your skin. This procedure is called My System and will keep your skin:

  • Ageless
  • Toned
  • Wrinkle Proof
  • Soft like velvet

All for life.

And the Best Part? It takes Seven minutes to do and all you need are your hands. Before we get into My System lets look at a few things.

Why You Need Healthy Skin

Your skin is really important to your over all health. In fact, it’s probably a top 3 aspect.

It is the largest organ on your body and protects you against germs and bacteria. People with weak skin are more prone to sickness while those with strong skin fight off sickness much better.

Did you know your skin is also responsible for getting rid of waste products and toxins? If it doesn’t function properly those harmful products are kept in the body. This can lead to feelings of sluggishness and low energy. It also can be responsible for a foggy brain and concentration problems.

Being healthy and looking healthy has so much importance. Women place a high value on it and your relationships across the board will improve with higher levels of energy and health.

Your skin is what people see. They make judgments about your overall health based on it. Skin that’s wrinkled, saggy or pimply are indicators of bad health. It may seem unfair but this can cost you promotions, dates and all sorts of stuff. People want to associate with healthy people; they produce better.

Skin that’s firm, smooth and clear shows great health. They show someone that can produce (be it happiness or anything tangible).

Believe it or not you breathe through your skin too.

Remember the body is a unit and is only as strong is its weakest link. When one part is failing it will have an effect on the entire body. Many people only focus on a few things and ignore the rest. You need to focus on your skin daily.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Products

I can understand the allure of anti aging creams or lotions. They have huge marketing departments and do a great job marketing their products.

Do they actually help? No.

Does it make these skin companies lots of money? Yes.

Lotions and creams only give the illusion of healthy skin. It fills in the lines of dry and damaged skin and makes them seem functional. Once you wipe the lotion off, your skin is revealed for what it truly is. Nothing was actually done to help the underlying problem.

Again I can see the allure of this. But wouldn’t you rather actually have healthy and strong skin? These two things are the key to ageless skin. But how do you get that?

The Two Secrets to Ageless Skin

The two secrets are:

  1. Cleanliness and
  2. Friction

Cleanliness is something you are familiar with which comes from your daily shower and other little habits like wearing clean clothes. (Hopefully) These are habits you have already adapted.

What a daily shower and good soap does is clean the dirt from all your tiny pores and keeps the skin soft and smelling good. Cold water is more beneficial than hot water but only when done right.

Friction may be something you didn’t know about.

There are thousands of tiny muscles that are connected to the vessels of your skin. Without exercise, these muscles lose their firmness and that’s when sagging and wrinkling happens.

Intelligent application of friction helps keep these muscles firm and toned for life; its the only way these muscles can get exercise.

One way to get friction is with a skin brush. Another is very special massage technique that was developed in My System.

How My System Works

My System is the most complete exercise routine and gives you more benefits in such a short amount of time than anything else available.

It is broken up into a few parts and only takes fifteen minutes to complete. Seven of these minutes are dedicated to your skin with a special skin rub.

You’ll also be taking your daily shower during these fifteen minutes; combine that with the skin rub and there’s your friction and cleanliness.

All you need for the skin portion is your hands. Its a simple stroking and rubbing with your palms in a specific pattern to your skin. Every part of body is polished and toned and perfect/ageless skin results. You organs benefit from this massage too.

The Rest of My System?

You may be a little skeptical or astonished at this point and I understand those feelings. I was skeptical too when I first discovered all this. How can almost all your health needs be taken care of in just fifteen minutes?

First off, you need to realize there’s nothing superficial about this routine. Every single aspect is meant to improve your health. You won’t do more than necessary to develop and maintain perfect health.

Next, it took over fifty years to develop and improve every aspect for efficiency and better results. One of the most respected and influential health experts, JP Muller, used My System to achieve remarkable athletic and health achievements.

Not only will our muscles will be developed and be strengthened greatly but so will every part of your body. The more important aspects to overall health are your lungs, skin and internal organs. All this is made healthy by My System.

It does this by combining exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cool showers. This combination scientifically relaxes, tones and strengthen the body inside and out.

Every movement and breath is taken into account and you will smoothly move from exercise to exercise. You will actually have more energy after the routine than before; the benefits are endless.

Start Today, Not Tomorrow 

Your health is too important to ignore. Become a member at Perfect Health At Home and you will gain access to the entire 6 week video training course of My System.

Learning this system can be complicated and you’ll need the videos to assist. It simplifies every step and will easily take any beginner to advanced.

Scene 0 ( toe touch

Snippet of Video Course

Becoming a member will give you access to other equally helpful health tips like nutrition and relaxation exercises.

The information exists to be perfectly healthy for life at any age. And not only does is exists, you just discovered it!

Don’t be passive about your health. Take command and reap the benefits; it’s the only investment in life that guarantees positive results.

I hope you enjoyed this article and website. Please comment below and I’ll make sure to respond. Also, share on social media so your friends and family can read.





6 Comments Anti Aging Skin Care for Men: Fast and Easy

  1. darren

    me and my wife are into holistic health. we are always looking for new healthy ways to supplement life. that lifestyle leads to youthful look. in a coarse of 5 years i look like i lost 8 years off my age. so this can be a big benfit. thanks alot.

  2. roamy

    Hi there
    Im surprised to read a post with anti aging for men, this is an ignored area and most people think it`s only women who worry about wrinkles or roned skin.
    l totally agree that cleanliness make a big difference when it come to skin care both for women and men.
    Thanks for a very informative read, although l take good care of my skin, lm sure most guys dont and l hope they can read your post.
    Cheers Roamy

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Roamy,

      Skin is so important and both sexes should take care of it. It’s a very simple process and Im glad you found it interesting.

  3. shrey

    Wow this was a really informative and i really never thought there could be some exercise for this issue because most of us usually indulge in shortcuts and go for some products which could be directly applied.
    However, most of the people ignore such issues and I feel they should be using this site to help themselves as it is really a lost cost way to start off their process.

  4. Gareth

    It’s good that men are looking after themselves better nowadays, anti aging for men is something new for men but a very good idea.
    Your site is very interesting and very informative on your skin, i never looked or thought of skin in that way before.
    I did not know that your skin is responsible for getting rid of waste and toxins from your body.
    I am going to bookmark this site for future reference and come back to it.
    Thank you dylan very interesting


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