How to Get Rid of Wrinkles: Fast and Naturally


Everyone wants to know how to get rid of wrinkles (and how to prevent them) but very few people know how to properly do this. There’s good reason you wouldn’t want wrinkles too. Wrinkles are a sign of a loss of youthfulness and a decrease in vitality. There’s nothing wrong with aging but you can easily maintain beauty and energy into your elder years with proper skin care and body maintenance tips and techniques.


A Wrinkled Face

We’re going to examine what you should be looking for when trying to get rid of or prevent wrinkles and what to avoid. Also, we’ll look how My System by health pioneer JP Muller satisfies every requirement you should be looking for.

After, you’ll learn how performing My System daily will improve your health in ways you couldn’t imagine which include making your skin smooth as velvet and firm for life while developing all the muscles of your body.

Lastly, you’ll learn about the Perfect Health At Home’s 6 week video course inspired by My System and other health tips from different health experts to give you perfect health for life.

Lotions Won’t Do it

The first thing you should realize is lotions and creams won’t work when removing or preventing wrinkles. It doesn’t matter which brand, how expensive or who endorses them but this is the case every time.

As a matter of fact lotions and creams really do nothing for you skin besides give the illusion of healthy skin.

What lotions do is improve your complexion superficially by filling in the lines of your skin. Once the lotion is wiped off, your skin returns to looking poor; nothing was ever fixed. It’s kind of like sweeping a mess under the rug or under your bed–Your room may look clean but the mess is still there.

Also, there are creams and lotions that cost hundreds of dollars and won’t even last a month. Like I mentioned before they won’t actually fix your skin so you are dependant on them to keep your skin looking good. You are stuck paying hundreds a dollars a month which turns into thousands of dollars a year and tens of thousands over your lifetime.

The skin care in My System requires no lotions, creams or oils. It improves how your skin functions and looks using the two keys to healthy skin (which you’ll learn in a little).  Because of this there are no recurring costs which will save you thousands.

Don’t Turn to Surgery

I’d honestly recommend lotions that don’t work before recommending anyone get plastic surgery or botox.

Anytime you get surgery there’s always a risk something could go wrong. Many people turn to this because they aren’t aware of any other options and desperately wish to remove their wrinkles. What people don’t understand is you should wish to improve how your skin functions. Once you do that you will be rewarded with unwrinkled skin.

surgeryLike lotions, getting painful procedures to remove wrinkles won’t actually fix the problem that created the wrinkles. It will temporarily improve how your skin looks but after a while you skin returns to the way it was. The cycle of you paying for the surgery or injections repeats itself costing you so much money.

And if we’re being completely honest some people look better with wrinkles than they do after they get one of these expensive procedures done. There’s something really unnatural about how botox or plastic surgery looks on a person.

Once you learn My System and the secret to healthy skin you’ll never think about surgery ever again.

The Two Keys to Perfect Skin

The first key to healthy skin is going to be something you are going to be familiar with–Cleanliness. Cleanliness is just taking showers, using soap and wearing clean clothes.

The second key to perfect skin is probably something you are unfamiliar with–Friction. Dirt hides deep in your skin and can’t really be seen with the bare eye. It clogs the pores and makes it harder for the skin to do it’s job. Friction creates a rub to the skin and is the only way to get this dirt up.

Having properly working skin is so important to your overall health. Your skin helps eliminate waste products of the body and is the first defense against bacteria and germs. Germs penetrate weak skin and sickness and disease result.

Friction also creates a massage for the skin and helps it keep it’s youthful tone for life. It makes your skin soft and firm. Wrinkles form from a loss of tone and a drooping/sagginess happens. People who do get results from a lifetime of using lotions get it from the pressure and massage of applying the lotions; not the lotion themselves.

Friction can also reduce cellulite from your thighs and legs. You can read about it here.

How My System Gives You Perfect Skin

My System is an exercise routine developed over a 50 period by one of the leading health and exercise experts of all time named JP Muller. In this system there are over 20 exercises that are performed in 15 minutes; 11 of these exercises are specific for your skin and takes 7 minutes to perform in all.

During these skin exercises you perform a simple rubbing or stroking motion to the skin with your hands. These skin strokings are combined with flexibility and strength exercises.

For example you will perform a toe touch which is a simply bending down to the ground and touching your toes. On the way down though, you will be stroking and rubbing the back of the legs and on the way up you stroke and rub the front and inner part of the legs.

What this skin rub does is creates the friction I was talking about before. There’s no better way to tone your skin and to get rid or prevent wrinkles than this.

Additionally you massage the very important internal organs that are so precious to overall health. This improves the function of your liver, kidneys and digestive system and literally makes them increase in size.

You can read more about the massage here.

The Muscle’s Role

Loss of muscle tone is one of the main causes of cellulite and gives your skin that droopy appearance and wrinkles result. It’s very important to keep muscle tone if you want to prevent wrinkles. And you must develop muscle tone to get rid of wrinkles.

You may be turned off by the idea of exercise because we’ve been taught to strain ourselves to build muscles. People don’t understand you can produce a muscular body while doing relaxation exercises.

I already mentioned the skin portion of the workout makes up more than half the exercises. The skin rub gives you a warm sensation all over your skin and is pleasant in a way that can’t be replicated. Your whole body relaxes and all tension in your body melts away. Your skin and muscles are are already being developed in these 11 exercises but My System further develops your muscles (and consequently your skin) with 9 additional exercises.

These exercises focus on core muscles and have no skin rubbings. Many of these are exercises you’ve seen before like pushups, situps and all sorts of bends and movements.

Also, the exercises are very fun and you are constantly moving. You will never be out of breath because you focus on your breathing the whole time (more on that later). You will always feel comfortable and never exhausted. As a matter of fact, you will have more energy after these exercises than before.

Don’t worry if you feel you lack the strength to perform these exercises. The video course is designed to strengthen you over time and will bring any person of any level of fitness to where they need to be.

Benefits of a Cool Shower

My System looks like this:

First, you perform the 9 muscular exercises without skin rubbing.

After, you take a quick cool shower and completely dry off

Lastly, you finish up with the 11 skin rubbings.

The daily cool shower is extremely important to your skin and health. I mentioned earlier that perfect skin depended on cleanliness and this satisfies that.

A cool shower keeps your skin firm and over time steadies your nerves and gives you a clearer mind. Constant long, hot showers can do damage to your nerves, skin and hair.

showerYou aren’t expected to go straight to cool showers either. It’s better to slowly decrease the temperature over a period of weeks or months so your body can properly adjust. This way the coolness is refreshing to you and causes no discomfort. It’ll feel so good you’ll never want to take a hot shower again.

Also, exercising before the cold shower warms your body up nicely and makes the shower even more comfortable; kind of like walking into an air conditioned room after a hot day.

The Last Part of My System: Metabolism and Deep Breathing

Metabolism is the source of your body’s energy; without a healthy metabolism muscle growth and keeping healthy skin is impossible.

Metabolism is simply the combustion of food and oxygen.

So to improve your metabolism you need to know what and how to eat and you’re going to have to improve your breathing; you will learn both in the video series.

When it comes to food, the most important thing to remember thing to remember is to chew your food thoroughly. You may not realize but chewing aids in digestion; the more broken up food is the easier it is to digest. Only properly digested food is useful to your metabolism. (Remember the skin massage improves your digestive system too. This makes for a better metabolism!)

The other half of your metabolism, oxygen, is just as important.  Obviously your breathing and lungs control how much oxygen you get; improving the two is crucial and is done through deep breathing. You can read about what exactly is deep breathing here.

Essentially deep breathing is inhaling and exhaling as much as you can to improve lung capacity. Deep breathing exercises can be dangerous though and injure your lungs and nerves if done improperly which you can see here.

The deep breathing in My System is completely safe because it does in between exercise when more air is needed. This makes the breath easy and smooth.

You’ll also learn how to breathe during all 20 exercises which is of great importance.

Besides boosting your metabolism and improving skin and muscle tone, deep breathing:

-Relaxes the whole body

-Improves concentration

-Gives your more energy

-And boosts your mood

Having a poor metabolism can be disastrous for your health and metabolic disease results. Metabolic diseases include diabetes, obesity, and anemia.

Video Series Benefits

When you become a member here at Perfect Health At Home you get access to the 6 week video course on My System. In you’ll find the only videos on the health regimen as well in depth descriptions of every exercise.

The science and theory behind every exercise can be confusing and the video series takes all that confusion away.  You will go from absolute beginner in week one to expert in week six.

You will learn to complete the exercise system at your home in only 15 minutes. This will save you time from long workouts and money from cutting all gym costs and skin care costs. You will become less dependent on your doctor too!

The whole system is completely safe and requires no weights or equipment. The only thing you will need is your own body and access to clean water for your shower.

You will also learn the secrets to nutrition and special massages for the face from leading health experts in this video course.

You can also learn more about My System here.

bend 22

Still frame from video course

Don’t let time steal your youthfulness. Feeling young and keeping your beauty is so easy and can be done in such a short amount of time. No other health regimen or exercise can you give you all the benefits this video series can.

The best part of all is how enjoyable these exercises are. Only through the science of exercise, self massage, cold showers and deep breathing can you feel so good and be so relaxed. Once you start doing these exercises you will never want to miss a day. I’ve been doing these exercises for years and haven’t missed a single day since I started; I won’t allow it!

So choose health. Choose youthfulness. Choose beauty. Most of all, choose happiness.

Make sure to comment below with any questions or opinions and will make sure to respond. Also, make sure to share and to help spread this information. Thanks!





16 Comments How to Get Rid of Wrinkles: Fast and Naturally

  1. Ilyssa

    I think you site is very well done. And 15 minutes a day for good health seems like a deal. How much more time do we spend watching tv or doing high intensity cardio that may wind up being bad for us? And I much prefer options that don’t involve me taking pills that really have not been proven as effective or safe.

    1. Dylan

      As long as you follow my system and watch the videos you will do everything your body needs.mand I agree, pills aren’t the answer. You won’t need the money with health though

  2. NemiraB

    Hello, thanks for interesting presentation of your System. I agree with all your points, except usage of soap. Maybe you can point good cleansing product, which does not remove natural oil from skin. To often wash your skin is not so good, maybe use filtered water and add some herbs to it, because city’s water is full of chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and antibiotics.
    To massage you skin, especially in face area, you need to be careful. To much pressure on delicate skin, can cause rupture of tiny vessels.
    I believe that your system is great and will help numberless customers.
    All the best, regards, Nemira.

    1. Dylan

      Doing the rubbings can actually replace soap. My System doesn’t have facial massages and the ones recommened are gentle.

      I’ll look into soap alternatives for sure!

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Rawl

    Sometimes I wish we would stop looking for ways to stay younger and never die. Aging is a part of living. It’s part of the process. I think you can prolong the inevitable but eventually we will all have wrinkles.

    The benefits of this system are no surgery. They are all natural activities you can do at home that are low cost to no cost. It doesn’t cost anything to deep breath or to take a cook shower.

    I do agree that surgery is not the answer. Your skin does fall victim to the aging process no matter how many surgeries you have. And celebrities have been the example that it’s not always safe with some of them paying the highest price with their life.

    Thank you for giving us an inexpensive system we can do to take care of ourselves and our sking.

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Rawl.

      There’s a big difference between looking young superficially and looking younger from healthy habits. The first is valueless but the second is important. Just because you get old doesn’t mean you have to be decrepit. Excessive wrinkles is a sign of that. A truly healthy person ages slower and feels younger into old age

  4. Derek Marshall

    Hi There,

    I can see how your system works. Keeping the skin clean and clear and the pores breathing is very important, unfortunately many women dont get this and succumb to social pressures and media pressure and wear make up thus not allowing their skin to breathe.
    (perhaps one factor as to why men age better than women).

    Sadly, here in Asia other wise very pretty women and obsessed with a need to be white they are putting acidic cream on their faces. Defo not good!

    I do believe it is far better long term for woman skin and youthful appearance to become confortable not wearing or wearing little make up. I try to encourage women I know to remove make up when they finish work and go home, couple of hours even just 2 hours allows their skin to breathe more.

    1. Dylan

      Hey I have to agree with everything you’re saying here. I feel like the makeup industry amkes billions off peoples insecurites. Having perfect skin can be so easy and doesn’t require any makeup or lotions, or anything like that

  5. Michelle

    Hi Dylan

    Your program sounds amazing! I have tried my fair share of lotion, potions, supplementation and various other gimmicks. Quite frankly I’ve had enough.

    It’s quite refreshing to see a program that will promote your overall health and well being. Excellent read, I’ve bookmarked your site. Thank you.

    Kind Regards


    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Michelle,

      And it is refreshing to see a program that is free from superficiality and that is completely dedicated to imrpoving health. It’s one reason I was so drawn to it.

  6. Raquel

    Thanks for coming up with a program that does not involve surgery! I think I’ve also heard a lot of folks run to botox to help out in looking young. It’s great to know what exercises, skin rubs, and even deep breathing can help a lot. You’re doing a great job helping a lot of people who would like to look younger naturally. Also, I didn’t know that about cold showers. Maybe I should stop taking warm showers…

  7. Rowan

    At first glance you like the site. It’s easy on the eye. Nice white background and not cluttered or distracted with too much creativity. Creativity is using that which is required for the ocasion and its done just right.

    On the content this niche is so important and mostly women worry so much about. 2 so important things – Cleanliness and ‘Friction’ – wow this one i didnt even know about
    Great Post and i hope it gets viewed many many times
    Well done

  8. Shauna

    Thank-you for such an interesting post. I like the fact that your system is completely natural and no equipment is required except a good shower. I’m not too sure I could ever get used to a cool shower. How long does it take for most people to get rid of their wrinkles? And does your program do anything for dry skin? I was born with dry skin and have always had problems with it. Even though you mentioned that lotions do nothing for wrinkles, and that’s true, I have to use lotion after every bath or I won’t be able to stand the dry, tight skin feeling, or flakey skin. Thank-you.

    1. Dylan

      After a few weeks your skin will be much healthier and stronger. How long for your wrinkles? It depends on how bad they are. And it absolutely will help with dry skin. This is the healthiest thing to do for your skin and will fix most problems.

      You don’t have to take the shower freezing. Just lower it little by little.


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