How to Lose Weight After a Pregnancy–In Just 15 Relaxing Minutes


Having a baby and being able to raise a child brings a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction unmatched by anything else on earth. There comes a price for these feelings though and the price is added stress, less time for yourself and weight gain. You may not know how to lose weight after a pregnancy and it may seem like an impossible task.

preggersNot only is it possible, it’s extremely easy and can fit into your new hectic life. The answer is Perfect Health At Home’s Six Week Video Series inspired by JP Muller’s My System.

Before we get into the video series let’s take a look at what you should be looking for in your weight loss plan and what to avoid.

Workout for Relaxation Not Exhaustion

Your life as a parent is going to be chaotic at times, especially just after having the baby. At times you are going to be waking up in the middle of the night and only get a few hours of sleep. Your body and mind are going to be under more stress than usual and you’re going to want something that relaxes you.

One of the biggest misconceptions and wrong beliefs in exercise is you must workout until physically exhausted. We’ve been taught you must strain the body in order to lose weight or to get a really good looking body.

A lot of moms (and people of both sex and ages) are turned off from losing weight just because of this belief. Once you feel the power of relaxation and see the results it has on your body you’ll become a believer.

Relaxation can:

-Calm your mind

-Steady your Nerves

-Improve Mood and Happiness

-Stop Anxiety

My System Video Course teaches you the power of exercise, deep breathing and self massage and how it scientifically relaxes, strengthens and tones the body. We’ll get to exactly how in a second.

Fits into Your Busy Schedule

Unfortunately another wrong belief that turns people off is your exercise routine must be long and drawn out. I personally know people who spend hours a day in the gym and overly obsess over their bodies.

It’s more important to exercise for health and get a nice looking body and lose weight as a result. This is more important than working out to lose weight because you could end up hurting your health as a result. So remember: Health is the priority.

Now that you have another person to care for you are going to have less time for yourself. I wouldn’t recommend a drawn out workout for anyone but especially not for a new mother.

My System is done in just 15 minutes and can easily fit into anyone’s schedule. This is possible because it was developed over a period of 50 years and it was made to be efficient as possible. There’s not a moment wasted and every breath is taken into consideration.

Workout From Home –With No Weights or Equipment

The last wrong belief about exercise I want to debunk is you must join a gym to see results. Gyms cost a lot of money and you may not have time to travel there anymore. After you learn how to use your own body to workout you’ll realize gyms are completely unnecessary.

Also, going to the gym can be very unpleasant. You can feel intimidated by people who have worked out their whole lives and this can lead to embarrassment or shame.

When you workout from home you have the freedom to workout anyway you choice and not feel like you are on display or getting judged. It gives you the freedom to experiment with different exercise in complete privacy.

You don’t want to get dependent on a machine or weights either. Other people may be on the machine you want and you’ll waste what little time you have waiting for your turn. Also, working out with weights can be dangerous too. I have personally known people who have gotten into life threatening situations by dropping weights on themselves.

My System can be performed anywhere and this includes your house. The only thing you need is your own body.

Working out with your own body has so many benefits. Some of them are:

-Improvement in balance, coordination and flexibility

-Become more intune with your body

-Develop a natural and great looking body

-Safety in your routine

Attention Must be Given to Your Skin

Two things can have a bad affect on your how your skin looks and it’s functionality: They are aging and pregnancy.

As you get older you lose tone and your skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Having a child for obvious reasons stretches out your skin and cause sagging.

Most people accept this sagging as inevitability of life and time. While other people believe the key to proper skin care is with expensive lotions and creams. Both these aren’t true and ill explain why:

First off, you can develop strong skin and get back the skin tone of your youth at any point in your life. You can prevent and get rid wrinkles at any point too.

Also, lotions aren’t the key to this strong wrinkle proof skin; lotions just give off the illusion of health. It improves your complexion superficially but doesn’t cure the problem giving you bad circulation. (You can read more about it here)

The secret to perfect skin is cleanliness and friction. You get cleanliness from showering and using soap. There’s many ways to get friction and you will learn the best way in the video course with a self massage for your skin.

My System

At this point you’re probably curious about My System by JP Muller. I’ve written extensively about every part of this health regimen and on the science that makes it so powerful and attractive to everyone. my systemFor this article I’ll briefly describe each aspect and the benefits. I’ll post links that go deeper into each aspect if you are interested in learning more.

The Routine

This exercise routine is comprised of four parts and I’ve mentioned a few of them already. Basically it involves exercise, deep breathing, self massage and cold showers. In all there are twenty exercises that workout every part of your body inside and out.

The author of the routine is one of the most respected health and exercise experts of all time.

The First Nine Exercises

The first nine exercises of the routine are movements you have probably seen before. These movements only involve your body and include push ups, sit ups and leg raises. The nine exercises help lose weight, slim down hard to slim areas and develop a strong muscular core. It only takes 7 minutes to do these 9 exercises.

The Deep Breathing

If My System was just pushups or situps then it would be just like any other routine. There are many things that makes this routine so special and the deep breathing is one of them.

Your breathing is one of the most important aspects to your health and confidence.

People who breathe deeply:

-Have better mood

-Boost metabolism

-Have more energy

-Better immune system

-Relax better

-Have less fat

While people who breathe shallowly and weakly are more prone to:



-And worry

There are unlimited benefits of deep breathing and you can read about them here and you can read about the negatives of shallow breathing here.

Now breathing exercises can be dangerous when practised alone and with any ounce of strain. If not done properly you can do damage to your nerves (Read dangers of Deep Breathing Here).

The breathing is completely safe in My System because it is done in between exercises when more air is needed; because of this there’s no strain. After an exercise you take two standing deep breaths and continue onto the next exercise.

Cold Shower

After you complete the first nine exercises with deep breathing, you take a cold shower. Taking cold showers is much better for your skin, hair and nerves. I mentioned that cleanliness is one of the keys to perfect skin and this satisfies that first key.

Don’t be worried if cold showers seem unappealing. You aren’t expected to go straight from hot showers to cold showers right away; doing so would actually have negative side effects. If you just slowly decrease the temperature of your shower on a weekly basis your body will naturally acclimate to the decrease in temperature. Your body will enjoy the cold water and you will never want to take a hot one again.

Exercising before the shower is important though. Without a warmed body a cold shower can have negative side effects.

Self Massage

The last part of the routine is another reason why My System is superior and unlike any other routine out there.

After you completely dry off from your shower you begin the self massage which makes up the last eleven exercises of the workout. The self massage combines bodyweight movements like toe touching or squats with a simple stroking and rubbing motion with your hands to your skin.

This can be hard to imagine but picture a toe touch and on the way down you stroke the back of your legs and on the way up you stroke the front of your legs with your hands.

Every part of your skin is stroked during these exercises and doing so:

-Wrinkle proofs your skin for life and removes any wrinkles or cellulite

-Tones up your skin  and muscles while prevents sagging

-Improves circulation

-Tightens up any skin stretched from pregnancy

Additionally the massage is great for all your organs too. Your digestive system will work perfectly and your liver and kidneys actually increase in size from the rub; this is so important for your overall health.

Give Yourself and Your Family the Gift of Health

This is probably the first time in your life another person has depended on you to live. You may have never thought about the importance of health before or maybe you have but realize you don’t have the time now that you had before to improve it.


Photo of video course

Health is maintained and improved so easily and it can be done in a short period of time. The My System Video Course can be completed in under fifteen minutes. The fifteen minutes is misleading to complete the workout too–In a good way! You can break it up in little pieces so it fits your life better. You can do the first half with a shower in the morning or afternoon and do the massage right before bed.

Also, you’ll need the relaxation that comes from this workout. Nothing in the world loosens you up and relaxes you quite like the deep breathing. You literally feel any tense areas in  your body melt away. The skin rub feels so good on your skin too. Your body will have a warm feeling that can’t be replicated in any other way.

I almost hesitate in calling this a workout; it’s more like a treat. There’s a reason they call motherhood the hardest job in the world. So make sure to treat yourself to these exercises every day. If you do I promise you will keep your youthful looks and energy for the rest of your life–Even after your kids are all grown up.

This very exercise helped me recover from a very serious health problem which you can read about here. It takes you from absolute beginner to expert over the period of time so don’t worry if you feel you aren’t strong enough.

The video course will also teach you the truth in nutrition as well as a powerful five minute relaxation exercise you can use anytime and anyplace.

Please feel free to comment and ask me any questions you have.







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  1. Devin

    Great Article, my wife would have loved to look at an article like this when she had our son. I would say she never had a problem, but if you ask her she would disagree immediately. She keeps bringing up planning for the second, and this time around I think she would like to do these kinds of excercises

    1. Dylan

      The great thing about these exercises is they start off very basic and get tougher as you gain strength over the weeks. Anytime your wife wants to try them out she will easily be able to do it.

  2. Shrey

    My sister could use it totally.After pregnancy she has been complaining about the weight and I think this is gold for all the pregnant ladies.
    The best page I could ever stumble upon and I think my sister would be really relieved when she comes to know about this.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Shrey and that means a lot. Your sister has a lot to worrying about having a kid and weight shouldn’t be one of them. These are very relaxing exercises and will benefit her greatl

  3. BabynoahHome

    hey Dylan , I really like your post. Bless is your wife or girlfriend to have this maturity to think about those things and that true about taking care of the skin because it need a lots of lovings and care. Also is important to do make some move because it help for recovery and it was pleasure to read it.

  4. Jack


    Great article by the way thank you for sharing this, I was just browsing for similar information when I came across you site and will save it for later I found some awesome tips.

    I must say you make a very good point about working out for relaxation and not exhaustion, I will share this with one of my friends.

    I hope you will post more of the same quality content in the near future, I look forward to returning.

    thank you


    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Jack

      Working out for relaxation is more effective than exhaustion for many reasons. I’ve appreciate it if you did share it with friends and family on social media. Thanks again

  5. Daniella

    Hi Dylan,
    Great article I really enjoyed reading it!
    This is funny, because I just met a girlfriend of mine that I didn’t see a long time already and she looked amazing . She lost so much weights! I asked her what kind of diet she did and she answered me that she eat everything in reasonable quantity , but she does relaxation, and breathing exercises for about 15 minutes a day. I couldn’t believe it until I read your article and now I am convinced that it really works!
    Is it a new technique? I never heard about this before.
    Thank you for this awesome blog

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Daniella.

      What a coincidence and I’m not surprised your friend lost so much weight doing that. These are modern ideas and very unique

  6. Martin

    Great advice, and useful techniques that are effective and simple.The fact that the exercises can be done in the home with no gym gear makes the scheme attractive .The page is fairly readable, but I think it could be rendered more alive by the use of more images or pictures., especially relevant pictures of post-pregnancy ladies.


    wow! I never knew that you could lose weight after pregnancy through relaxing methods. I always thought that you would have to go through some exhausting workout that no one wants to go through at that time in their lives. But self massage, showers, and other relaxing techniques are a much better alternative. Thanks for helping us all find a better way to live a healthy life style.

  8. Ilyssa

    Great information. It is so true; we think that in order to lose weight or look good we have to work out until we are exhausted. I have followed that for years myself. As I get older, I need to get out of that mode. I also need ways to be fit without having a ton of time on my hands. These are all great reminders!

  9. steve

    This is a great article maybe partner took 2 years to lose weight after pregnancy and then she caught again she would of been intrested in something like this though as it’s practical with it being 15 mins time is really.get the essence for new mothers

    Lot of people teach exercise but not how to breath properly

  10. fmwaniki

    Hi there Dylan,i wish i had come across your site some time before after i had got my boy.The exercises are so helping if one follows these instructions clearly.I believe any body can benefit from these type of exercises even if they are not pregnant.The best part about it is that they can be done at home hence cut down down the expenses incurred for one to go for the gym.It is a very informative website that would benefit many.

  11. Sammi

    I have to admit, the title of your article immediately caught my eye.. I need to lose weight from my pregnancy which I’ve failed to do so far so I’m very interested in this. Unfortunately, being a new mum, I don’t have any spare money to buy in to this but if you were ever offering any free programs, I’d definitely join up! Which would you say is the most beneficial exercise for your body? Sammi

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting sammi

      The first week is free. You can learn a lot from it, if you want to go farther with it, being a memberis really easy!

  12. Maurice

    Great stuff on losing weight after or during pregnancy. My girlfriend will be pregnant soon so she might benefit fromt his. Hope she doesnt read this lol. Anyway great stuff and you write in a compelling and engaging way to the audience. Very warm writing style. That is absolutely a must when it comes to a topic like this.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting. This is just an easy, and effective way to get a great body and improve your health inside and out

  13. Anna

    Hi Dylan,

    This is an awesome article! Packed full of useful information! Many women I know who have had babies will really benefit from the tips you share. I think the biggest challenge for new moms is the time factor so this is a perfect solution and the results are wonderful!!

    I did not know that breathing was such an important aspect of our health! I love the ease of the whole system and the fact that really anyone can incorporate these practices into their lives to look and feel better.

    Thanks for all of the great information!


  14. Rowan

    One of the biggest misconceptions and wrong beliefs in exercise is you must workout until physically exhausted. We’ve been taught you must strain the body in order to lose weight or to get a really good looking body. I like how you break this down and show it as a misconception. that you bring in a new premise that Exercise and losing weight can be short and can be made to be relaxing rather than add to your already stressed out life
    Well done

  15. Joe

    Awesome post! I will definitely have to show this to my wife because after her first pregnancy she struggled to lose the weight and something like this post could’ve definitely came in handy for her. I’m going to show her the system you provided as well as the tips in the beginning of the post so that next time she will be more prepared

    1. Dylan

      I appreciate it Joe! Your wife will get a lot of use out of this article. Let me know how it goes and if she needs any help, just tell her to comment or email me.

  16. Kris

    This sounds very interesting to me after having 3 children and being a stay at home mu I could definitely use a little bit of toning up.
    Do you actually lose weight with this system? Of course you would have to have a look at your diet as well. One hard thing I found about having my first baby was finding the time to prepare nutritious meals so I just went for convenience a lot of the time which meant lower nutrients. So sad I know. When you finally have someone that you need to nurture and you really neglect your own body!
    The skin benefits sound great too and very exciting!
    Thanks for the info,


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