Best Home Workout Video for Men: You Won’t Believe This Workout Exists


There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want to workout at a gym, which may lead you to wondering what is the best home workout video for men.

What does the typical home program do or promise?

pushupThey promise to get your ripped, or help you lose weight but does it with an exhausting workout that a professional athlete would have a hard time keeping up with. What’s the point of starting a routine that you can’t possibly do for an extended period of time?

What if there was a program that you could easily do for life and you actually looked forward to doing it everyday? Instead of exhausting, it relaxed and energized, giving you more energy after the workout than before?

I’d like to introduce you to a workout called My System that does exactly that. It helps you develop your muscles, strengthen your core, and helps you lose weight in a pleasant and enjoyable way. And it does this in 15 minutes, without any weights or equipment.

Even this may sound like something you’ve heard of before. What sets My System apart is it also improves the function of all the main aspects of your health, like:

  • Your lungs
  • Your skin
  • And all your internal organs

It does this in a scientific way by combining exercise, deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower. This combination results in a relaxed, strengthened and toned body that leaves you feeling amazing.

We’ll get into the specifics of My System in just a second but let’s first look at why you wouldn’t want to workout in a gym.

You Don’t Have To Leave The Comfort Of Your Home To Be Healthy

The first reason you want to avoid the gym is the high costs. The local gym near me costs fifty dollars a month and if you want personal training, it can cost fifty dollars a hour!

You can spend thousands in just one year for something you really didn’t need. You will save so much money by working out at home.

Which leads us to the second point, using machines and weights aren’t necessary. In fact, it can be dangerous and lead to injury over time. Think about the damage you’re doing to your knees, joints and back by putting such a strain on them.

body building

This doesn’t look natural

So many people end up hurting themselves severely for really no reason at all. Being able to squat 400 pounds or bench 300 pounds may seem cool, but what does it really do for your health and life? Basically nothing and certainly not worth the risk or inevitable bodily damage.

Using your own body to workout is much more safe and has way more benefits. By doing so, you are:

  • Becoming more in tune with your body
  • Gaining flexibility, coordination, balance
  • Strengthening your joints, not wearing them out

The third reason you want to avoid the gym, is gym culture. It’s so superficial and immature if you think about it. Your local gym is the meeting ground of some of the most vain people on earth.

It’s almost like gym time is divided up between lifting weights, looking in the mirror, flexing, dropping weights, and screaming. These people are overly obsessed with their appearance, not their health.

And it’s a shame health isn’t their main priority This leads to the worst part of gym culture, which is taking dangerous supplements and steroids. If it’s not all natural, don’t take it.

Some people are ruining their long term health for short lived gains.

Lastly, you have the freedom to experiment with new exercises at home, that you might be embarrassed to do in public. No one likes to try out new things in front of a bunch of strangers.

This can lead you to just dong the same ineffective workout over and over on the same machines.

I don’t mean to be over critical about gyms and in fact, there are some good people there. If you like the company of others when working out, you can do My System at the gym too!

Let’s Get Into My System

My System took fifty years to develop and came from one of the most respected and well known health experts of all time, named JP Muller. He was also a decorated athlete and knew what it took to get your body working at a high level.

The concept behind My System is simple:

Improve every important aspect of your health in an efficient and fun way, while developing your muscles to improve athleticism and definition,

Muller knew to be truly healthy and have the best body possible, every single part had to be functioning properly. And the three most important aspects of health are:

  • Your lungs
  • Your skin
  • And your internal organs like digestive system, kidney and liver.

Why Are the Lungs Important?

You can last about a month without eating and a few days without drinking. But without breathing? You would only last a few minutes.

lungsBarely any attention is given to breathing despite this. How you breath determines your quality of life. This may seem like an over exaggeration, but it isn’t.

The whole yoga tradition is based on your breathing and some people believe it is the most important part of your health. Experts in the matter know your breathing is closely tied to your:

Nervous, worried and angry people breath shallowly and quickly, while confident and happy people breath slowly and deeply. By simply strengthening your lungs and improving their function, you can avoid all anxious and depressed states.

Experts in the matter also know deep breathing is the most powerful way to relax too.

Your lungs are also tasked with removing waste products from your body. Everyone knows you breath in oxygen, which is essential to life, but some people aren’t aware we breath out carbon dioxide; a poison for humans.

If your lungs aren’t strong enough to completely empty, the carbon dioxide stays in your body. This leads to those sluggish and anxious states I mentioned earlier. It can also have a huge affect on your ability to concentrate.

Performing the deep breathing in My System well guarantee perfect lung action, which guarantees a clear head and relaxed and energized body.

And before you go writing off your breathing and lungs, it is important to point out only 1 out of every 50 people breath correctly.

Why Is Your Skin Important?

I know I mentioned vain people as a reason to avoid the gym, but being perceived as healthy can be very important; a lot of gym goers just take this concept too far.


Your skin

Your skin is what people see, and its condition says a lot about your overall health. As a society and on an individual level, we place a high value on health, and for good reason too.

Healthy people are more energetic, have more vitality and produce better. Having poor health, which will show up in your skin, can cost you:

  • In your career
  • In your relationships
  • And in your family life

And those three things are essential to happiness.

Unhealthy skin has many looks:

  • It has a poor complexion
  • It’s pale
  • Pimply with lots of blemishes
  • Dry
  • Has rashes
  • Wrinkled or sagging

and so on.

Your skin plays an important role in your health. Like your lungs, and your internal organs (which we’ll get to in a second) your skin helps eliminate waste from your body.

Your skins way of doing this is through sweat (plus we partially breath through our skin too!). If your skin is clogged with dirt or is weak, it won’t be able to do its job.

Two things happen in this case:

  1. Toxins, waste and poisons get trapped in your body leading to low energy, foggy mind and bad mood
  2. And, the sweat goes to the spots of your body with the most pores and the least resistance and concentrates in those spots.

Those spots are under your armpits, your hands, and your feet. This can lead to sweat stains and overly sweaty hands. This may seem small but can lead to serious social anxiety.  I personally know someone who dropped out of school and lost many friends from this.

What most people don’t know is every thing we eat, drink or breath has some level of poison or toxins in it. Our bodies were made to take the good stuff from food and water, like nutrients and convert it into energy and other useful things.

We were also made to filter out the bad stuff with our organs and turn it into feces, urine, and sweat to leave the body. If our eliminating organs like lungs, skin, kidney, and bowels aren’t working right, the bad stuff gets trapped in our bodies.

This leads to all the bad things I mentioned before and other things, like high cholesterol and clogged arteries. The result of the last two can lead to heart disease or a heart attack.

The massage and daily shower, in My system, directly improves your skins condition by exercising the skin’s capillaries and firming the thousands of tiny muscles that connect to the skin.

Doing this massage will make your skin work perfectly and:

  • Keep it firm and as soft as velvet
  • Wrinkle proof it and help remove wrinkles
  • Prevent pimples, acne and blemishes
  • Fix any dryness or complexion problems

Friction and cleanliness are the only ways to improve your skin’s health. The massage gives the friction and helps remove dirt from the pores and your daily shower, with good soap, gives the cleanliness.

Lotions and creams only give the illusion of health and don’t actually improve health.

Why Are The Internal Organs Important?

For the same reasons your lungs and skin are important. Each organ has its own little job and helps metabolize the good stuff and get rid of the bad stuff.

organsOne reason organs become unhealthy is through lack of movement and exercise. If any thing in life becomes stagnant it dies; even stagnant water can’t support life. The same principal is true with your body.

If you breath shallowly, parts of your lungs don’t get used. This makes them lose function. If you don’t exercise your skin, it begins to wrinkle, sag and dry out; signs it is actually dying!

This applies to your organs too. They must be exercise, be lifted and moved daily from their stagnant positions.

Getting movement and exercising (like the exercises in My System) do a good job but it isn’t enough. My System gives extra attention to the organs with the deep breathing and massage.

The chest movement involved in the deep breathing lifts all the organs and gives them a gentle massage. And obviously the massage does the same thing.

This literally tones each organ, the same way a muscle tones, and they increase in size and vitality.

How It Looks

I’m going to very quickly describe how My System is performed. I said earlier it is the combination of exercise, deep breathing, self massage and your daily shower. I’ve written extensively about it on this site, so I’m only going to briefly describe each aspect.

Click the blue links in the above paragraph to get an depth description of each.

In all, there are 19 movements and once you gain experience you’ll be able to do it 15 minutes.

The first nine exercises of the routine are just normal body weight exercises. They help develop your muscles, improve flexibility and strengthen your core. They will also increase mobility and endurance.

cropped-my-system.jpgThese moves include push ups, sit ups, leg raises, squats and other dynamic bends and twists. These are moves you see professional athletes perform to keep in shape.

In between each exercise you perform the deep breathing. It is done this way because there is a need for more air after an exercise. This makes the breath comfortable and easy to perform.

If you do breathing exercises on their own, they can be dangerous and cause derangement to your nerves. The trick to safe breathing is to breath without strain. Breathing when more air is needed is the best way to ensure you won’t strain.

After the nine exercises with deep breathing in between, you take your daily shower. It’s recommended that the shower is cold because it is better for your hair, nerves, and skin than hot water.

You will learn how to take a cold shower in compete safety and comfort. The key is to be warm before the cold water.

After you dry off, you perform the self massage. This massage makes up the last 10 exercises. The massage is done in a specific manner to give your skin and organs the most benefits.

Get The Videos Now  

There’s a Six Week My System Video Course available here at Perfect Health At Home and it’s completely free to do.

Click Here To Access The Course

Read my story and learn how My System completely changed my life and rebuilt my health.

I hope you found this information helpful and are ready to start doing My System today; you won’t regret it.

Please comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share with friends and family on social media.

Thanks for reading!





15 Comments Best Home Workout Video for Men: You Won’t Believe This Workout Exists

  1. Ananomyx

    I like what your system consists of. I am also the kind who refuses to participate in gym culture. Everyone and their mothers have tried to make me join a gym and I tell them I am able to do it on my own in the comfort of my own zone without being in a group environment that is full of some crazy complexes…lol. I have recently gave certain things in my life up because it made sense to to take care of my internal organs. You touch on a lot of relevant material. Thanks!

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting

      And no problem. You can do My System at your house with ease and it will take care of all your health needs.

  2. Juan

    I do agree that most home programs make promises that are almost impossible to complete.My System seems like a legitimate program to strengthen your core, and helps you lose weight in an enjoyable way. It is definitely a plus that you do not need any sort of extra equipment. Thank you for sharing this information, I will definitely want to give this one a try.

  3. Casey Miller

    I agree that most programs over promise and under deliver. Getting into shape and becoming healthy doesn’t happen over night but lets face it, even if you’re using this programs, you’re probably better off than where you started.

    1. Dylan

      There’s some truth to what you are saying, but if you aren’t focusing on your breathing, form and relaxation than you’re better off doing nothing. My System teaches you all those things and gets amazing results

  4. Daria

    Very interesting system, thank you for sharing.

    I have a problem that I hope you can give me some guidance on how to overcome it; I hold my breath unconsciously whenever I’m excited or nervous, it takes me about 30 seconds before I notice that I’m not breathing; which end me totally exhausted.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you

    1. Dylan

      Thanks for commenting Daria

      You’re holding your breath because you’re tensing your breathing muscles. It’s best to do relaxation exercises a little each day and it will solve this problem. My system can give you that plus it will improve your exhale by strengthening your breathing muscles. You should give it a tr

  5. Barry

    I was kind of surprised to read about the health dangers of improper deep breathing. I didn’t know there was a wrong way to do it.
    I wasn’t sure the site was finished, but then realized it must be my tablet. Some pages appeared to be empty, I had to load the page with great care to get it to come up.
    This system seemed to be quite different than I was taught in my early years, but it makes good sense. I would like to try it myself. Thanks for the education.

    1. Dylan

      thanks for commenting Barry

      And it does that on my iPad sometimes too. I’ll come up with a solution to it. And this is a very advanced routine and most people dot learn stuff like this growing up

  6. Eric

    I Don’t understand why people just want the easy way out. You can’t get in great shape only spending 15 minutes a day. The real best home workout for men is to put a freaking squat rack in the garage. Lifting heavy weights increases testosterone, bone mineral density, and skeletal muscle, in addition to many other benefits. I think you should incorporate some resistance training into your program so it can be good.

    1. Dylan

      This isn’t the easy way out, its the smart way. Weights won’t improve the most important aspects of your health which are your lungs, skin and internal organs. My System does, while improving what you are talking about.

      The author of this routine was a champion athlete and set records throughout Europe, using this very routine, I really don’t want to rip into you for your comment, but man your understanding of what a “good” workout routine is pretty ignorant. Your understanding of health, what’s important to health and how to obtain it is lacking.

      1. Lucas

        Hi Dylan,

        Everybody and their mom knows that the record setting athlete did more than just this routine. It is just a marketing ploy to why he is endorsing this routine. You are barely going to get any benefit from a 15 minute workout, I don’t care what it is. 15 Minutes is simply not enough.

        Depending on the set and rep scheme and rest period you use, you would be surprised at how much weights can improve heart health and internal organ health as well (assuming your diet is on point). Many people think that all you need to do is cardio, and well cardio has a place in many exercise programs it should not be the only thing you do. Lifting weights provides optimal hormone levels, bone health and longevity, optimal fat burning, blood sugar control, fights diabetes, prevents back pain and good posture and balance.

        If you want to check out other benefits of weight lifting, feel free to check out our website, My business partner and I (Eric) are not here to argue or start any fights. We are simply tired of all these articles titled “lose fat fast” or “your summer body in 20 minutes”. All of these workouts are false and misleading, as there are no short cuts to being strong and healthy. We simply are trying to spread the truth.

        Good luck to you,


        1. Dylan

          You don’t understand the benefits of the deep breathing and massage. It’s that simple. This is exactly what your body needs to maintain and develop perfect health. I’m sorry you don’t understand it.


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