How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss


Loosing weight has so many benefits and can improve your health in so many ways. It can give you confidence and make you happier with life. After loosing weight, especially if it’s a lot of weight, you can be left with droopy and sagging skin. It’s pretty unappealing and can make people self conscious. You are about to learn how to tighten loose skin after weight loss with a fast and easy 7 minute skin massage that will eliminate the problem all together.weight loss

Importance of Skin

Before we get into the specifics of the skin massage lets look at your skin and why it’s important.

Your skin is a protective layer and one of the most important aspects of your overall health. Your skin helps eliminate waste products from your body and your partially breathe with it. It also, helps protect your body from germs and bacteria which prevents sickness and bad health.

Your skin helps regulate the temperature of your body.

Also, the condition of your skin is an indication of your health to other. People are mostly visual and make judgement about your well being when seeing your skin. Healthy skin will improve your attractiveness and lead to better relationships.

These judgement aren’t shallow either. People want their children to be healthy and your own level of health is good indication of what type of children you will produce.

People will look at you more favorably if you lose unhealthy weight but may be unfavorable to unsightly loose skin.

Your Skin Needs Exercise

Many people fail to recognize this is as a truth. There are thousands of tiny muscles connected to the vessels of your skin. Any part of your body that isn’t properly exercised routinely will lose strength and functionality.

Under exercised skin will wrinkle prematurely and dangle loosely.

The skin massage I mentioned, which takes seven minutes, is part of a full body workout routine that takes a total of fifteen minutes called My System. It is an all natural way to exercise and keep your skin healthy for life; no matter what age or sex.

Many people believe lotions and creams are they key to perfect skin but this isn’t the case. The two secrets to healthy skin are friction and cleanliness.

This skin massage is scientific and is done in a very specific manner using just the palms of your hand. It is a simple rubbing which creates the friction I just mentioned. You can read more about it here.

What Healthy Skin Looks Like

Healthy skin has a good complexion and is free from pimples (pimples and blemished are a sign of unhealthy skin)

It is also firm and unwrinkled while remaining soft like velvet. It is elastic too. Doing the skin rub everyday will give your skin exactly that and in such a short time too.

A Wrinkled Face

A Wrinkled Face

Did you know you can have skin so healthy you could ski in the middle of the winter in nothing but your underwear and be completely safe and comfortable (you’ll get skin this strong with My System)? Being able to do that is the epitome of healthy skin

Earlier I said lotions and creams aren’t what makes your skin healthy. This is because it gives you softness and improves complexion superficially. It doesn’t actually help your skin but merely gives the illusion of it. Once you wipe off the lotion your skin returns back to its normal unhealthy condition.

The skin massage in My System will actually improve how your skin functions. Any lose skin, especially from weight loss, will tone up and will stay toned. It can also reverse the aging process and take wrinkles away from your body.

My System

Your body is interconnected and the health of one aspect relies on the health of another. You won’t ever truly have healthy skin unless every part of your body is working to its best condition. This includes all your muscles, your lungs and all your internal organs. If one of those aren’t working properly than the rest will suffer. “You’re as strong as your weakest link.”

If you’ve just lost weight or you plan on losing a lot of weight you probably did or are going to focus on your muscles and do standard weight loss exercises. You can find these exercises in a million spots in different books or places on the internet.

But what about maintaining or improving your kidney? Your lungs? Your digestive system? Your liver?

My System will teach you on how to do all of that and in just fifteen minutes with no equipment; all you’ll need is your body.

This is done through different exercise movements, deep breathing, cool showers and self massage.  This is a far superior exercise routine than anything you will find. Your muscles will grow but the important parts of your body will be strengthened too.

There’s also a six week video course offered at Perfect Health at Home that will bring any beginner to advanced and will very clearly teach you this concise system.

One Last Thing

I hope you now realize the importance of your skin and consider how important it is to keep your entire body healthy. Your muscles are important but not the most important part of your health.

Big arms can look impressive but failing to keep all other parts of yourself healthy will make your big arms useless.

Becoming a member at Perfect Health at Home will give you access to this powerful exercise system. You will save thousands be cutting all gym costs and reducing doctor visits.

You will have a hard time getting sick and your mood will improve greatly.

You’ll also get access to a nutrition guide and powerful relaxation routine; as well as many other things.

Make sure to comment below any questions or thoughts and ill make sure to respond. Also, share with friends and family. Thanks!




26 Comments How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

  1. Sienna

    Great read. Skin is our body’s largest organ but unfortunately, many people seem to take it for granted. Before reading this article, I thought it would be enough to just take daily baths, moisturise and also apply acne cream (where necessary). However, now I’m intrigued to read more about the skin massage you mentioned in your article. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Sienna

      Daily baths are extremely important but so is friction. It will jeep your skin tone for life

  2. Sheila

    Hi Dylan,
    I’ve always been an advocate for massage and know first hand the therapeutic benefits it brings to the whole body. I a few years ago I lost 49 pounds rather rapidly and my skin looked pretty saggy for about 6 months. But as I practiced the massage routines it slowly tighten back up. Thank you for sharing this great information. Everyone should try this system for at least 6 weeks.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Sheila,

      Massaging has so many benefits. This massage has the added benefits of being combined with exericse and breathing. Your skin and your organs will benefit greatly from this

  3. Kim

    Great expertise! I have been navigating your site and reading up to find my way to better health! I am a flight attendant and I need all the help I can get when it comes to taking care of health! Exhaustion and work conditions are against me!
    Thanks for all your insight! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Kim,

      This website and My System is perfect for you. It can be performed anywhere and only takes fifteen minutes. it also gives you more energy after performing than before. These are all things that will benefit you especially with a hecti career as a flight attendant

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  5. Jessica

    Hi Dylan,

    Your system sounds great especially if it helps with skin. I didn’t realize that creams and lotions do nothing as I have used them for years. I have very dry skin and you are right that once the lotion has been wiped off the illusion is gone. I also know people who are very obsessed with the idea they will have sagging skin after losing weight. It is good to know that there are some options out there.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Jessica,

      Im glad you found the information useful. Please share with the friends who are worried about sagging skin

  6. Sammi

    Hi Dylan, this is a really interesting article.

    This would be particularly useful after pregnancy as well. A lot of women put on excess weight over the 9 months so unless they exercise, it rarely drops off.

    I have to say, I have seen a few women with loose baggy bellies as they lost weight too quickly after the birth. I think the key is to lose consistently and gradually.


    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Sammi,

      And I think I’ll go ahead and write that article about tightening skin after pregnancy. That can be really helpfu

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  8. Jerry

    Hi Dylan, I read your article with great interest and will surely keep this in mind. I wonder if aromatherapy can have the same or similar effects? I live in a very sunny country, does it also treat and cure liver spots, which are a sign of weaker skin spots (I know they are called that because of their colour). Cheers, Jerry

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Jerry

      I’m not that knowledgable in aromtherapy so I couldn’t answer that question. However, My System can help with all sorts of blemishes on yoru skin.

  9. NemiraB

    Hello Dylan, you have an interesting topics covered here. I think that nowadays, especially after New Years resolutions your advices are worth to check out.
    It would be great that people would take care of ourselves in early age. A lot problems would disappear if human beings would take prevention steps. I guess that your program is about it, it is not?
    Mostly of all diseases happen when we forgot that we are not robots. We treat ourselves as machines. Consequences are not so delightful because drugs can help just in emergency.
    It is the same with skin, which requires constant attention. If we eat junk food, it will show up on our faces.
    I wish that your visitors would awake and they would take a chance to follow your advices and try your program. I believe that it is a great thing.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Nemira

      And yes a big part of this program is prevention and maintenance. It is much easier to develop a normal healthy body than one that has been neglected or injured.

  10. curtis

    What a great article I learned more about skin than I ever really knew. Great reading I am looking forward to learning more and sharing your page with a few people I believe could benefit from it. Great job on the layout and navigating is easy. I will definitely be checking back to your page again soon to read more.

    1. Dylan

      Yeah the skin has a lot more purpose and is more important to health than people realize. Thanks for sharing the article and commenting!

  11. Sami


    Thank you for the information about the wrinkled skin, and the breathing exercises. The breathing exercises were popular many years ago among a group I worked with. I do not think we actually were properly instructed about using this practice. We did not stay with it!

    Your membership looks interesting as well. I feel a little exercise would not hurt any of us! With the information you share, I know it is to my best interest to get started!

    Thank you

  12. Ben


    This is a great post, people need to know more about skin, I have had a lot of trouble with my skins over the years and was never really taking care of it.

    I now moisturize and try to have a healthy diet to keep a healthy appearance to my skin

  13. Zoey-Red LeFey

    Hello Dylan,
    Wow! Your website is educational and informative. As a health and fitness consultant, I understand how you will have loose skin after losing weight. You explained the natural way of tightening your skin and I think this way is the best way! Thank you for sharing this information.

  14. jschicanha

    for many years i have been experiencing hardship with my weight because it has been to high and in most cases i just use to be admitted in hospital with the problem of overweight and there was a day that my doctor told me that if i dont reduce the weight i might suffer from heart attack and many problem

    thanks for the information provided

  15. Kurtis Quick

    This is very interesting. I know bathing is very important. are two showers or 3 showers a day too much for my skin? if I lotion my skin after a shower can I shower 2-3 times a day and still have healthy skin? My skin already gets really itchy when I get overheated during a work out, i think its dryness


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