How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs–In Seven Easy Minutes


Having cellulite can be a struggle and most people aren’t sure how to get rid of cellulite on thighs or anywhere else on their bodies. Most people believe the only way to fix this problem is through risky, expensive and painful procedures or to pay small fortune on different types of creams and lotions.


Leg affected by cellulite

Almost everyone is completely unaware of the actual solution to the cellulite problem and  is misinformed about the proper way to care for your skin and how prevent and remove cellulite. Preserving your skin is easily done with no lotions, creams or any other instrument other than your hands; it can be done all naturally.

How you do this is through the proven health regimen called My System by health expert JP Muller and the Perfect Health At Home’s six week video training course inspired by My System and other health experts. Using the information in the video course will:

-Give you the information needed to prevent cellulite in the future

-Remove cellulite if you already have it

-Remove wrinkles anywhere on your body

-Tone your skin and make it soft and smooth as velvet

Before we get into the course let’s look at what cellulite is and why common treatments just aren’t the answer.


What is Cellulite and Who does it Affect

All cellulite is fat deposits that begin to push through layers of connective tissue under the skin. This causes unsightly dimples to form and the most common spot for the dimples to form is the thighs, hips, your arm and stomach.

Basically this problem stems from a lack of exercise, muscle tone and proper skin care.

Unfortunately this is a problem that only really affects women. 90 percent of women develop cellulite in their lifetime and only 10 percent of men do. This is mainly because women tend to carry more fat and have more hormones.

90 percent is an alarmingly high number of people to suffer from this condition. This tells me one things about modern skin care and skin care products–They don’t work!

The reason lotions don’t work is because it merely gives the illusion of good health. When you put on lotion it improves your complexion superficially but does nothing for the underlying cause; your skin will suffer from it’s root problem.

The Two Secret Keys to Perfect Skin 

The first key to perfect skin is something I’m sure you are familiar with–Cleanliness. Cleanliness comes from showering daily and using soap. This cleans the dirt from your body and unclogs your pores.

The second key to keeping healthy skin and preventing or getting rid of cellulite is friction.

This may sound strange but it’s true. Friction “exercises” the million of capillaries of the skin and makes them sound, strong and hearty.

Your skin is extremely important to your body’s overall health; it’s your first line of defense against germs and bacteria and is also responsible of getting rid of waste in your body.  When your skin is weak germs and bacteria easily penetrate into your body and sickness and disease develop. So you can see the importance of healthy skin.

Friction also creates a massage for the skin muscles and creates what is known as “skin tone” and “muscle tone.” Strong skin is firm and soft. Cellulite is an example of loss of muscle and skin tone. 90 percent of women will have cellulite; this means 90 percent of women will develop weak skin

What Should You Do?

I mentioned earlier  My System and the video course inspired by it. The author, JP Muller (a champion athlete and health expert), understood the importance of skin and the lack of knowledge concerning the care of it. He knew friction and cleanliness were the key to perfect skin.

cropped-my-system.jpgOver a period of fifty years Muller developed a health regimen and workout that completely massages and workouts every muscle and piece of skin on your body.  The best part of My System is it:

-Can be done at home

-Requires no weights or equipment

-And can be done in 15 minutes a day (The skin exercises that remove cellulite take 7 minutes)

How it Works

This is a workout you’ve most likely never seen before and it may be hard to picture. I’ll describe it briefly now so you get a better idea of it (you can read more about the workout here).

Essentially, the workout is divided into four sections: Exercise, cool showers, self massage and deep breathing.

First Nine Exercises

The first nine exercise of My System are for your muscles, strength and flexibility. They are all bodyweight movements (which means you only use your body and no weights or equipment) and include exercises like pushups, situps and leg raises. This makes up the first 6 to 7 minutes of the routine.

Statue celebrating Muller's body. He developed it this much through My System

Statue celebrating Muller’s body. He developed it this much through My System

In all, the nine exercises will greatly develop your muscle and make you very strong. These are movements and workouts you see professional athletes and military people do all the time.

Cool Shower

After you get done with the first nine exercise you take a cool shower; this satisfies the cleanliness aspects of skin care.

Cool showers have more health benefits than hot showers. The most important health benefit is the affect it has on your nerves. Taking a cool shower in the morning will make you steady and give you a clear head for the entire day.

Cool showers are also better for your hair and skin.

Don’t worry if you think a cool shower will be unpleasant or don’t think you can do it. It’s important to gradually acclimate your body to it. Just slowly decrease the temperature every week and eventually the cold shower will be so pleasant and refreshing you’ll never want to take a hot shower again.

Also, you shouldn’t take a cold shower without warming up your body first. That’s why exercising before is so important because it gets the blood flowing so you can get all the benefits of the coolness.

The Self Massage

After you completely dry off from your shower you begin the self massage that makes up the last 11 exercises of the system; this is where you will be getting the friction from and takes only seven minutes.

Basically you will be combining exercise like toe touches, squats and all sort of movements with a self massage to the skin and muscles. The massage is a simple stroking and rub of the hands to your skin.

For example you will do a toe touch and on the way down you will rub the back of your leg and on the way up you rub the inside of your legs and thighs. This tones your skin up and will prevent or get rid of any cellulite; your muscles and skin will become firm. You will literally be rubbing away any cellulite or wrinkles on your body.

Muller's skin was so strong he could ice skate in the middle of the winter without clothes and be completely warm. Oh and he's in his mid sixties here!

Muller’s skin was so strong he could ice skate in the middle of the winter without clothes and be completely warm. No sagging skin or sagging muscle well into his sixties.

There are so many benefits of this skin rub. Besides making your skin extremely strong and wrinkle proof, you will also be massaging your internal organs. These organs are so important to your over all health and performing this massage everyday will make organs like your liver, kidneys and digestive system work perfectly. This rub and massage is scientifically in  nature and guaranteed to give you results; your organs literally grow in size and strength from this.

Other benefits include better circulation and overall better looking physique. And the rub feel absolutely amazing to your skin.

You can read more about the massage here.

Deep Breathing

The skin rubbing and deep breathing is what really separates My System from every other exercise routine and is the source of most of the health.

Your skin, organs and lungs are three of the most important aspects to your overall health. The most effective way to keep your lungs healthy and strong is through deep breathing.

Deep breathing and people who breathe deeply enjoy many benefits over those who don’t. Some of these benefits include:

-More confidence (Shy and nervous people breathe weakly)

-More energy (Breathing improves metabolism which is the source of your body’s energy. Poor metabolism leads to metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and anemia.

-Better concentration

-Mood improvement

There are many deep breathing techniques out there but a lot of them can be dangerous. I’ve personally witnessed and experienced harmful side effects of improper breathing techniques. Essentially, it can be harmful if done with too much strain, or improper technique. Some people believe you should only practice deep breathing after a year of learning body relaxation.

Read more about the dangers of deep breathing here

You should only take a deep breath when more air is needed. Again, Muller was ahead of the curve on this and created a completely safe mode of deep breathing without the need for a year dedication to relaxation.

This is done by practising the breathing in between exercise. For example, after a push up your breathe is elevated and a need for air is needed. You perform the deep breathe and it will be completely safe, smooth and enjoyable.

Read more about breathing benefits here and science of breathing here.

The Six Week Video Course 

At this point I’d like to say thanks for reading and visiting Perfect Health At Home. If you like this article you’ll love the other articles on the site. This entire website is dedicated to the truth on health and how it can easily be obtained at home and all naturally.


Snippet of video

I have read so many great authors across different cultures and time periods and have spent years researching and practising all sorts of different practices. Time and time again the same principle keeps popping up–The truth on health is simple. It doesn’t require expensive medicine or hours of exercising in the gym.

The six week video course will bring you from absolute beginner to expert without any hassle. My System isn’t on video anywhere else in the world and simplifies every exercise in the routine.

In addition, the video course will teach you:

-The truth in nutrition

-Relaxation exercises

-Powerful 5 minute stress reliever

By the end of the course you will have the tools to strengthen every part of your body inside and out; Every muscle, organs, your hair, lungs, skin will be perfectly healthy for life.

Invest your time and you will be rewarded a million times over. Thanks for reading and make sure to comment below with your thoughts and questions.




42 Comments How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs–In Seven Easy Minutes

  1. Sarah

    So even though you say that it only takes cleanliness and friction to reverse one’s cellulite, this program incorporates much more than that with the exercises and massage, etc. Are the exercises and massage all inclusive of the termed ‘friction’? I guess I don’t understand how it all works together.

    1. Dylan

      The massage is the friction and it’s a simple stroking of the skin with your hands. It’s combined with exercise so you get a muscular workout too. There are eleven of these massage exercises

      There are also 9 muscular exercises that have no massaging. Working out your muscles prevents cellulite too. You get both a skin and muscle workout (as well as lung and organ workout)

  2. RachelLouise56

    This is a great article! Very informational with a bunch of solid content. One concern I have is the length of this article – it’s rather long! If there is any way you could make this into two articles, I think that may be beneficial. Furthermore, the title of your article is “How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs–in Seven Easy Minutes”, but I didn’t find anything about a seven minute process in the article. The methods you described sound very beneficial and relatively easy, but it sounds to me like I need to buy this system to learn these methods in full. Just a few things to consider and possibly revisit. Great site otherwise!

  3. roamy

    Hi there

    Every woman`s nightmare.Although women do not speak about it,most women suffer from cellulite.
    l like the easy to follow tips you have given to remove cellulite,cool shower will not be for me, i hate cold water,self massage is more my thing.
    This is new to me and i will have to look more into it,the deep breathing.because i did not know deep breathing improves better circulation.
    Thanks for a lovely informative post.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for the comment Roamy

      Women shouldn’t suffer or feel ashamed of cellulite. It’s natural and treating it is too and easy. The self massage feel so on good and so does the breathing. I can see how cold water would be a turn off. The best wat to adapt to it is to just slowly decrease your temperature as time goes by. Or you can take a hot shower and finish off with cool water.

      Hope this helps

  4. Beckie

    I didn’t realize 90% of women will get cellulite! I personally don’t have any cellulite (yet) but I’m definitely interested in how to prevent it! Quick question: will the friction exercises help reduce stretch marks? Or do they only work on cellulite? I have a lot of stretch marks after having two children. I would definitely be interested in your course if it can help with this, as well.

    1. Dylan

      it helps with stretch marks as well. It tones your skin up and helps bring it back to the way it was when you were in your youth

  5. Bryan

    I know this is something my wife could use. She is always complaining about having thick thighs (which i do not think is true) Maybe using this system would at least give her the confidence in reducing the cellulite. Thank you for this very informative article. I am looking forward to more useful info.

  6. Shemari

    You have a great wealth of information on your site. I have struggled with getting rid of cellulite for a long time and I have found a gold mine of information right here. I loved your take on the convict conditioning method. I like how you gave suggestions to turn around one negative aspect of the workout into a positive one.

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Shemari

      I’m glad you found everything helpful. The videos on how to get rid of cellulit will be up shortly.

  7. Sammy

    Hi, thanks for the information. May i know how long does it take to see the result if i follow this program? I have a quite severe cellulite problem after give birth to my son. I am looking for some solution for my cellulite on my thigh. May i know what does the whole My system program consist of? There will be a video in DVD?

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Sammy.

      The whole routine takes about 25 minutes in the beginning but as you become more experienced it will take between 20 to 15 minutes; this includes the time to shower. The skin portion of the routine only takes seven minutes!

      The videos will be available on this website and you’ll be able to access with a laptop, phone, iPad or anything that can access the Internet. That way you will have them where ever you go. The videos will be posted in the next 10 days and are being edited now. Hope this answers everything

  8. envlizard

    This article was interesting. There were a couple of things about the page the kind of concerned me. Two points were brought up as being all you needed to get rid of cellulite which were friction and cleanliness. But then the article went on to describe so much more than just those two things. The actual information that is provided all thought more than what was talked about originally, was very interesting and full of great facts.

    1. Dylan

      The actual act of getting rid of cellulite only requires friction and cleanliness. What’s being described in the article is a complete exercise system that takes care of all your health needs. In the system there is seven minutes devoted to your skin and it only requires friction and cleanliness; the friction comes your hands. The remaining seven minutes are devoted to your lungs, muscles and organs. No equipment is needed in the entire routine. You just need access to clean water.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing

  9. Elma


    I think it is a great article about how to get rid of Cellulite, very informative. It has a solid content, and it is easy to read, it is every woman’s nightmare. I wold like if it wasn’t so much to read, some more easy tip.
    Thank you for a very informative article.
    Wish you all the best.


    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Elma

      The procedure is pretty specific and takes a lot of words to explain. There’s videos the site to cut the reading down though.

  10. Clare

    Well I feel better knowing that 90% of us suffer ha ha 🙂 I love your website, very informative and not too long of a read. I’m looking forward to trying this out, but just want to ask, can you use moisturising lotion when doing the massage? Great site, I’ll be visiting again. Clare x

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Clare

      And the massage must be done dry; friction is one of the two keys to perfect skin (cleanliness is the othe). Your skin will very quickly get used to doing it dry. You can lotion up after thoug

  11. Javier

    Very interesting article. There are no excuses to stay healthy and get rid of cellulites. A lot of info involved, now I finally understand why there are more females with cellulites than men. That statistic there is a huge difference in terms of numbers. I believe the only thing that is missing on this article are some screenshots about the results.

  12. Stacey

    Interesting read. I actually don’t have any cellulite (yet) but I think I’ll start taking body brushing, exercise etc more seriously – for preventative measures. I distain the idea of expensive lotions and potions and like that this article comes from a difference approach (minus the cool showers. HA!)

    Thanks again!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Stacey,

      And skin brushing as a preventative means is a really good idea. It will also improve how your skin looks and feels pretty quickly. And the cold shower isnt that bad once you know how to do it right!

  13. Angela

    Hello Dylan, You certainly hold nothing back on your topic of getting rid of cellulite. Don’t you find it not along amazing and yet at the same time disgusting the way people allow themselves to get an overload of cellulite on their bodies. I understand genes are a factor but people do neglect their bodies. I have to say thank you for the information on the six week program and giving people the opportunity to maintain their bodies.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Angela,

      It is a shame when people let their bodies go. I think a lot of it has to do with a lack of knowledge on how to maintain and prevent problems. That’s the point of the this website; to show how easy it is to stay healthy.

  14. Craig

    Ive been looking at so many other health websites today and I’m excited about yours its really nice clean cut and fresh and i like the content on celulite.
    there are so many website on health so you have done a great job to find a niche in the health industry that really helps people like my mum with cellulite thanks and good luck Craig

  15. Debby

    Dylan, this is quite interesting and you are so right – it is every woman’s worst nightmare! Some of my friends will no longer wear shorts in the summer months because of cellulite. I am definitely going to share this post with them because I know they would love to find out a way to get rid of that awful stuff! I do have one question though – how long after beginning this regime should you start to see results?

    1. Dylan

      Hey great question. You will honestly see results right away and within a few weeks your skin will look, functoin and feel noticeably better. Thanks for commenting Debby

  16. jazzy323

    I know several people who suffer from cellulite on their thighs, so this article is very helpful particularly for those who dont want to pay for costly treatments as many spas and cosmetic clinics provide. I wanted to know why the shower has to be cold? isnt it the same benefit even if it is a warm shower?

  17. bioelectrobot

    Regular exercise is definitely better than any cream, lotion, or surgery. There may be limited exceptions, however, they are far, few, and in between. When I exercise, I sweat quite a lot. Does sweating have any benefits to the outer layer of one’s skin? It’s interesting that you mention breathing. I’ve had some trouble breathing lately, however, when I put forth effort toward extended periods of exercise my body forces me to breath more and this has helped tremendously. Thanks for the very valuable information!

    1. Dylan

      Sweating is great for your body, it gets rid of waste, poisons and toxins. You need to shower after heavy sweat or else it can filter back through the skin into the blood

    2. Dylan

      Sweating is great for your body, it gets rid of waste, poisons and toxins. You need to shower after heavy sweat or else it can filter back through the skin into the blood

  18. Ben


    This looks great, I have a lot of people in my family that suffer with this and it really affects them on an emotional level.

    They even constantly worry about things like going on holiday or just going to the water park because they are always thinking about how they look and what people might think.

  19. Gina

    I’ve always had gross cellulite on my legs! I’m really interested in learning more about these exercises. I like the idea of self massaging and ‘rubbing away cellulite’. I’ve seen My System pop up here and there but haven’t had any experience with it.
    You should consider showing some before and after photos from people who worked towards improving their skin!

  20. lilywong

    Wow, your advice about ridding cellulite is so different! To read that it involves deep breathing and cool showers really blew my mind away. Usually you are advised to use this cream or that, but looks like whole-body exercises may be the way. Thanks for sharing this very informative piece!

  21. Louise

    Wow, my eyes have been opened! Like many (90% as you say!) other women, I suffer from cellulite and although it’s not too bad, it still bothers me and I’d rather it wasn’t there!

    I wasn’t aware of these techniques and am very keen to give them a go! Thanks for detailing it out, the video course sounds great.

  22. sharoncl

    A woman’s nightmare cellulite, my hormones are all over the place and reading your post gives me some hope.
    I have been searching for someone who speaks sense and does not go on about cream to get rid of this problem.
    These exercises i can handle (i am not an exercise enthusiast )
    I might try the cool shower , i am not very good with the cold,
    How long should it take to see some improvement ?
    Thank you for your interesting info, i am deffo going to try 🙂


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